Friday, November 22, 2013

Right From Wrong

I enjoy talking to children, more then I do, most grown up people.
Somehow, little ones seem to be born knowing right from wrong. They seem to have morals and dignity, immediately, and I am trying to pinpoint where it is, that this starts to change in some children?
I like to start conversations about all kinds of things with my kids, and a lot of the time, they end up coming up with some of the most fascinating ideas and stories all by themselves.
I am amazed at their imaginations, the things they come up with and they always seem to shock us, with what comes out of their little mouths. Most of which is basic, common sense.
The other night, our 10 year old son, Aaron, came into the kitchen, with a notebook and a pencil, and asked, "Mom, how much is an average monthly rent payment for a house or an apartment for one person, until I get married and have somebody else to help pay the bills?" Of course I laughed, and he just sat here at the table, with his pencil in hand, staring at me with his sweet, big, curious, blue eyes.
So, I figured we would do this from an average for our area, and for what the prices are now, and replied with, "I think $600 a month is a fair price, Aaron." and he started writing this down, and asked about monthly bills, utilities, car payments, groceries, spending money for video games and cell phone bills. This was getting to much in depth for me to continue with dinner, so I sat down next to him and helped him with his list. I went by averages, again, for our area, and for present time:
Phone $50
Internet $50
Heat $350 a month for oil/$400 3 times a year for coal
Cell $100
Car payment $400
Car insurance $100
Groceries avg $300 (for 1)
Video games.....ZERO
Electric $150 (for 1)
Cable or satellite $100

Repairs/Upkeep $0 (so far)
And so, he added these up, and started freaking out, and said, "How am I supposed to make enough money to pay for all these bills? OMG"
$2200 est monthly bills....
So, he said, "well, I'm crossing out the car. I can't afford that yet.....and the insurance"
So now we are down to $1700 and he said, "well, I'm going to cut out coupons, how much will my groceries cost?"
I underestimated those, as I hope my kids would shop frugally, like we do now...but I said, "we can cut $50", so, $1650....not good enough yet....
So we cut the tv out, the cell phone, now we were down to $1450......and he said, "how much will I earn to start?"
So, we went into that a bit, and we did an average of $10/hr to start, @40 hrs per wk, $400 a week, or $20,800 a yr or $1730 a month...
So he said, "oh cool! Ill have $280 a month leftover after I pay my bills! I'll use that for video games!"
And I said, "NOT SO FAST! You owe $300 in taxes, per month, for local, state, federal, SSI, Medicare, occupation, per capita, etc etc"
And now you're at -$20 a month and you don't have a car, a tv, a cell phone, video games, what would you do, Aaron?"
My 10 yr old said, "Well, i'll be getting a second job, or a better paying job, that's for sure!"

Oh, the crazy things that children come up with!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Reliable, Safe, and Cool Vehicles for Busy Moms

I love when all the ads come out each year for the new vehicles!
I usually look at the ad from a mom kind of angle, and I am a sucker for clever advertising. (The Superbowl ads are great, of course!) But there are witty ads out there.
I also love paging through magazines, like, Car and Driver. I was a subscriber for many years! The same with, Motor Trend.
I know the "dads" are usually the ones who seem to be targeted, and they are the "decision makers" for vehicle purchases, according to some, "old fashioned" people, but that isn't the way it is so much anymore.
Moms like cool cars too! Even soccer moms seem to want something cooler then just the typical, minivan, that we are all associated with. I know I do!
I end up falling in love with a lot of new vehicles each year, I love my pick up the best though. (Although, a newer one would be nice!)
One in particular that I have been paying attention to, a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Big and bulky is what I need for our family! Daytrips, vacations, errands, groceries, (especially groceries!) and just to go shopping with! Lots of room is always important to me.
I have read a lot of reviews of the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I am loving the interior and all of the room inside! (Especially with my kids, constantly bickering!) Oh, and the most annoying of all, "MOM!! Deegan is touching me!" 
With this extra, roomy interior, there is plenty of room for them to move around and NOT touch their brother's or sister's arms, or breathing air from their space. It does seat 5, so the "space" for the 3 little ones to breath air from in the back seat should be enough... and there is more legroom in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, then in other SUV's in it's class.
One of the sweetest things I noticed about this SUV, are all of the mommy friendly options! A heated steering wheel?? Now, I have never had that luxury, but I'm thinking a heated steering wheel would be a blessing, while running in and out of stores all day, in the middle of a cold, windy day.
There is also a power adjustable driver seat, which is always helpful!
Leather seats would be gorgeous, but maybe not as "mommy friendly" or I guess I should say, "kid friendly" , but it's still a nice option.
Heated front AND rear seats! Now that is another I have never had the opportunity to try, but I would love too!! The kiddos would be grateful too!
Oh, and did I mention, the front seats are roughly the size of living room recliners?? (as per Motor Trend)
So far, this sounds pretty nice!!
The Jeep Grand Cherokee, also is rated #2 in it's class for affordable, midsize SUV's. That brings me to price...
Price range for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is between: $29,107-$62,728. Of course it would be nice to opt for everything they have to offer, but base price is nice and you are still getting the super spacious interior to fit all of your kids, bags, diapers, groceries, and anything else you can fit inside!
Miles per gallon are going to be a little lower, since it is an SUV, but for somebody like me, I am mostly highway miles, so it isn't so bad.
City 17mpg/highway 25mpg. Which is kind of where I am now, so, that is fine by me! Besides, I love using my shopper cards for gas points, and if I do it right, I can manage a full tank every month or 2 at $30! (This is attainable for our family, especially with all the room inside for groceries!) Less grocery trips per month! What more could you ask for?
Warranty information:
The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a three-year/36,000-mile basic limited warranty and a five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.
I would be curious to know what types of vehicles you are interested in?
What is catching your eye?
I have been driving a Ford F150 for about 6 years now, and love it! But, I could definitely go for one of the Jeep Grand Cherokees!
Just in case my husband is reading this, I would like the Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat for the exterior, and the heated steering wheel and heated front and rear seats! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Don't Believe Everything on the Internet

