Monday, October 20, 2014

Mary Lambert's Heart On My Sleeve

*I participated in the Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.*



I had the chance to review a copy of, Mary Lambert's new album, Heart On My Sleeve, thanks to One2OneNetwork.

I spent a lot of time reading up on, Mary Lambert and found a lot of very fascinating things about her, which ended up leading me to really find that I liked this chic! I learned that she is just a regular person, much like most of us. She even admits to her, "not so awesome" parts, you know, those little things that aren't always so becoming of us, so we tend to hide them? Well, she writes about hers and she seems to like those things about herself.

 Anybody who promotes acceptance, whether it is of yourself or somebody else, is super awesome in my book! I especially admire how, Mary Lambert, managed to make this type of music, (whatever type that may be. I know they call it, "pop", but it has it's own sound..) her own. and with little effort too! It has a unique, natural flow about it.

Some interesting things about, Mary Lambert, (at least to me!) are, that she seems very modest and seems genuinely happy to be her. She used to be a brunch waitress and a bartender, which I found super cool because I'm a bartender also and I always love hearing stories about people who started out where I did and end up "making it big". She would like to one day have enough money to buy her mom a house, (that is so sweet!), and she wants to be able to tip brunch waitresses with $100 bills.
Mary doesn't have some glorious story behind her success, although, some would see it as a sort of, Cinderella story. She admits to struggling both personally and financially and having regular issues and problems just like any other regular person. The way she views herself and the rest of the world is just, classy.

Her music is the same, different and maybe not something I would listen to on a regular basis but after knowing her story and appreciating her background and her style, I would! It is an all around good album that will definitely hold your interest and it will be hard to choose a favorite because each track is special in it's own way.

You can find more about, Mary Lambert, here.

Follow her on Twitter @marylambertsings

Find her on Youtube!

Mary's Facebook!

You can purchase, Heart On My Sleeve through iTunes or Amazon.

#FastAdvil Please!!

* I received a sample and coupons from, Advil and Crowdtap, in exchange for my honest review of this product. My opinions and views are always my own. Free products, samples, affiliates and paid posts  will never change my honest opinion about any product or service.*

As many of you are fully aware, I have RSD. What is RSD, you ask? Well, it is usually pretty hard to explain, but I will try for the gazillionith time....
It is a neurological chronic pain disorder. Many people suffer from this but not all of us have the exact same symptoms, so I will share some of mine.
I have burning pain from my hips down through my toes. This is the most painful part and can last for hours or even days on end when I have an outbreak. Outbreaks are everyday, sometimes they don't seem to end. I also have electrical shock pain and this just comes and goes, as well as regular old soreness, aches, irreversible bone, tissue and muscle damage and rashes, discolorations, welts, hyper sensitive nerves, hyper active senses, hmmm, I actually keep a pain diary and have 43 different layers of pain but I won't force you to read all of that! This isn't school and if I were to list them all with descriptions, I would need an overhead projector and a pointer and I don't, so....
Anyway, on top of my alien like disorder, I was also diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago, after an accident. I can't claim expert on MS because, I really don't know much about what I am dealing with in that realm just yet.
I can tell you that I have had a long history of broken bones in my feet and ankles and some torn tendons, heel spurs and drop foot. All of this finally led to re constructive foot and ankle surgery, which led to this horrific chronic pain disorder.
I have a hard time finding any sort of pain relief, especially after a night of work or even a night at home. (One weird thing about all of my disorders and injuries is that it seems to hurt much, much more if I am resting and then stand up.) I also have a severe problem with swelling. I also can't shave very often due to my skin and nerves being so super sensitive.
I rely on pain medications to help me move, even though they don't work so well. So, I tend to try and find healthier approaches but again, there isn't much out there that alleviates all of this pain. I simply would like to find the perfect combo so that I can keep my pain levels down a bit so I can be a regular person.
(Well, I don't really want to be to regular, that would be super boring!!)
I have found that a good mix of hot water, elevation, no electricity, or at least a small amount of electricity, (I have a strange sensitivity to electricity that becomes very painful as well.) and sometimes heat pads, but most of all, something to make it possible to go to sleep and stay asleep.
I often use, Advil, it has always helped with swelling and made it easier to move and function throughout the day. I do like to have as much help as I can find, to get the edge off a bit.
A lot of people think a pain medication will take all of their pain away... this is not the case. Pain medicines, even prescribed medications, only take away the most brutal, sharp, stinging, excruciating pain that you sometimes deal with, or all the time deal with.
Advil is good for this. I have been a long time, Advil fan, for everything from headaches to after having a baby to migraines to breaks and sprains. Out of everything I have tried over my years on this planet, Advil was already the fastest acting medicine that I could find.
Another reason I always preferred, Advil, over all of the rest, was because of the coating. I have a hard time swallowing pills and can take a few minutes just to down one. This sucks, because, it starts to melt and taste chalky and that is one of the grossest things I have ever tasted.
Advil is coated, which makes it much easier for somebody like me to cope with.
Now, Advil came out with this new product, Fast Acting Advil Film Coated.
First of all, I was pleased with them to begin with and at first I thought, well, maybe it's just me and I won't notice much of a difference. So, I put these heaven sent pills to the ultimate test, after a 9 hour shift bartending.
I have a 30 minute drive home from work and when I get home, I can't get out of my truck very well. I end up sitting there for a while and trying to decide which foot to land on. I usually end up crawling to the porch steps to get into my house since my left foot will not move up at all, I have to use my right leg for support. Well, after a busy Saturday night at the bar, that side isn't even good enough to rely on.
I figured since the old Advil, worked fast enough, I would be able to take 2 of the new Advil, drive home and notice a difference by the time I got home.
(Oh, another form of pain relief for me is music, anything to help me escape.) I drove home listening to the newest 311 CD, screaming along with the lyrics as loud as I can. (That's just another form of therapy I like to use!), got home, parked and wondered how this was going to work....
I did notice the throbbing had calmed down some, I didn't even have the usual problems trying to press the gas and brake pedals and my ankles weren't as inflated as they usually are after work.
I am not going to lie and say, I was pain free! (That doesn't happen) but I will say, I am very impressed with, Fast Acting Advil. I didn't take my prescription medicine before I left for home, just the Advil, so I could have a proper review and the funny thing is that I noticed more of a difference with the swelling and throbbing more then with prescribed medications.
I have one more sample pack left and will be using this in the morning which is when my pain levels are through the roof! Plus, it is supposed to rain all night and day and I have a busy day filled with errands and a Halloween parade.
Would I recommend Fast Acting Advil? Of course. I would recommend this to anybody who has to deal with any amount of pain, no matter how big or small. My husband used a pack of these for his back pain and his headaches he seems to have every morning. He also reported that they helped quite a bit with swelling, which, we all know, leads to less pain!
I would highly suggest that you speak with your doctor regarding any possible allergies, drug interactions or pre existing conditions that would make it that you would not benefit with Advil, as you should do with any medicines.
Will I purchase Fast Acting Advil? Yes, matter of fact, I will be using one of the coupons I received, tomorrow.
I will be adding these with my pain regimen, mainly for weekends at work and for rainy or snowy weather.
I am not a doctor and I do not know the pain you may have, but I hope this review has helped you in some way. Maybe you relate to me or maybe you don't. I would love to read comments about your pain relief regimens, have you tried Fast Acting Advil? Did you notice the difference in the time relief starts? Have you ever thought about adding Advil for fast relief from swelling. headaches or minor pain or even breakthrough pain?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ragu Sauces #NewTraDish

