I will share some of our favorite recipes here, so check often as they will always be updated!!
 I love to cook, and I absolutely love to bake! I have so much fun creating recipes and getting the little ones to help. They have so much fun working in the kitchen! (Especially when it comes to baking;)
We will be having some baking parties in the very near future and we will share our recipes and party fun here!
 Some will be linked to my other blog and some will be posted here for you. Please don't mind my pictures, I am saving for a much better camera to take better pictures with!!
 We live in PA so our cooking might be a little different from where you live, but I would love to see what you eat and bake in your part of the world, so if you have blog posts, recipe posts, always feel free to link up here!!
We are also transforming most everything we use and eat to a better, healthier, greener, organic lifestyle. If you have recipes to share in that genre, it would be greatly appreciated!!
 I have been a bartender for 20+ years, and I have created lots and lots and lots of drinks;) Plus, there are always so many new and even old, tasty ones that are super easy and fun to make at home or for parties! I will add some of those on this list too!!
 Sausage, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Onions
  No Bake Cookies
 Pepper Steak with Rice
 Kid Friendly Chili
  Frying Pan Lasagna
  Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls
  Ham and Cheese Pasta


  1. Thanks for sharing the link for Frying Pan Lasagna,it's brilliant i can't wait to try it !!

  2. Thanks we tried the Kid Friendly Chili and the kids loved it !!

    1. Awesome :) Thank you for the comment and for trying our recipe!
      It's one of our very favorites!

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