It never fails, everyday I log onto Facebook, or Twitter, I am blasted with information, links, memes, ads, politics, the end of the world, Hollywood, sports, it just never, never ends, a constant spiral of information, wrong information, opinions, blogs, websites, books, Youtube videos, it just doesn't stop.
What are we supposed to believe? What is real? How do we know what is true and what is not true?What are websites and bloggers, gaining, by throwing so much disinformation out there??
Are there hidden agendas surrounding every tiny thing in this world?
OR, are there maybe just some things that are just the way they are, the way they seem to be?
I miss books and newspapers I think the most. At least it is printed and can not be changed...
But have you ever noticed that it is real simple for a website or a blog, to make page changes? It really is a bit weird if you think about it. I mean, sure, it is a useful tool when you need to edit something, but some sites tend to make page changes, just a bit to often, and not for good things either.
On the internet, everybody and anybody can be a superstar! We can all start a blog, have a network, own a few sites, we all have influence over somebody, whether it's your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, your blog readers, your fans, or just some random person who just so happened to Google search a keyword, and landed on your post.
I don't know about you, but this disturbs me, just a little bit.
Giving credit to those who distort the truth, exaggerate, make false accusations and make them viral, makes me a bit sick in the stomach. Especially when, they have ulterior motives...
Ulterior motives, such as: hits, ads, getting to the top of Google, sponsors, page rank, Alexa ratings, paid advertisers, and on and on and on! All of that, just for making up a story and posting it online, and linking it as many places as they can get it.
Why are these people so successful?
Is it because people tend to just glance at something and say, "OMG! I can't believe this!!" ?? It is so easy and quick to hit the share button, and then the fabricated story is shared amongst your friends, and then 3 of your friends share it, and then 2 of each of their friends, and 2 of each of their friends, and BOOM! This to crazy to be true, story, is now viral.
You just helped the creep behind the "fibs", grab a few hundred, or even a few thousand, hits. Well played, Mr or Mrs Creep behind the exaggerated, ok, just plain old, LIE.
What can we do, as internet users, to make sure to not allow such garbage to spread across the universe?
Well, we could double and triple check some sources, before scaring people, or being involved in slander.
A good idea would be to see where else such a story was published, are there links? Click those links once.....where do they go?
For example:
The US Government has now called for Martial Law.
(Really??) WOW!  WHEN????
Well, so and so on this website says it happened yesterday... and he has a link... CLICK IT BEFORE YOU RUN AROUND LIKE A NUT, GRABBING ALL THE CANNED FOOD AND JUMPING IN YOUR BOMB SHELTER!
So, here is where Google can be your friend. THINK! (your brain is also a very important part of the process!)
If this would have happened.... wouldn't there be something somewhere? Even just maybe, CNN, FOX, NBC, (contrary to what some think, yes, mainstream media may not tell the whole story all the time.... but with something as big as this, they will be on it!!)
So, you don't see anything? Nope?
Ok, well, next thing is, open up your door.... anybody running around? Nope..OK WHEW!!! It's probably NOT happening.
You used your BRAIN, you RESEARCHED, and you LOOKED AROUND YOU, and nothing.
What does that tell you? IT DID NOT HAPPEN!
Cool beans! Because, that would be a mess, eh?
Let's discuss the next example:
(insert your favorite singer here)... said, during a TV interview, (insert something shocking here)
Ok, well, BEFORE you scream and yelp and hit that "SHARE" button, relax, breathe, and remember, you have a BRAIN!!!!
Now, it said, it was an interview, right? So, that should tell you that it has been recorded, somewhere, so use Google, and RESEARCH!
Once you find a video that has (insert superstar), OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR EARS AND LISTEN!!
What did he really say? Was it taken out of context?
Once you unravel all of the rumors, the exaggerations, the nonsense, you may find that what was said, wasn't even bad at all. Or maybe, just maybe, was not ever said!
So many people nowadays, only read the headlines, or read a comment, or a memes, and they shriek and squeal and believe every word of it. 
Please, try and stay calm, and think. Commom sense is our friend!
There are many ways to check, and double check everything you see online. Just make sure to do it, before you get yourself in a frazzled mess! (or somebody else)
There are those sites that check for you, you can always visit some of those sites..(even though, some may say, "Well, I don't trust what they say..") and that is fine too. (I don't always either).. but, it will clarify some things for you and maybe send you off on more leads.
Page checking sites are also a plus! Not necessarily needed for everybody, but if you blog, post a lot, share a lot, you may want to sign up for an account and set up specific sites.
Page checker sites, allow you to set up any pages from the internet, to be checked, and they will email you of any and all changes.
This is a very important tool for any website owner, blogger, or anybody who spreads news of any kind.
I have a few sites I check on, 24?7, just to see what they are adding or deleting on specific stories. That way, I know to be very cautious of anything I ead on those sites, or on shared links.
There aren't really any excuses for sharing false information, especially when all you need to do is think and research for yourself.
Be particularly careful with "satire sites". These sites will make up the most elaborate, nuttiest stories, and people, and even newspaper sites and news sites, will sometimes fall for these satire sites and share across the web as well.
If you remember these rules, you should be in good shape to start sharing videos, and stories, and be known as somebody who tries their best to stick with the facts :)
THINK for yourself. DON'T trust everything you see online.
GOOGLE search! RESEARCH! (I often like to check local affiliate news sites and newspaper sites for the location/person/event mentioned)
Use your COMMON SENSE and your BRAIN and you will be AOK!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Can Our Little Ones Really Have Low Self Esteem?

Deegan, is my youngest son, he's 3 years old.
He was born with club foot and cleft, after a few years of surgery, castings, braces, etc, he is pretty much all "repaired"...walks fine, acts fine, just a regular kiddo. (Well, he's exceptionally nutty lol a crazy daredevil actually)
But so, this summer, Deegan started noticing his nose is slightly different then mine or his siblings noses, and he asks why....
He also refuses to look at all his baby pictures, from before his lip surgery, (even though, we love them! The extra giant smile is adorable!)
And now, he's been picking at his scar above his lip, and asking why there is a bump there, and he also asks why his teeth are "messed up"..they're not bad at all, although he may require surgery, depending on what his adult teeth are going to come in as....
The cleft palate clinic mentioned another surgery for his nose, although it doesn't have to be done for anything that would benefit his health..
My decision is that we aren't going to be scheduling this surgery, he can make this decision on his own.
I don't want him to think that he wasn't good enough, and so we "fixed" his nose that he was born with...
When he's bigger, if he wants more surgery to fix his nose, and maybe to make his scar less noticeable, he can if he chooses. Id think he'd keep it the way it is, since its a part of who he is.
My question is, does anybody have any advice on how to get a 3 yr old, to be happy when he sees his baby pictures, or how to help him realize that his nose, teeth and lip are fine?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Password Safety!!!

Sorry, I'm a nerd. I read and study certain things like a madwoman lol, and I have 3 notebooks of notes on hacking.. NO I'm not a hacker, not claiming to be one, not in the least, but hack to learn is my motto. Sure, if you want, I could possibly hack your computer for you, to let ya know what you're doing wrong, but, that's illegal.
So, anyway, after studying John the Ripper, and Cain and Abel, ( password hacking programs), I have come to these, common lil tidbits of advice for a regular internet user....
#3 KEEP YOUR PASSWORDS AT 14 CHARACTERS, (this will take a hacker 24 hrs to hack), better yet, make it 24 +!
#4 ALWAYS, ALWAYS, USE A MIX! Caps, symbols, lowercase and numbers!
#6 NEVER ANSWER SECURITY QUESTIONS! THESE THINGS CAN BE FOUND ONLINE.... FOR INSTANCE; "where did u go to high school?" "What was ur high school mascot?" What is ur favorite color?" And so on... if u must answer them, answer them w obscure answers, oh, idk, like, all the same, lyrics to a song, etc....
And do NOT ever pay your bills, check banks, etc, thru that browser! Instead, grab Chrome or Firefox, and use 1 of those for password related things. Emails, banks, bills.
A good example of a password would be, for instance, maybe all of your children's first words with their birthdates in the middle! Or, maybe a couple lines from 2 favorite songs.
Just be sure to write them somewhere and keep them with you, in a lock box, your wallet, anywhere you think is safe.
I like to hide things in books :D

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Abby's Sight Words and Flash Cards Android App Review

 I am a big fanatic about anything that will help my children learn, or help me learn a better, or easier way to teach my kids or help them with anything they might be having issues with at school. Of course, the free part makes this app a must try as well!
The app worked well for us, no freezing, no issues like that, and not a lot of weird permissions were needed for this one like I have seen with many others.
 I have 4 children, 1 just started !st grade, and my youngest is 3, so the app was intended for them to use. Genevive, our 1st grader, loves it. Especially since she can fell like a "big girl", while using mommy's phone, lol. Besides that, she caught on fairly quick! She loves the characters and the games that are available with the free part of this app.
I understand you have to pay to unlock the rest of the app and have the other games, which is fine with me. The free part was plenty fun and allowed her to practice her sight words, and memorization. ( 1st grade just started last week, so this was a big plus to help in refreshing her skills)
Our youngest loves this app as well! He thinks the app is "funny", and that always makes learning all the more fun. So, I intend on keeping this app in my Android, and using it as often as needed for both children.
We use flash cards and workbooks and things of that nature at home, so this is a neat way to keep learning when we are at the doctor's office, or going on a long ride.
It's easy to tell the creator of this app has children. Everything you need to keep little ones interested, and happy and learning, is included here. I really hope to see more apps real soon!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Review

