Saturday, March 27, 2021

Don't Forget Your Makeup When You're Spring Cleaning


Spring is in the air! (Or maybe not, depending on where you are.) But, even if it's raining or chilly or if you're in PA and they're calling for snow, it is time to start organizing and clearing out the old and bringing in the new. 

I spend a few months each year just stocking our freezers, making jams, freezing farm-fresh vegetables and fruit. Almost like I'm preparing for some massive blizzard that will keep us inside for a month or so. This is just something I'm used to since I was little and I'm sure there are plenty of others out there who have their own traditions. Some things are just easy to overlook and makeup is typically forgotten when it's time to refresh and renew. 

How To Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

If you have a large makeup bag (or even a makeup drawer) this could take a little bit of time. I promise that the most fun will be replenishing your colors and any face makeup that you need for spring!

Obviously, if there are colors that you typically use for the winter that you wouldn't wear for springtime, you'll want to make that transfer. Maybe even change the bag itself depending on your style. Definitely throw your bag away if it isn't going to be easy to clean. Fortunately, these don't have to be so expensive to replace! 

Foundation should be one of the first to go! You may use a different formula for winter than you would for the warmer and sunnier months. Even if you don't, it's a good idea to remember that makeup does indeed expire. I usually keep foundation for a year. Some might say 18 months and some may say even less than a year. If you aren't expecting to go back to it for the upcoming fall or winter seasons, just throw it away and splurge on something new! 

Mascara and eye makeup also don't last so long. Even though I'm guilty of keeping eyeshadow and even mascara well beyond the date I should, you may as well just toss it and add that to your list of things you must buy ASAP! 

We don't have any rules or regulations for expiration dates to be stamped onto our face makeup here in the US. You will find some brands will stamp that onto the container or package anyway. But, if you don't have a date, just keep in mind that mascaras and liquid eyeliners are only going to be safe and effective for about 3 months. Pencil eyeliners are different and can last for a year. The same rule applies to cream shadows, cream blushes, and any other cream or liquid-based makeup products. If you are constantly touching your blush, whether cream or powder, you should probably just throw it away and count on replacing it. The liquid and cream versions tend to harbor bacteria the most. The powder can too, if you're constantly using your fingers or if you don't often clean your makeup brushes. 

Lipstick and other lip products are typically good for a year after you've opened them. So you should be safe if you recently purchased a dozen lip color or gloss shades from your favorite brand because they're not coming back! As long as they aren't opened and used, you should be good to keep those in your backup drawer! 

Don't Forget To Clean Your Brushes!

This is an easy thing to forget. But it should be a habit by now and if it isn't, try your best to get yourself into the habit of cleaning and sanitizing your brushes on a regular basis. Just be sure to definitely clean them when you're spring cleaning! 

If you aren't already separating your brush collection from the rest of your makeup, do it now! Grab yourself another bag to store your brushes in so they aren't getting contaminated with anything from your makeup! I'm certainly not a germaphobe however, makeup and all of your tools and brushes should be cleaned and sanitized almost like medical equipment. These things touch your face and if you're not keeping after it well, you could cause some potentially very harmful bacteria on places you may have never thought of. 

It's easy to forget things such as, not storing your makeup brushes in the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to get very humid and hot and icky and this could be damaging to your brushes and essentially, your skin. Brushes should be kept in cool, dry areas. 

Shampoo works very well for brush cleaning. Especially baby shampoo! This should be done at least once a week. Besides keeping bacteria and germs away from your brushes and your skin as much as possible, this will also help to clean any leftover makeup so you can always be assured to have the cleanest and the most absolutely flawless makeup application! 

Now For The Fun Part! Replacing Everything!

This should usually be the best part of your spring cleaning anything! Of course, you'll want to check for sales and deals and always sign up for email newsletters for your favorite brands. If you're a new customer, you are usually rewarded with a discount of some kind. Not to mention, they will email you about any special promos, and a lot of the time, these can include free gifts with purchase! 

If your favorite brands or favorite online shops offer any rewards programs, make sure to sign up! Rewards points are earned for purchases, sharing a special link with friends, and even birthdays. Just make sure to read the fine print. These points do tend to expire but you may be able to score an additional 20% sale or a $20 gift certificate depending on how much you're spending. 

Don't forget to use any cash-back rewards programs you might belong to so you can get as many deals as possible! I usually shop for clothing, makeup, sneakers, etc every 6 months. So, it definitely helps when I can count on a sale, rewards program, and a cash back reward! (This will just make it all that much easier to shop some more in the very near future!)