Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Favorite Homemade Snack Recipe

The kids enjoy helping in the kitchen, and I enjoy finding recipes that are easy enough and tasty enough for the little chefs;p

This is one of our most favorite treats, I know it is very familiar to most of you, and may not seem so special, however, there are A lot of variations and ways to make this your own family tradition.

I also like the homemade taste. I do, from time to time, purchase Chex Mix, I love the Bold flavor, while the kids really love Cheese flavored Chex Mix. But, there is just always something about homemade anything, especially snacks;p Plus, the time spent together is treasured more then any snack!

I am A huge fan of flavor;p so, I do like to make mine with a bit more worcestshire sauce. There are so many ways to make this. The above picture, shows the ingrediants that we normally use, (add a stick of butter)

We use, Janes Mixed up Salt, Season All Salt, Frenchs Worcestshire sauce, Kellogs Crispix cereal, Wege pretzels, and any type of unsalted mixed nuts. ( We tend to favor Walgreens brand for the mixed nuts)
I should start measuring and keeping track of all of this, but there are just times when you can tell what is needed, how much, if you should add,  etc, when you make this;p

I set the oven at 250 degrees, while the kids wash their hands, then spread the Crispix cereal and pretzels on a baking sheet. We always add more Crispix then anything, since these are the pieces they all want more of lol.
Then they add the nuts, by small handfuls, and stir around to check if more of anything is needed. meanwhile, I melt a stick of butter in the microwave, stirring halfway between, and adding worcestshire sauce.
I do add A bit of the Season All salt and Janes Mixed up salt, but not all of what I plan on putting in. (it's also best to do a little at a time because you don't want to go overboard! There aren't many ways to "fix" it, if you end up with to much!)
Next step is to pour the butter and worcestshire mixture over the cereal mix and toss to coat.
A storage bag is also A big help, but at the same time, can end up being messier!
Then it goes in the oven for 35 minutes, checking every 10 minutes, and tossing a bit more.
You can also taste test and add more salt, garlic powder, whatever seasonings you decide to use!
After you pull the Crispix Mix from the oven, let it cool, and taste test again;p
We use a spatula and pour the mix right into a Ziploc storage bag, zip the bag shut, and shake! The kids enjoy this part, and this also helps to evenly coat each piece.
Finally, if you need to add any seasonings, this is a perfect time to do so, and reshake,
We do like to eat this warm, but it is very good once it sits for a bit and cools down!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bath & Body Works VIP Bag Giveaway

This will be my first giveaway, and I will have all of the details, and ways to enter this weekend;p
Heres how to enter!!
1) follow me here!
2) follow me here too;p
3)"like" my facebook page;p
4)follow me on twitter (follow button on top right of my blogs;p)
5)comment on any posts!

each comment, follow, "like", will earn 1 entry

Mary Kay fragrance samples!

Fill out the form through this link, to receive some samples of Mary Kay fragrance!
I should tell you that I did fill out this form, and I'm hoping for better fragrances then what I'm used to from them. I like much lighter fragrance, and I have yet to find a Mary Kay fragrance I like.
However, I am madly in love with most of their skin care line! Oh, and the newest limited edition eye pencils!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

John Freida free samples

I apologize for not having the knowledge yet, of how to get links put on my posts for you to easily click onto.
I will be figuring this out as soon as I can;p If anybody has any hints, I would love to hear them!
Anyway, if you sign up for John Freida newsletters, they are offering free samples and coupons for you!
I am already receiving the newsletters, and I am quite happy with the amount of samples and coupons I receive in my email inbox, and mailbox;p
I am a sometime user of John Freida products, it does help very much when there is a coupon, because I do believe the prices are higher then what I normally spend on such things.
CVS and Rite Aid do tend to have very good sales on these products though at times.
I also think they are very excellent products! I have yet to use something of theirs that I do not like!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am a Clairolista;p

I am so excited for this oppurtunity that i received through, A real amazing site, and one that I wish I had more time to work with.
I do plan on making more time, once my house, website, and facebook pages are under control;p
If you have not signed up through this site, you really should!
They offer points for video reviews that you post, and the points are redeemable for gift cards!!
I was not picked the first time around, then I received an email with the offer. Apparently,there were a couple who didn't respond. So, here I am!
I did receive a very nice package from expo and clairol, with coupons, business cards, haircolor, a pen, and my contract. I have been studying the packaging, the website, the facebook page, as well as watching the videos they are offering all of the clairolistas, for training purposes.
I will soon have my own Clairolista page officially launched, and will be able to help provide insight, suggestions, and a personal color consultation!
So, if any of you are interested, please comment!
I have a link that will take you to the P&G store, where you can make your purchase, and I do get a small kickback from this. So i would very much appreciate if you would be so kind and enter my number with your order.
I would love to start with this and I would love to help anybody choose the best home haircolor products!

Kashi 7 Grain Pita Crisps

I received a box of these Pita Crisps from Kashi last week, along with a few real good coupons!
If you are not a member of the Kashi site, I suggest you sign up! They offer samples, coupons, news of new products, and much more!
I am now in love with these Pita Crisps, as I am a lot of Kashi products.
They have the perfect amount of salt, the best crunch, and they are excellent for dips of all kinds, and just as wonderful by themselves.
My 3 youngest ones, also were pretty thrilled with the crunch, (they are not allowed to have chips very often, so they are very fond of crunchy crackers, lol)
I will be buying these as soon as i find a local store who will be carrying them.
They have plain, and salsa flavored Pita Crisps. I did sample the plain, and I can not wait to sample the salsa flavor!
I also like Kashi because the prices are good, the packages are generous, the taste is unbelievable, very flavorful, and it is good for me and my kids, and they do not take away from anything to make them good for us!
Plus, they do hand out a lot of coupons, and I normally won't buy anything, unless I have a coupon;p

Amazon offers a 12 pack of 7.9 oz boxes of these very tasty Kashi Pita Crisps for $16.05 and free shipping, if you do the Subscribe and Save;p
you do not have to keep the subscription active for these prices if you do not want to receive these crackers every 3 months, r however you set it up. However, I am a huge fan of Amazons Subscribe and Save Offers! They are very cheap and the free shipping and extra discounts are amazing!
You can use the Amazon search box at the top right of my blog, to search for these crackers, or anything else you may want to purchase!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free Burger at Ruby Tuesdays!! Facebook Offer!!

like Ruby Tuesdays on facebook, and they will email you a coupon to print, for a free burger when you buy 2 non alcoholic drinksl;p