Even as "frugal" as I am. there are just some things I will spend money on, and that is cleaning and beauty products. (That includes the whole family too, not just me!) Of course I hope for the deals and sales, and free shipping, and I usually will not buy online unless it is on sale in some way, shape or form. I shop online a LOT, and of course I do use the coupons and deals at grocery and drug stores, I am crazy over the rewards programs they offer!! Especially CVS! So far, I have no real preference with hair products.
I use only a few specific brands, but I am not partial to any of them. I guess it's fair to say that I had an open slot that could be filled;) (I do however have only 1 brand and type of hair styling product, but as for shampoo, conditioner, and masks, kind of, anything goes in that department!)
I am pretty picky about cleaning products, and skin care, same goes for make up, but I am always on the lookout for something else to try, I love samples and if I love the product, I will buy it again and again and again..
 I received some hair care products from nuNAAT to try out for a review here, NAAT Brazilian Keratin, to be exact, and I don't know what to do without the hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner once it's all!
 I have super dry hair, I rarely have the time to bother with it, (I have short hair and the back is razor cut, so I just have to wash it, and stick paste in the back to stick it up all over the place and that's that!) That has been my hair and style for a bit over 15 years now. It's simple and quick to take care of, but it is always dry and breaks apart. I think most of this is due to my medications, maybe also my lack of conditioner use, since it always tends to weigh down my stick straight hair, I very rarely use it.
I have yet to find any form of conditioner that doesn't weigh down my hair, and the same goes for hair masks. (Even though I love hair masks!! ) I usually use those when I don't have to be anywhere or do anything, I can just let my "hair down" so to speak:)
 I have been using the NAAT Brazilian Keratin shampoo, hair mask and conditioners now for a couple weeks.
 I have come to these conclusions:
First off, the light, clean scents layer perfectly with each other! They are not overbearing, and they even smell AFTER a few hours, and even a day! This is very important to me, I have used some products that smell just lovely in the shower, but it doesn't last much after that. I'm also not a huge perfume fan, I do like some, but I rely on long lasting hair and body products, scented lotions are my favorites too! So, the long lasting scents that simply just smell, pretty, were enough for me to think these products rock!!
 Next, the hair mask is absolutely wonderful!! It is not to heavy and it works very well! My hair stayed soft all week from the very first use, and normally for me, it doesn't last much more then a day. (and no, I don't blow dry my hair ever!)
 The conditioner I tried, is the Deep Conditioner, along with the Deep Moisturizing Shampoo, they fit perfectly together and no, the conditioner did not weigh my hair down!! I am so happy with the shampoo because while it is deep moisturizing, it makes your hair feel and look clean, and it is enough by itself a few days a week for adding moisture in your hair.
 The Liquid Keratin Leave In Reconstructor, I did use only twice, but I was very pleased with the amount of actual reconstrucing that this product really did! I have split ends, and it seemed to actually help with repairing those. I am planning on having our princess Genevive try this product out because she has super long hair and it is so hard to keep that in order lol! Some days I just want to shave it all off!
 There is also the Serum Ultra Shine, this is mainly for people who do blow dry, or use curling irons, straighten their hair, etc. It forms a barrier between your hair and the heat. I have not tried this, but since Genevive is 6 and has this crazy long hair of hers, I am hanging onto this to use with her hair as soon as we get her a hair dryer. (no, we don't even have 1 in the house since our oldest daughter moved out and took half the bathroom with her lol! But, we do need to find a good one for the next little lady in line!)
All in all, I would say I have found quite the product with the NAAT Brazilian Keratin products, and I am honestly amazed with the fact that I haven't lost volume, and my stick straight, razor cut hair in the back, isn't weighed down and actually looks and feels much better then it has before, and in a very long time!! You can find out more about their products, on their website here!
and you can find them on Facebook!
 and Twitter!! 

  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PottyCover Review and Giveaway!!

Ok, how many times has this happened to you...
You just spent the last hour or more, getting your little one or little ones dressed and ready to go out the door, you repeatedly yell, "Make sure you pee before we go! It's gonna be a while until we stop!" and you gather the bags, snacks, extra clothes, wipes, diapers, drinks, your own bag, cell phone, keys, and run out the door.
When you are finally pulling out, everything seems fine for a few miles, then the bickering starts, then the yelling, they already want some snacks and drinks, and all of a sudden, somebody cries with some of the most terrifying words a mom or dad want to hear on the highway, "I have to PEEEEEEE" OMG! This happens to us ALL the time! Especially since we live kind of far away from anything, and the highway is our route out of nowhereland. So, almost everywhere we go. it takes forever.
Of course you can get off at the next exit, (which really does suck and it eats up so much time, and you know you'll end up late for your appointments!),  luckily, virtually every exit off the highway has a gas station, or truck stop of some sort. (at least on the one we travel on). But, have you ever seen some of these bathrooms?? EW!
If you aren't one of those amazing moms who has IT ALL TOGETHER, and has a giant bag of 3 of everything that everybody could possibly want at any time, for any mishap, you aren't really prepared for cleaning a gas station bathroom!
I've used baby wipes, antibacterial cleaning wipes, and of course the infamous, paper towels and toilet paper that are (hopefully) in the bathroom. But it is very gross, and I would not ever recommend it. It certainly doesn't kill any germs, and you would have to use way to many, probably more then what you have with you.
Of course I have also seen these disposable toilet covers in some bathrooms. usually the doctor offices, maybe some stores, grocery stores, but they slide around, are super thin, and are also just plain old, gross! (better then nothing though, right?)
 If this happens to you, or even if you are a grandma, or don't even have kids, I know you have to know what I'm talking about;)
Well, check these out!!
Disposable Potty Covers!! You can grab a 6 pack of these, and you can throw em in your purse, bag, (I use a backpack, lol!), put some in your glove box, and take them everywhere!

Now, what makes these different then the free ones we can maybe grab in some public bathrooms? Lots of things!! For one, these are extra super big! They cover much more then just a tiny bot of the actual seat!

PottyCover is a disposable seat cover that not only covers the seat, but the front and the sides as well! Those parts of public bathrooms can sometimes be the grimiest, and little kids are always swinging their legs back and forth, lol, so PottyCovers would help keep germs away from the whole toilet, not just the seat. They do come in a pack of 6 and sell for $5.99, ($1 per cover), which isn't bad at all when you think about how much stress and germs you won't have to worry about anymore!
 My favorite part about them, is that they come in their own little bags, so you don't have to worry about them ripping apart, falling apart, getting messed up, and you can fit them nicely in your pocket, or your kids pockets.
PottyCovers are actually made of non woven fabric and coated with plastic, which creates a waterproof shield or barrier, between the seat and your child. (that's another issue I'm sure a lot of us would love to well, never, ever have an issue with as long as we live! (I don't know about you but the wet toilet seats in public restrooms really make me gag!)
You can also find these on their website, here, and you can also find them on Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond stores, Ebay and Buy Buy Baby stores. PottyCover also has a Facebook page you can visit!
and you can find them on Twitter!

I would also grab a bag or 2 of these even if you don't have little ones. These aren't just for kids, and we all could use some protection!
 Enter the Rafflecopter below to win your own 6 pack bag of PottyCovers!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Jow Natural Pain Relief Review

