Our Book Reviews

We are scheduling for mid March and April, and even May for book reviews!!
Please email us at:
Me and my little ones love to read any kinds of books!
Deegan is 2
Genevive is 5
Aaron is 9
Bethany is 20 and she has a sweet little princess, Lillian, who are also both available for review:) You can contact Bethany and Lillian, through Bethany's new blog, Boliver-isms!
So, any age appropriate books would most certainly be considered!
I also read and enjoy almost anything!!
My favorites are; horror, thrillers, mystery, action, history, philosophy, science, medical, biography, fiction, Government (any, I will not bring my personal views into anything I read:)
However, any book would be considered and read!
As I stated above, my own personal views, more specifically, Government, will never sway my opinion of your books!
I have a strategic guideline that I follow in order to establish a well written and honest and very fair review.
Your book is critiqued on things such as content, use of adjectives, originality, introduction of characters, endings, was it hard to figure out ending, who did it, etc, even things like cover, choice of title, depending on genre, excitement, does it grab your attention, does it keep your attention, also how it relates to people, places, realistic and believable, factual, (I love footnotes;), and many other things, all play a factor in your review;)
Along with your review on this site, we will also add reviews on the following sites: Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, BarnesandNoble, Booksamillion, Lulu, Smashwords, and any other site you would like your review posted, just ask! I can start an account and get that posted for you;)
We also cater to the author and publisher! We can set up interviews, host giveaways, add any links to your site, your pictures, add an "about the author", add your social network links, it is your review! So it is all done to your liking! (Of course with the exception of review content!)
NOTHING will sway our honest reviews!!
We will NEVER post prewritten reviews, and I will always contact you first if I have to give your book a bad review. I haven't ever had to do a bad review yet. We pride ourselves in being well rounded reviewers, and no matter if it is a book that would typically "Fly off the shelf" at me, or one that I would race to the book store to buy, I do keep in mind that just because I may not be very interested, somebody is, and the review is written with this in mind, and for those people who are racing to the book stores!
If the book is written well, and has all the other components of a good book, it is indeed a good book!
We use Rafflecopter for hosting giveaways, and only make 1 mandatory entry, leave a comment with your email!
We can add optional entries, and ask them to follow your Twitter, "like" your Facebook page, whatever you wish, it is your giveaway!!
Your review and if you choose, your giveaway, will be bookmarked across our networks, on Digg, Reddit, Delicious, and Stumbleupon, posted on Linkedin, shared on Facebook, and Twitter, posted on Theblogfrog, pinned on Pinterest, and shared on Google +. These will stay forever, just like your review with a quick ink listed under this tab.
If you choose us for your review, we accept eBooks for the review. I understand the cost of the book and the shipping fees, especially when mailing to somebody you have no idea will post your review. I only ask for a hard copy, after your review is posted. I prefer hard copies to begin with, but will accept the eBook first. A lot of work and time and effort goes into reading, creating and posting and promoting your book, and a signed hard copy would be greatly appreciated!
If you really like us and love our review, the little ones would love a copy as well for their classrooms at school!
If your book isn't for little ones, and more for adults, a copy for The Tower City Library, would be greatly appreciated!! This is where we live, it is a very small town, and most of their funding was recently cut from the Government. So ANY help is appreciated! We love to promote reading, and books and to help our school and library:)
You can contact me at busymommylist@yahoo.com
Again, 60 days from initial contact is typical, especially considering some books that are well over 500 pages.
If there is a specific date you need it by, please don't hesitate to ask!! I always leave some room open just in case!!
Thank you for reading!
Please read through some of our reviews below;)

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