* I received a free product from Ragu through Crowdtap in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are always my own. My own opinions, reviews and thoughts will never be changed because I received a free product, sample or money in exchange for a post or review.*

I love Crowdtap and yes, I know, you guys have heard this a gazillion times from me but, I can't help it. Out of all of the marketing groups I do any kind of work for online, Crowdtap is one of my top 2 favorites. I've been a member for a little over 4 years and have had nothing but a wonderful experience and have been treated fair and with respect. (Yes, our opinions do matter and that, my friend, is a pretty neato feeling!)
So, this month, I was approved for 2 sample and shares, the first is, Ragu Sauces.
I received a coupon to use for my choice of Ragu Sauce, which I used at my new favorite store, Wegmans!!
I decided upon a classic sauce, (since I absolutely love to make sauces my very own by adding some herbs and spices!)

I like these newer, updated, more classy labels! I also have to mention that we are big fans of Ragu Pizza Sauce. Our little ones love making homemade pizza and Ragu is our prime choice, so, I figured their newly revised sauces would be a big hit at our house.
I planned on making something totally, "saucesome" (haha I just love this word. The card that came with our coupon said we were picked because we are, "saucesome"! Anyway, I decided to ask the kids what they want for dinner. (I knew they would say, "SPAGHETTI!!" and yes, yes, they did.
I thought I'd give this good looking jar of tasty sounding sauce a chance and just not add anything but salt, pepper and ground beef (and colored bell peppers. SHHHHHHHH! I sneak something extra in everything I make, even my husband isn't always aware of it! So, double, SHHHHHHHH!)
I just made the typical old spaghetti meal that is loved by all and allows for enough leftovers for another meal, baked spaghetti! (It's not a secret really. I just top with mozzarella cheese and bake until the cheese is melted.) But, spaghetti has a tendency to taste even better the next day. (That is about the only time you'll ever hear me say that. I am not to keen on leftovers.)
Ok, so, I browned the ground beef, added some salt and pepper, red onion and cooked up some pasta. We used those cute little fans, rather then spaghetti noodles for this dinner. (I like to keep it fun and fancy!)
When the ground beef was cooked through, I added our Ragu Sauce and some yellow and orange bell peppers for some extra veggies and cooked until the pasta was done.
My oldest daughter made, Ranch Bread once while she was still in high school and I fell in love with it ever since. Yes, of course I added that too!
Ranch Bread is a beautiful little side dish and a good way to get rid of any odds and ends you may have hanging around. I use hamburger rolls, hot dog rolls, leftover bread, tortillas, pitas, even flatbreads. I think flatbreads are definitely my top pick!
All you do is spread ranch dressing on the bread and top with cheddar or mozzarella cheese and bake until the edges are browned and the cheese melted. MMMMMM it is delightful!!
Ok, back to the skettis!