By now, most of my readers know a lot about my health issues, so I won't go to much into detail. But for any new readers, I do have RSD and have had chronic pain for several years, more so after a reconstructive foot and ankle surgery that didn't work out so good about 7 years ago. I was also recently diagnosed with MS and I also suffer from arthritis and a few issues that need fixed as soon as I can ever go into remission with RSD and possibly find a surgeon who is brave enough to fix up some ripped tendons and remove hardware.
For now, I have to just deal with it all. I have been through lots of shots, medications, treatments, all the home remedies, extra vitamins, and anything else that comes my way. I am also planning on figuring out how and where to gather the money needed for a treatment called, Calmare. (this is very expensive and a bit far to travel, but they can possibly bring pain levels down from a 10 to a 5, with boosters every now and again)
As soon as I hear about a new, all natural pain relief cream, or gel, I jump at any chance I have to try it out, and although I have found a couple that work pretty well, I don't find 100% relief. (and this is fine, since none of these companies have ever made such a claim, but as with other things, I am always on the lookout for something better, or at least something that can help alongside another product)
What is RSD? RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or is sometimes called, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.
It is a chronic pain, neurological syndrome, that is actually a failure of the central nervous system. I guess in short, my nerves are hyper active and hyper sensitive in the affected areas, (it spreads, and sometimes rather quickly), I now have RSD in both feet, ankles, legs, hips, and into my back. My doctors have also suggested it has somehow managed to travel to my right eyeball, but I sure can't use any topical creams or gels there;)
I constantly have problems with swelling, since the nerves are hyper sensitive, it is very hard to even wear clothing sometimes, and the pain intensifies a lot, sometimes daily, and is mainly a very severe, fire, burning, and stinging pain, that is so deep inside, it literally can disable you at times.
Being a mom and a bartender, it is my daily priority to try my best to have at least a tiny bit of a low pain day, so when I try out these pain relief gels and creams, I start using them the second they get delivered!!
Since I have tried and posted about a few other pain relief creams in the past, I was trying to find the differences in Jow, and what makes it stand out. There are a few interesting things as a matter of fact, and just the fact that it is all natural, is a plus in my book!
Like I said, I have found others that provide some relief, and I actually have 2 different brands that I use on a regular basis. Both of those tend to help with different types of pain, and I found a 3rd type of pain that Jow has helped me with TONS!
Like I mentioned above, RSD pain is typically described as burning, I also have this deep electric shock pain that tends to penetrate so deep it really makes it hard to not cry, and it leaves me motionless. (this is common for me in the mornings, and at night). I actually keep a pain diary, and have counted 44 different types, or layers of pain, so my goal is to try to find something that will help with more then one layer, or at least tackle the biggest problem pains the best.
The stinging pain usually occurs in my thighs the most, and my heels. The electric shock pain usually starts in my hips and works it's way down my legs and into my heel, and when I walk, it starts in my heel, and shoots up the backs of my legs, it gets so bad, it really is enough to make me double over in pain. Interestingly enough, I have found that, Jow, works pretty well for both of these layers of pain. Of course it may not stop the "electric shock" pain from starting, (sometimes I have no idea when it will start or where from) but the throbbing, radiating pain that comes immediately afterwards, which usually turns into even more of the burning, has actually lessened quite a bit!
I thought it was a little odd that Jow, would help those layers, I mean, it's a gel, and even the prescriptions I have been taken for so many years, new, old, regular daily meds, NOTHING has taken that pain away, nor has it lowered the level at all. So, how would this stuff do that job??
Usually what I do, is when that pain strikes, and I feel it in my hips, I know it sounds strange, but I can tell which path it will take down or up, ,my legs, and it is very strange, but whether it happens on the right or the left side first, the opposite side will follow almost right after.  So, as long as my bottle of Jow, is nearby, I grab it as fast as I can, and shake it up, and apply it directly on the path the pain is headed!
Now, I'm not going to lie, of course it doesn't instantly heal and halt all of the pain! (If it did, this stuff would cost a million bucks!!), but again, nothing else has helped this part of my daily events, so this stuff deserves the biggest blue ribbon yet!!
With Jow, rather then the constant "radiating" and "throbbing", at a level of 20, it's taken down a few notches, and although it still hurts, I can still manage to not fall into the nearest chair. It tones it down just enough to satisfy me enough to buy some more. (and trust me, I won't waste money on things like this if I am going to be let down!)
Another fascinating thing about Jow, I believe are the ingredients. I found the list to be much different then any others I have seen, and I personally think it has a very relaxing and clean scent. (This would be another good point, have you ever smelled some of those creams and lotions that smell like medicine?? EW!)
Here is a list of what you'll get in this little magical potion:
Dragon's Blood
Peach Kernal
Chinese Angelica Root
Red Peony Root
Ox Knee Root
Himalayan Teasel Root
Burred Tuber
Zedonary Rhizome and
You will also find the inactive ingredients: Distilled water and Carbomer
They soak all of the herbs for several months, and then strain them and the result is the little bottle of Jow pain relief gel.
Since I love small business, I have to share that Jow is created by a small family run business, out of Rockland County, NY. (Yep, that is another reason to try this pain relief gel, or liquid, out!)
If you want to find out more, and maybe order a bottle or 2, check them out online!
and on Facebook!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hair Shadz & Sun Shadz by Monimay Inc

Have you ever heard of or even thought of scalp cancer? I personally haven't to tell you the truth, but after reading about this product and about scalp cancer, I will be doing what I can to prevent such a disease. Especially for my little ones. Of course I know about skin cancer, and I even attended beauty school several years ago, which led me on a mission to slather sunblock on, on a daily basis, but I never really used any prevention for the top of my head.
 We do try to keep hats on the kids when they're outside during the summer months, and especially in the pool, but I think this is something that usually just overlooked.
 Monimay Inc has created a most triumphant product, Sun Shadz, which contains all natural micronized mineral sunscreen. (Sun Shadz has SPF 15 scalp protection.) Sounds cool so far, right? Hang on, you are seriously in for a treat with this product!!
 It's actually better then amazing, and a super duper multi tasker! (Which saves your scalp, can save your life, saves your hair, AND your hair color!) Really, it's actually quite awesome. I was not sure what to think when I received my Sun Shadz in the mail.
To be really honest, I'm like a bit of a nerd, and I also sometimes lack some common sense. So, I opened the container, and luckily my husband was here, because I didn't really get how I was to close the container without the brush being destroyed. Wow! Yeah, that is how I get sometimes, and no, I am not proud of that, lol, especially when it was something real simple, that ended up being the neatest part of this little container!
 Deegan helped to model with our bottle of Sun Shadz;) Here it is with the lid off, now watch where I get confused somehow;o

Yes, I didn't even think for a second that the bottle would actually lift up, over the brush, so that you could close the cap without catching any bristles, and simply put the cap back on!! But, wow! I have never seen this before!! I love it! The brush itself is enough to make me love this product, but after the handy little trick, I couldn't stop talking about it!! Are you interested yet??
 If you want to find out more, you can order and read more about Sun Shadz here!
 You can find Sun Shadz in 10 different shades, as well as a translucent shade. (So, yeah, there should be a fit for everybody;) The brush makes it very easy to apply, and dispenses the product very nicely and even;y distributes it on your scalp and your hair. You don't have to worry about greasiness or anything unfavorable, (yes, we really tried this!), because it can also be used as a dry shampoo!!
 What else can this be used for? It blends in regrowth, adds volume and helps hide exposed scalp, (due to thinning hair). So on top of helping you and your children avoid scalp cancer, it can also be used at the same time for some extremely useful needs! I also have to add in here that it does indeed live up to the "volume" comment.
I love this product and the fact that it isn't a spray or any other kind of greasy glob you would have to apply, nor is it messy! The price is very reasonable, ($29.95) and you can save money by purchasing refills!
The creator behind this amazing and one of a kind invention has made this her passion for years, since sadly, losing her own mother at the young age of 52, to a malignant melanoma on her scalp. I think it's wonderful that she has now made it her destiny to create Sun Shadz, for others to prevent such a horrible disease. You can find Monimay Inc on Facebook!

 Hair Shadz and Sun Shadz are endorsed by the International Melanoma Foundation, licensed with PETA, and have a Dermatology signature of approval.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dermasolve Psoriasis Treatment Cream

I have always had an issue with severely dry and itchy skin, especially on my legs. Although it isn't psoriasis, I don't have much luck with regular dry skin products and lotions, as they tend to really not do much at all.
Actually, I have used some of the more expensive brands and have had the worst luck with these. On top of the heavily scented lotions and creams, and yes, even the ones that say unscented and say they are for extremely dry skin,actually still have an odd scent to them, and I'm sorry, I thought unscented meant what it says?
I also really can't stand when these lotions are so heavy and I'm not sure how it works, but they might look like they're helping, but they're really just kind of making my legs and feet feel and look greasy, and somehow, (must be some strange form of science), I can even see the dry skin in the greasy parts!!? So weird, I really don't know what else to say about that but I know it annoys me a lot.
I do use specific lotions, and even though they aren't targeted towards people with severely dry skin, I still use them because I like the way they work and smell. They work well on other parts, but tend to not do so much for the dry patches. (Again, they didn't really claim they would, so I can't hold that against them). Point is, I have yet to find something that works on the super duper dry parts and with my disorders, it's hard enough to have the confidence to wear anything but pants, the dry skin just makes it way worse.
One of the worst things about RSD is the way it constantly burns and burns and feels like my legs, feet and ankles are on fire, literally! I even have big welts and burns appear out of nowhere and then burn blisters start to form, and those don't go away so easily. I can barely ever shave, and that really sucks, I hate it.
Ok, so on with the good stuff:)
I am very, very, very happy with Dermasolve Psoriasis Treatment Cream!

