Thursday, October 7, 2021

It's Time To Get Back To Hosting Parties


There are so many things you could buy for a "man cave" (or if you search for a fancy nickname for your sacred space online, you might run into these peculiar but hilarious terms; manspace, manland, male retreat, and quite possibly the best one, mantuary. Or if you are looking for a space for your wife, yourself, your mom, you may want to call this secret spot your "she shed".

Whatever nickname you decide on should match your sparkling personality and sound like a place your family and friends would come to visit. That is if you choose to invite family and friends...
Maybe you're just content by yourself or with whoever it is you live with. or maybe you would prefer to invite the next-door neighbor or 30 of your closest friends. 

One of the first items on your list should be a Rustic Pool Table. You may want to add a foosball table, maybe some air hockey, or a classic pinball machine. Any combination or even all of the above would be perfect for you and a handful of your most favorite people to have a blast! Personally, I would include a Pole Position game and a few more pinball games as well as a standup Galaga arcade game.

Next, you'll need a nice sound system with speakers and a TV or 2! Don't forget a couple of comfy recliners or even a few of those enormous bean bag chairs. (You can even buy bags of extra beans to fill up to your liking!) These are fairly reasonably priced and some even come well equipped with pockets and drink holders. 

Speaking of drinks...

So, you have your Natural Wood Pool Table, your TV, speakers, stereo, a pinball game, you're going to need some tasty beverages and snacks for your guests. Something to serve drinks at would be great! Like a minibar or maybe you prefer to invest in the top shelf bottles, rocks glasses, ic cube trays in different shapes and sizes. Or maybe you just want a good coffee machine, ICEE machine, espresso machine, and a good fridge to keep your mixers, coffee creamers, sodas, bottled water, and juices cold. 

If you and your friends are movie fans, you can even find those nifty popcorn makers and hot dog rollers. (We actually have a cotton candy maker too! They are a little messy but, oh, so worth it!)

The cool thing about creating your own space is being able to personalize it to your liking. You might want to hang up some movie posters or concert posters. Remember, it is your space and it can be free from all of the other parts of the house and the focus is you So, plan a bit. You can always add things later. Maybe start collecting some NHL cards or jerseys or some of those goofy Funko Pops in all of your most favorite characters or athletes. 

If you're a crafty person or you know someone who is, a few cool frames and sine shelves would be the perfect addition to show off your stuff! We even have a small cabinet with a couple of drawers so we can put dice, decks of cards, and some board games.
Depending on the age groups you plan on entertaining, you may want to try to have a nice variety of games for all ages. (Snacks too!)