Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Island of Lote by Emily Kinney

The Island of Lote, is very fascinating, reminded me of a fairy tale, but more for modern day. The author has a very magical way about her writing and really captivates you with every word! I was amazed with such a vocabulary, and so much originality by such a young girl. (21 years old, and if I understood correctly, this was started when she was even younger...)
I am looking forward to seeing more from this author, whether it is a continuation of Milo and Simon, (2 main characters in this story), or a whole new "fairy tale" like novel, either way, I can see her having a rather large following of readers who are pre ordering and counting down to the release date.
There really is never a dull moment, more the exact opposite, and you don' t lose interest, you can't, for she has dreamed up an enchanting world, complete with a solid story, characters, that you will be wondering about for weeks after reading their story.
The Island of Lote is the enchanting tale of Milo, a 14 year old "misfit" from America, who has an odd relationship with her parents, and kids her age. She has daily discussions with her best friend, Bob the conscience. Her parents move her to a building that is complete with shopping malls, restaurants, a Walmart,practically everything you could ever need so you will never need to go outside.
Milo is annoyed with her parents, and her new home, and the people in the building, and yearns for something else in life. She loves to cook, but is not able to since her new home doesn't have a stove. (her parents see no need for one since they have so many restaurants inside the same building) So, when Milo, sees a bulletin for camp in Australia, she pleads and begs with her parents until they reluctantly give in, and allow for her to go.
On her way to this camp, her plane has some issues, she, (with the help of Bob the conscience), gets a parachute and lands in the ocean. She manages to find an isolated island, and with the help of Simon, (her soon to be husband), she is brought to safety and introduced to the people (and Simon himself), that she is apparently destined to be with and live with.
The author goes into great detail, adjectives flow very fluently for her, like second nature, and you will be able to see very clearly, all of the people, the fruits, the houses, the island that she will grow to love and well, hate.
I don't want to go into much more detail, for the rest of this captivating tale, will be spoiled for most, but this is just where the story begins.
I won't even be able to say a word about the ending, due to spoiling that as well;)
I recommend this story for pre teens, teens, and young adult, and anybody really, who is a fan of fairy tales.
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**I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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