I like everything about this magical stuff, from the bright and happy packaging, all  the way to the serious relief from itching, irritation, scaling, and redness.
I am up a lot at night, and get very little sleep, usually due to either numbness, pain, burning, restless leg syndrome, charley horses, and ITCHING!!
I swear I think itching is the worst, and this is a problem I have had for much longer then just my regular medical issues. I have medications for everything else, (even though they don't always seem to work so well, and the weather is sometimes brutal!), but when I can cope with the pain, it never fails, the constant urge to have to scratch and my flaky, goofy legs are a big problem at night time for me. Especially in the colder months, I can not find relief, at least none as good as this so far!
I am shocked that this stuff is also truly, unscented! It doesn't smell like anything, what so ever, and I can't stress that enough. I haven't been able to find a product that really had no scent, even when it says so.
Dermasolve worked instantly and I was able to see a huge difference in my legs from the 1st use. It is indeed , fast absorbing and it doesn't have the greasy feeling, or look, and it actually penetrates your skin and helps. As a matter of fact, I noticed that with regular use, this really started to show overall improvement in my dry skin patches, and after just a couple nights, I couldn't even find the dry skin that tends to always stick in my clothing, yuck! Black pants are the worst, of course because I can see it more, but I couldn't even find any after a few nights!!
Dermasolve Psoriasis Cream is perfect for:
Multi Symptom
It is also:
Steroid free
Prevents Reoccurrence
Fast Absorbing
Fragrance Free

I was checking out their website, and found that they also have shampoo, scalp oil, milk bath, and body wash!!
They also offer money saving kits if you're like me and are probably in need of more then one product.
I would love to hear what you think!!
Have you ever had any luck with products like this? What types of symptoms do you have? What have you found that has helped you so far?

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

That Girl Started Her Own Country by The Holy Ghost Writer

This is such an interesting little book, to short in my eyes, but then again, it's done this way for a reason. The next book just can't come fast enough as a matter of fact! I am getting a bit antsy, awaiting the arrival of the next, so that I can see what Zaydee, (or Pipi Longstocking or Princess Jane Doe) will be conjuring up next.
I think it's a bit hard to give anything but a 5 star review for, That Girl Started Her Own Country, or any of The Holy Ghost Writer's other books, just yet, as they are all a part of a fascinating story that I really believe, once unfolded, will be definitely a set of stories, possibly all real and true, that will not be forgotten for several generations to come.
 I can't figure out how some can say they are giving a bad review, based on the fact that this book doesn't pick up where the 1st one left off. I was under the impression that as this may be book 2 in order of release, it is not necessarily book 2 in the series, but rather book 6. So,this would indeed explain some of those statements or reviews. I have also read that this book is to short, (I agree, but it doesn't take away from the exceptional storytelling, or the brilliant way this story is laid out and jumps right to excitement and throws you into an adventure that will make you think for a few seconds, if you're snapped out of the adrenaline laced pages, sorta like one of those, more real then real dreams.) I have to admit, yes, I was a little annoyed that it ended where it did, but it had to end somewhere right? All the more reason to check back for book 7... It isn't to often that you read about some of the things that are in this book. At least it isn't to much mainstream, and of course, this in turn may bring some people to just disregard the big picture that will be coming about inside these books, which is a shame.
Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I have read up on practically everything that is mentioned in this book, and for several years. The Bilderberger's, Skull and Bones, all a major mystery in itself, (a frightening mystery nonetheless), and then the mention of Anonymous. If you are not familiar with these names, please read up on them, and please also try your best to gather the appropriate information. The internet and information is everywhere, therefore, so are plenty of lies and rumors. I believe if you are informed and aware of these names, well, then, this book will really have you sitting on the edge of your seat! Why? Because, why would they be included? Why would an author choose to write about such "off the wall" things like the Bilderberger's, and take that chance of losing some fans, or not gaining any when some people who don't fully understand or know much about these people, groups, etc, and the reader then chooses to just put this book down and walk away. (Because it is something they don't understand). Why would this book come out next? Is there a specific reason for the second book to come out, while it is book 6? Why are they not in order? What is the importance of this story, it must be something since books 2, 3, 4, and 5 have been skipped. Is there something going on in the world as we read this book, that goes along with something that is written in these pages? The fact that these books, (Zeddy's book is book 11 out of 12), so, we have books 1, 6, and 11. What is the pattern here, and is there a reason at all? Is it really as another reviewer stated, to keep the buzz going in the coffee shops? Am I reading to much into this? Is there no rhyme or reason here.... I don't know why, but I think there is a reason they are being released in an odd order, and it does make all the more, enchanting, I think is the word I'd like to use here.
Maybe it is simply due to the fact that somebody might possibly figure this out and make a correct guess on the identity of the author if indeed we were reading, book 1, then 2, then 3, etc. There are so many mysteries going on in this series, each book in it's own, each character in themselves, the author is a mystery, the storyline is a mystery, the order they are released is a mystery, and they apparently, ( because, The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter... The Secret Adventures of Zeddy, take place in 2099.), cover a very large time span.
 In, That Girl Started Her Own Country, we meet up with a peculiar, "international playgirl", Zaydee. (another strange name, just as Zeddy is just a little different and not a very familiar name), and in the short time the author takes to introduce, Zaydee, and give us details on who she is, where she is, and what's going on, you will, almost immediately, begin to cheer for her.
 Zaydee is an internet hacker, who is in love with an investigative journalist, who she believes is in trouble and creates an elaborate scam to help protect him. ( Oh, I forgot to mention he is writing about the Bildeberger family/group). Zaydee ends up in prison, and neither the media, the FBI, or the judge, her "attorney", or anybody, knows her true identity.
This book follows Zaydee through prison, and a couple court scenes, and the author introduces more characters in the story, as well as a lot more uncanny mysteries that leaves us, the reader, guessing and wondering what will be happening next.
You can guess and think of your own versions, until the next book arrives, but the strangest part is when the author starts to explain the twists and relationship with Zaydee, and book 6, to book 1. (All the way through to the Skull and Bones, the secret society mentioned a couple times at the beginning of, That Girl Started Her Own Country.
 This book is one of those books that you are so pleased with and so thankful that you had the chance to read it, you wish to thank the author. Unless I am the only one who does this with music and books and even some movies, I don't know. But it is also a book you can read on your Kindle, sure, but some books are better when you have a real copy. (This is one of those I have to take the time and grab in paperback)
There was really only one issue I had with this book, which isn't necessarily a big deal at all. But it was mentioned about a character in the story being a member of, Anonymous, and joining them. Anonymous actually doesn't have members, and you can not join them. Everyone is Anonymous and anybody can be involved with any operations they come across online that another Anon or group has created.
 I will be sitting here anxiously awaiting the next book that comes out in this peculiar but yet intriguing series.
Trust me, with each book, the anticipation grows, and wow, by the way, have you read, The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Magic Whiteboard Review

