Sunday, August 25, 2013

Abby's Sight Words and Flash Cards Android App Review

 I am a big fanatic about anything that will help my children learn, or help me learn a better, or easier way to teach my kids or help them with anything they might be having issues with at school. Of course, the free part makes this app a must try as well!
The app worked well for us, no freezing, no issues like that, and not a lot of weird permissions were needed for this one like I have seen with many others.
 I have 4 children, 1 just started !st grade, and my youngest is 3, so the app was intended for them to use. Genevive, our 1st grader, loves it. Especially since she can fell like a "big girl", while using mommy's phone, lol. Besides that, she caught on fairly quick! She loves the characters and the games that are available with the free part of this app.
I understand you have to pay to unlock the rest of the app and have the other games, which is fine with me. The free part was plenty fun and allowed her to practice her sight words, and memorization. ( 1st grade just started last week, so this was a big plus to help in refreshing her skills)
Our youngest loves this app as well! He thinks the app is "funny", and that always makes learning all the more fun. So, I intend on keeping this app in my Android, and using it as often as needed for both children.
We use flash cards and workbooks and things of that nature at home, so this is a neat way to keep learning when we are at the doctor's office, or going on a long ride.
It's easy to tell the creator of this app has children. Everything you need to keep little ones interested, and happy and learning, is included here. I really hope to see more apps real soon!