 I love the idea of the Magic Whiteboard products! It is definitely not as big and clunky as a regular old whiteboard, and they are super easy to stick on any hard surface so you can instantly transform any room into a conference room, an office, or our favorite here at our house, our behavior charts, behavior bucks chart and of course the wonderful, chore chart.
 Plus the little ones love drawing on dry erase boards! (So do I lol, I have a magnetic white board on my fridge, and I write my daily to do list on it, and some projects I would love to get done!!)
 Magic Whiteboards are simple to stick anywhere, and they are also easily removed. Here is Deegan, our almost 3 year old, to show just how easy it really is;) Yes, he does have it a little crinkled up, but he is just a 2 and a half year old, so that shows how good it sticks, and how much fun he has writing on the table! Here he is removing it from the table, again, it peels off nicely!
 A few years ago, I purchased some rolls of whiteboards that were on sale at Home Depot, and they had adhesive backs to them. I was so excited to have found them, and so cheap too! I grabbed a few rolls, I honestly don't even remember the brand anymore, but I figured we would attach them to the kids walls, or closet door, and I could use a few pieces, and we would save a few rolls for future teacher gifts. (We always give teacher supply gift baskets, and thought these would be the perfect touch!)
Well, it ended up being a huge mess, and I spent more on the markers then I did on the rolls, which was fine, except for they didn't last to long here, first off, they were rolled up, and I don't know how long they were rolled up for, but it was way to hard to keep them flat enough so they would even stick to the fridge, the closet door, and the wall in the hallway.
They were nice and white, and the markers showed up real bright and clear, except when we tried to clean these, "easy wipe off" white boards, they weren't totally clean. I had to use cleaning spray on paper towels, just so I could erase everything for them, and they could draw some more. (This got very annoying after a while and I was really getting sick and tired of trying to run back and forth with my cleaning spray and roll of paper towels)
 The next morning, I heard the shrieking and yelps and thought, "Oh my God! Who is hitting who already??!!" and I went over to check it out, well, sure enough, the previously rolled up white board, was rolled back up and the adhesive wasn't sticking anymore, it was laying on the floor! So, I wasted money on those things!
 I was pretty angry because the regular clunky whiteboards really do take up space and you either have to poke holes through your walls, or put them on the fridge, and I thought the kids would have fun, "drawing on the walls and doors" So after a few of those small $2 dry erase boards that come with a marker that runs out after a few days, I just stopped bothering. Which sucks, because I am always writing, making charts and lists and I depend on things like this more then some office workers do!
Then we came across the Magic Whiteboard, and I was kind of skeptical about the whole thing, I figured it would just be a flimsy piece of garbage that would end up in the trash the same day. But, I liked this idea of being just a sheet, and having the capabilities to be stuck on ANY hard surface, it's what I've been after all this time!
 I have to say, the small sample we received, is very well used, fought over and erased 100 times per day! I would absolutely love to have a whole set of 25 sheets, and I really, really, really want to try the sticky notes, and the black board!!
I tried to add up an order for these on their website, lol, and since we are trying to save some money for several reasons right now, I had to cut my order down, and down again, but I think I have one figured out for the very near future! The prices are reasonable, for instance, we received a letter sized magic whiteboard and you can grab a set of 20 of these for just $15.99, that's less then $1 per sheet, which is really cool! This price also includes the blackboard, (that's the one the kids always love to draw on best, from the more expensive brands!) They also carry bigger rolls and sizes, for use at home, or office, school, church, wherever you might need a board to write on that won't damage your walls, or take up lots of space.
 The other cool thing about Magic Whiteboards, is that they wipe off perfectly! We just use a paper towel, nothing more! They also don't leave any residue after just one swipe! That was impressive since sometimes when I buy the cheap $2 boards, you rarely get them clean, and I usually always have to use a cleaner on top of the towel. The markers also write real nice, and smooth and the kids just love drawing more then anything it seems. So these certainly come in handy!
 I have found many uses for these at my house! The first thing I plan on doing, is grabbing plenty of them for me, and for the kids, and for the fridge! We clear this thing off every other week, and the second they see an empty fridge, they think it means, fill it back up with tons of drawings and crafts lol! It literally drives me insane!! So, I was thinking about covering parts of the fridge with these and they can change their pictures everyday if they wish, and I don't have to have a hundred magnets falling off the fridge every time I open the door, or papers falling down, ugh! That just drives me nuts!!
So, I am hoping to have a much less cluttered kitchen when I buy some of the 20 sheet sets.
 I'd love to hear any ideas you may have for Magic Whiteboards! Any tips for anything in my house to be less of a mess, are always appreciated!
You can find Magic Whiteboard products here!
and you can follow them on Twitter! and on Facebook! and on Pinterest! 

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Wolf Claw Meat Handler Forks Review

 These are pretty crazy looking right? My first impression of them was, "OMG! I can run through the house and pretend I'm Wolverine from the X Men!!" and of course, Aaron thought these were way cool for that same reason! Lol!
 I called my mom right away and told her about these odd but somehow super nifty wolf claws I received to review, and her response was, "OMG! I saw those on TV I think! I always wanted a pair of those!" and I texted our oldest daughter and told her about them too, especially because her boyfriend is a comic book fan, I figured they'd get a kick out of these and they did, lol. Matter of fact, they came up to look at them withing 24 hours after I told her they were here.
Even though everybody was acting like they thought these were the neatest things ever made, I kind of wondered if these were maybe more of a conversation piece then anything, so I used them to shred some lettuce for our dinner salads, (Genevive thought that would look cool for some reason lol, so that's what I used them for first.)
 They are designed to shred meat and pull meat and to lift roasts easier, and also to shred, toss and carve. I really didn't expect them to work to well, I tend to be pretty skeptical of almost anything that looks like it belongs with a Halloween costume instead of the kitchen, or any other things that make me wonder how lazy of a society we have become. But, WOW! These actually help get the job done a lot smoother and faster! More then I ever imagined!
Plus, it is kind of cool to stop shredding lettuce for a second, to turn around and pretend you are Wolverine and you're going after your kids, (yes, they know I am just pretending, I don't really run through the house very often and pretend I am a superhero or comic book guy..... well, maybe more then normal, but no, not everyday!)
I do have to admit, I also wondered how goofy I really looked with a pair of these Wolf Claw Meat Handler Forks, attached to my hands, instead of my normal everyday kitchen utensils and tools, and well, bare hands. However, these do indeed get the job done much faster then the normal everyday kitchen tools, and now, I don't know what it would be like without them!
 They are a little odd and a little clunky so it may be a bit hard to get used to when you first try them out, but you will get used to them, and the more you use them, the better they seem to fit and work.
 One of the best things about these Wolf Claw Meat Handler Forks, to me is how easy they are to clean! I can not stand things like mixers, and how annoying it is to scrub in between all of those little twists and turns and curves, but the food literally slides right off of these! (They are made from nylon, and that is a big bonus!)
I'm really excited for springtime and summertime because I think my husband will sneak these out of the house to use when he cooks on the grill! He will say he's not going to think they're so rad, but I know he does think they are, and when I bring it up, he acts like he's not really laughing, but he is thinking about using them. (He isn't as big of an X Men fan as me, but he knows wolf claws for hands are fun!
 Which brings me to the next awesome part! Think of how unique of a gift these would be! You could grab a few pairs and use them for Father's Day gifts, hostess gifts, hand a pair to a neighbor or wherever you might go for summertime cookouts, even wedding gifts! I really believe that almost everybody would benefit from these, not just because of their appearance, but also because they really work!
I have RSD in my legs, and a few other chronic pain/neurological disorders, and although this is all mainly in my legs, ankles, feet and back, I do have a bit of arthritis in my hands and wrists. I can only imagine the benefit these would bring for somebody who has arthritis, or any other form of chronic pain, or bone diseases in their hands or arms.
They cut your regular traditional job in half, which would certainly help anybody who has to take a break every few minutes when they're cooking all day for holidays or Sunday dinners.
 I ended up thinking these are pretty sweet, and are now something I try and use as often as I can. (Yes, part of the reason is a little bit due to the funny faces our little ones make when they giggle and run away and think I'm some comic book character), but also because they are a nifty addition to my kitchen tool set;)

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

It Wasn't Me (A Tale of Teenage Isolation) by G. Brailey Review

I fell in love with this author's previous book, Deathloop, and anxiously waited, and waited for another novel, and here it is! I am impressed and more then satisfied with, It Wasn't Me, and now I have to wonder, can either of these books be topped by hopefully another new one? (hint:)
It is so rare that I find an author with such a twisted mind, (that is a compliment by the way). G. Brailey, takes us on some frightening adventures through the eyes of a young girl who is bullied by a few classmates, and all I really have to say about this story and the insanity at the end, is WOW!
This is the type of story you wish were longer, and more then 90 pages, because there could have been so much more added to this!
This is a brilliant look into the mind of a young girl, Ruth, who is simply sick and tired of being bullied, made fun of, and treated unfairly by classmates, and a kind of sort of boyfriend, Jake, and his other girlfriend, Fiona.
Ruth's mother passed away, and she lived with her father and her step mom, Evelyn. Evelyn and Ruth didn't get along to well, So, when Ruth's father found a school for her to attend that was extremely isolated, and pretty far away from her father. She blamed Evelyn for this and realized that along with losing her mother, she had lost her father now as well.
Ruth didn't have to many friends at her new school, but she did come across a friend named, Jennifer, who was a bit odd but she did enjoy talking with her and hanging out.
Jennifer was actually, Jennifer Rose Carr, a spirit that Ruth and a couple other girls had come across during a seance. So, she did find that to be very weird since she had the same exact name,
Towards the end, some horrifying events take place, and I can't let you in on what exactly happens, just know that this book is going in one direction on the pages you're reading, and then just like that, it takes you under, and into some of the most frightening events, you most likely won't see coming. Very clever on the author's part, very original twist, and detailed in such a way it appears to just be second nature as if it were the norm. (That's one of my favorite things about G. Brailey)
The only "complaint" I have with this is that I wish it would be longer, it is such a good story, and takes you to a few terrifying places not many take you, and it ends much to soon. I can see why it ends to soon, but I'm hoping for a 2nd, this opens up so many doors, and actually, the last few pages pens up a whole other place the author could have taken us. I wished so much I would go back 10 pages and start over from there and maybe, magically, another 100 pages or more would have popped up! (lol) But it didn't, and again, that is ok, as I believe this was simply just written to be this way. I just want the author to know that with a mind like this, and such a fascinating storyline, this could have or could still, branched/branch off into many more, maybe in like a series of sort?
Either way, the only other thing that was at least to me, a bit unnecessary, would be at the end when Ruth, explains a bit of what was happening and what somebody at the end pointed out to her. (again, I can't spoil this, because this would tell all!), but it would have been cool to have the reader figure this out on their own, I would like to think most would have figured this out, but I'm not so sure anymore. Which is maybe why the author added that in, so it wasn't misunderstood?
Either way, this is an exceptional story, very well written, and on a level of 1 to 10 on shock level, I would give this a 15!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Irish Tee Review

I love T shirts, I wear them all the time, every season too. Well, winter time I have to layer them over long sleeved shirts, but either way, they match everything, jeans, pajama pants, skirts and leggings, at least for me they do.
 The most annoying thing to me is having a t shirt that shrinks, doesn't last through several washes, jeez, some don;t even last to well through just a few washes! But, I can't even start counting how many t shirts I have had throughout the years that seemed like they turned to a paper thin material after a few washes or shrank with the first time I accidentally put them in the dryer. (I actually like to have all of shirts through the dryer, I don't know why, but they just feel better to me)
Even expensive concert t shirts for the most part seem like they are only made to wear one time, and then you better put it somewhere special before it falls apart! So, since this is a common issue with most of the t shirts I actually like, I end up spending tons of money on t shirts.
 I really love the t shirts that have goofy sayings on them, Aaron, our 9 year old does too, lol. But when we find some that have some super clever saying on them, those always tend to shrink. It drives me crazy! Sure, t shirts aren't usually super expensive, but when you and your little ones like them so much, and you're buying more then 4 at a time, it does tend to get a little ridiculous. It's also rare to find t shirts online that are true to size, and feel real comfortable and soft, and wash well, and dry well.
We have literally tried several name brands, and I don't know, maybe it's just me? But some of them seem like you pay more for a really thin shirt that feels like they have already been through the wash a hundred times?!! All I want is a shirt that will last and really that doesn't seem like to much to ask for?
I saw an opportunity to check out a t shirt and post my thoughts about it here, so I applied to try this company out. I've seen them around, and also saw they make a rather large variety of t shirts so I thought this would be an excellent way to see what they're about.
 They sent me one of these awesome Irish tees, and as soon as I opened the package, I could tell this was a true to description, very well made t shirt. It is definitely a very well made t shirt, heavy weight, 100% preshrunk cotton! I made the mistake just once so far, (yeah, this happens sometimes when I'm in a hurry lol, I'm sure many of you do the same thing), of not turning it inside out and even though it says I can put it in the dryer, I really didn't take the time to have the dryer set at "tumble dry low", but either way, it is still in perfect condition, as if I just received it! I'm pretty impressed!
 They have so many different styles, and I have seen their other sites where they sell their t shirts and so far their prices are more then reasonable and they have a better then average return policy.
 If only they made concert shirts, I would be in heaven;)

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Daddy Bear Daddy Scrubs Review and Giveaway

I started hearing about this company through some other bloggers, and right away, the name, Daddy Scrubs, caught my attention. I just loved the actual, daddy scrubs they make for dads to be, and thought this was one of the most coolest and original ideas I seen in a long time! So, when the opportunity came along for us to share our thoughts on one of their products, I was anxious to see what, Daddy Scrubs, were all about!
Of course we were super excited because this specific gift item came with a book, and of course we love books! Plus this also came with an adorable teddy bear to match with the story. Of course the little ones had to hug and squeeze the teddy bear, and then the bickering started... "Who gets to keep the bear?!!!" (Even Aaron, our 9 year old joined in for that argument!)
 I may as well start my review here, because after all of the fussing and carrying on, the bear had maintained his handsome features, and believe me, 3 little kids, pulling on tiny teddy arms, and squeezing so tight, I have seen some toys and stuffed animals, NOT survive! But this bear, stayed looking just as if we just opened up the package we opened up just an hour before the battle. Not even a wince. This was impressive, no matter the age, this teddy bear will stay intact and stay cute for a very long time. That was a good thing since I was going to be giving this book and bear gift set to my son in law who is a brand new daddy;) (Well, my granddaughter, Lillian too.)
I thought this would be a fun thing for them to share together, and he can read the book to her, and while he's at work, she can keep her daddy bear closeby. When I explained this to the kiddos, they were delighted and shrieked and squealed, and they couldn't wait for their tiny little niece to visit and check out her special gift to share with her daddy:) That kind of stopped the fighting, even though Deegan took over the job of being the bestest babysitter for Lillian and her dad, and he kept this bear safe and sound for a week or so until the time came to hand him over.
 In the meantime, Deegan especially enjoyed the storybook that came with the bear, What Daddy Bear Loves. ( He is a 2 year old, so he really enjoys books like this, and the fact that the pages are super tough was another added bonus!) The other 2 thought this was an awesome story, even our "all growed up son", Aaron was just so happy and kept saying, "Oh, Lillian will love this story! It is such a nice story for her and her daddy!" Genevive, our "just turned 6!!" young lady, is in that phase where she is learning to read, and loves to try and try and try and after a few times, was able to help quite a bit with this easily read storybook. She seems to gain so much confidence when she can read to her little brother, and Deegan really loves to be read too!!
 This book is so sweet, written so nice, short, and to the point, and the lesson learned is one to last a lifetime. That is what makes the perfect children's book! The story is about a daddy bear who loves to spend time with his little cub, whether they are climbing or exploring, they are spending quality time together and that alone shows your little cubs, or kids, that you love and respect them and enjoy being with them. It's a wonderful message, and especially wonderful for new dads, doesn't matter if they have 5 or 1.
 What's so awesome to me about this gift set, is that the new daddy and baby can share this book for years and years and years. Not only does this set teach the new parents why spending time together is so important, but it also allows for the daddy to have have his own special time with his baby, no matter their age(s). Mommy's are always getting gifts for their babies, why not the daddies? My son in law was smiling pretty big when we gave him his gift to share with our new granddaughter, and I know they will continue to enjoy this gift together for a long time to come. I told him he has to read this little story to Lillian, everyday or every night, and I believe he actually does;) (in between his video games and work of course, lol!)
 But really, we are very proud of these new parents, they are madly in love with their little princess! It was nice to say, "Hey, Andrew! When are you guys stopping up for dinner? I got this real cool blog review opportunity and it ends up it's something for you and Lillian to share together!?" and it was very neat to see a drummer/video gamer/comic book fan get all giddy over this Daddy Bear gift set that will be their own little special treasure. I think this company is just fantastic!
We always get our baby showers, and baby things, baby appointments, baby everything, and even though sometimes I think the dads might not show it, I wonder if they feel left out sometimes. I just love what, Daddy Scrubs, is all about, and they have a lot of reasonably priced daddy gifts to choose from.
You can read more about their company and check out these original gifts here! Check out this video!! GIVEAWAY!!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tortle Review and Giveaway!!

Anytime a product comes around that says they will help with anything that has to do with my children, (or babies), I am going to read up, research, ask around, and grab whatever it may be. Especially when it is for something that will help make sure they are protected against a health concern, learning disability, developmental disability, etc.
 Of course I figure most of us are like this, and at times it does seem we are constantly bombarded with information, TV ads, pamphlets, and even though you might have 2 or 4 or even 6 kids, everytime you're pregnant, there is a weeks worth of new info to read up on!
I have 4 little ones, and I swear, for each pregnancy, I had to find out the newest info on everything from whether I can eat shrimp or not, to, is Folic Acid something I should try. It drove me nuts how everything would change, no matter how close your babies are.
 I received this product for babies to help with Flat Head Syndrome, this is something that can affect all babies. Of course, repositioning your baby will help with preventing, but even still, about 48% of all babies will have some form of flat head syndrome. The best ages to help to prevent this are from birth to 6 months.
 You can watch this video to learn more about flat head syndrome...

 Dr Jane Scott, a pediatrician and a mother of 4, created these adorable little beanies to help your baby prevent this syndrome, so along with being super cute, you are also helping to promote natural movement of your babies head and neck, without the risk of SIDS. (pillows and wedges tend to have this risk)
All of my babies are age 2 and up, but I have a little princess granddaughter, Lillian;) She loves to wear pretty things and loves hats and headbands so Lillian has been using The Tortle!

 They don't just have the cute pink one that Lillian received either! You can choose from classic white, or whimsical elephants too! You can also grab some pretty crocheted headbands to use with The Tortle!
 Tortles also come in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.
S 0-2 months / 5-10 lbs (13-15" head circumference)
 M 2-4 months / 10-15 lbs (15-16" head circumference)
 L 4-6 months / 15-20 lbs (16.5-18" head circumference)
 and they are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which makes them not only comfy for your little one, but also machine washable and you can dry them. I think the name Tortle is a cute choice, and it's neat how Dr Jane Scott came up with the name! Torticollis is the condition that comes along with flat head syndrome, which is a severe neck muscle tightening syndrome. The turtle shell's purpose is to shape and protect the body of the turtle! Just like the Tortle helps to shape and form your little ones heads!
 Oh, and yes, The Tortle is FDA approved;)
You can find out more about them and order 1 or 2 if you would like, here!!
 and you can find Tortle on Facebook!
and on Twitter!

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Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind Coloring Book Review

This is something I don't see very often, and I love how this is a coloring book for my little ones. I was very impressed with this coloring book for many reasons.
My little ones absolutely love it, and I especially think this is a perfect way to help them understand abut blind eople, people with disabilities, and seeing eye dogs. Just another reason for them to love dogs:)
We learned a lot from this coloring book, and they all had a blast with the story, the coloring pages and the puzzles.
Guide Doggie is actually a good coloring book for all ages. We have 4 children, ages, 2, 6, 9 and 20. (and a granddaughter who is 7 months!) Aaron, our 9 year old, loves crossword puzzles, word searches and word jumbles, so he had a lot of fun with those, and learned a bit about what happens in a guide dogs' regular, very busy day.
Our youngest 2 of course loved the story and enjoyed learning all about this little puppy who grew up and trained to be a guide dog. The coloring pages were a super cool bonus too!
We love finding new things to do together as a family, and we often have craft night, cooking night, and learning nights, and reading time. So, this was a huge success and fit right in.
I believe this to be a perfect addition to any rainy day, or if you have a night during the week where you sit together after dinner and learn something or create something together as a family. (Adults will even learn from this too!) We had a fun evening with snacks and this story.
The most beneficial part to me, (a mom), is that this is fun for all ages, it leads to having quality time with your children, and they can help tell the story and it also leads to some great discussions. They also now know a lot about seeing eye dogs, and how they help blind people, and although we don't see guide dogs to often where we live, they will know all there is to know when they do, and I think it is wonderful that they can understand.
One of the most embarrassing things I think, to a parent, is when your curious kids are out and about and they may see something they aren't to sure of, and they ask questions a bit to loudly. (Not that they are being rude in any way, but they do sometimes tend to wonder a little to loud about things they don't know, which is how they learn of course. We just wish they would do it a little bit quieter;) But after sharing this coloring/puzzle/story book, they will be super happy to see a real life seeing eye dog, and maybe they can help other children understand just how amazing these people and their guide dogs really are!
Actually, our 6 year old was trying to explain to me why she thinks she needs one of these little doggies, lol, that was an amusing conversation. But it also led to more discussions about people with disabilities and all of the wonderful resources out there for people and how people can help each other. She did try to say she couldn't see me "so good" and thinks she needs glasses, (actually she does have a vision test in a couple weeks), but she thinks, "If you just get me one of these little puppies, I should be able to see pretty good!" Kids are funny little people;)
We all recommend this book to everybody of all ages! This would be especially helpful if you have a friend or a classmate or a family member who is blind. I wish there would be more coloring and activity books such as this for other disabled people, or anybody who society may see as "different". The more kids understand, the better they will be when they do meet people who may be "different" then them, (I just wish more adults would be so accepting and gracious too!)

** We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Personal Amazing Biorhythms Review and GIVEAWAY!

I had the awesome chance to check out a personalized Amazing Biorhythms report, from Because I Tried It.
 A Biorhythm chart can help improve your daily life by letting you know the highs and lows of your three internal energies. We have intellectual, emotional and physical. If you manage your cycles, you could schedule around your high days and low days, and quite honestly, since receiving mine, I have been scheduling my better physical days for all the bigger projects with housework and errands. (Like the errands that require taking 3 little ones with me, and running in and out of more then 3 stores in 1 afternoon! Lol!)
 I've been quite content since the New Year, which is when I received my chart and was able to go over it and I also marked my high days in my planner, just to keep track for myself.
 I am addicted to my planners and to do lists, and I am pretty impressed with my report and the accuracy. Some skeptics have already said, "Well, if you think hard enough, you will have days that are great and if you are reading in your planner that your biorhythms report says you are going to have a super spectacular physical day, then you will!" I am a bit goofy I guess, because I am not really a skeptic with these charts. I am normally a skeptic with a lot of different things. I also think, what is the big deal if it is just my mind making myself think this is accurate? (I don't believe so though, trust me! With all my my physical pain, and RSD and MS, I don't expect ANY good physical days:)
One of my top New Year's resolutions was to make a much happier place inside my own mind, and life, less stress and less chaos. Which is very hard with being a mother of 4, (3 little ones), a pt weekend job, a husband who drives truck, and mega doctor appointments, etc etc etc etc!
 I am amazed that this year, which is the first of many, I have actually had some very cool days where I could relax and I could keep my mind on other things. To be perfectly honest with you, I owe a bit of that to this chart I received. It's pretty cool being able to schedule around your low and high days. Of course, there are some days I couldn't reschedule and there will be many like that when there are doctor appointments, school functions, and emergencies. But for the most part, being a kind of sort of stay at home mom, at least through the week, I can schedule things like grocery days, and coupon cutting and sorting days. When the middle 2 are in school, and I had a low day in any of my energies, more physical then anything, Deegan and I just took some breaks and cuddled and watched tv and read books. That helped my more painful days and more stressful days a little less hectic, (at least until the other 2 lil monsters hopped off the school bus, then it was a bit of a different story;)
Skeptic or not, these make very cool gifts! They are personal and certainly show that you put a lot of thought behind your gift and it really could end up being very useful for the recipient! These only cost $2 to have them emailed to you, which isn't bad at all, considering it's a quick, painless, and personal gift. You can also opt to have these mailed to the recipient on stationary, and that's only $6!
Because I Tried It, also offers framed, and international mail. If you do purchase the email delivery versions of any of the personalized gifts that Casie, offers, 100% of the proceeds goes directly to helping children in need. (That's just another reason to purchase these gifts for friends and family members, and Valentine's is just around the corner, HINT HINT!)
 If you aren't interested in The Amazing Biorhythm Charts, there is so much more to check out on her site! You can choose a numerology chart, an astrology chart, a name almanac, a character letter, poems, an Anniversary almanac and much more! I think I actually have figured an option out for each person in my life and even for myself.
 I always love knowing all of the off the wall facts and quirky news that go along with birthdates and "This Day In History", I am always fascinated by them and they are fun and interesting to receive, give and read!
If you want to find out more, you can check out Casie's website here!
You can also find her on Twitter!
Enter the Rafflecopter to win 1 of 2 Personalized Amazing Biorhythms!! (these will be sent by email!) a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Casie from, Because I Tried It, is offering 2 of our readers an emailed copy of their, Amazing Biorhythm Charts!!

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