See? Nothing to out of the ordinary, but such a classic, easy and quick weeknight meal that your kids will usually go crazy for!
I love meals like this because you can hide veggies, you can keep them fun by not always using those boring spaghetti noodles and you have all sorts of options for sides, breads and salads.
Oh and again, it is always so quick!
Ok, here is my review!!
The price is excellent! Ragu has always had reasonably priced products and that is pretty important to any family.
I am more of a "organic" "green mom" when it comes to food, however, I'm not 100% all natural. (I do miss some things) and I happen to trust and know this brand for many years. They have been around since 1937! Of course, I am not that old lol! But, I arrived in 1974 so, I've been here for a little while...
There is just something about, Ragu, that reminds me of the good old days when I was home with my mom and dad and siblings, back when we used to walk  40 miles to school without shoes, in 4 feet of snow....I'm just kidding!! But, really, Ragu just brings back those warm, fuzzy, happy feelings and I love that about them.
That being said, no, I probably will not replace another product or homemade sauce with Ragu, but, they still won our hearts with their pizza sauce and you will always find a jar of Ragu sauce in my house for times when I like to bring back the more, "simple times" when things were not so busy and everything reminded you of a Happy Days episode. Ok, now, I'm showing my age!
Remember I said I like to make things my own and add all kinds of goodies? and remember I said I decided not to do that here since I wanted to keep it all classic? Well, this was not a win with my husband or myself since, it was fairly bland. BUT it was simple and we dig that.
I'll tell you who ate it all up, hidden veggies and all! Our 3 little ones! Yep! That made me smile ;) They are just kids and they don't always want or even need mom to prepare dinner for an extra hour, chopping garlic, tearing oregano from the herb garden, making everything full of flavor, (even though, that's my style, I love lots of different flavors!) No, they like things just the way they are and their cute, smiling faces, saying, "Mom, this is the best spaghetti ever!", always makes my heart sing.
Would I recommend this? Yes, oh yes. (and remember, I opted for the plain jane  sauce. I know there are other options so, I'm certain you'll find one you will enjoy.) I plan to stick with just the traditional sauce because it isn't just an all around, simple, happy, sit down together and talk kind of sauce to use for a simple dinner, it's actually our new tradition. That is the main reason I will continue to use, Ragu sauces for my family. I think that was the most important lesson I learned with this sample and share and I think I'm going to keep it that way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Hairstyles From Madison Reed

(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links) 

I thought these hairstyles would be super cute and fun to share with you all, especially for all of your upcoming Halloween parties, get togethers and of course, trick or treat!! 
There is also a sweet deal at the end of this post!! You can save $10 off off of your first Madison Reed purchase!!
Coming up with a great Halloween costume can be as easy as the perfect hairstyle, a little bit of makeup, and a whole lot of attitude. This year, top off your Halloween costume with fun yet easy hairstyles courtesy of Madison Reed

  • Start by pulling your hair back and securing into a low ponytail with a hair tie
  • Twist the pony tail until it starts to curl itself into a bun. Secure with another hair tie and bobby pins as needed
  • Smooth and spray hair to get that sleek ballerina look  
  • Start by creating a slanted part at the front of your hair.
  • Leave the front side sections of your hair down. Gather, twist, and pin all of the hair in the back into a messy base bun
  • Smooth the side sections over the base bun and pin into place
  • Add a little bling to the bouffant bun and voila!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Slick your hair back into a tight french braid that starts as close to the top of your head as you can manage.
  • Pull out two strategically placed tendrils from the front of your hair and spray or gel them for effect.
Thanks to the team at Madison Reed for providing the images and the step-by-step instructions for these hairstyles.
What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to try Madison Reed's healthier for you color! Happy October! Take $10 off your first purchase of Madison Reed hair color - just use the offer code OCTOBERLOVE at checkout.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Moms Meet Wow Summit is Less Then A Month Away!!

I have been working like crazy to get everything caught up and done in time for Moms Meet's #WOWsummit, I am going on a few hours of sleep most nights and drinking twice the amount of coffee!!
On top of that, I am still trying to get our newest website started. I have a few notebooks worth of posts but I'm afraid to start posting there until I find a very cool design or cab save the money to pay somebody to design my new site. All of this has to wait until AFTER Wow Summit, which is ok, because I am so anxious for Orlando and having this extra week of summer, that everything else has been sorta put on the backburner. (Other then regular old errands, housework, kid stuff, blogging and connecting with brands that I absolutely love to pieces!!)
You know, typical mommy stuff!
These last few weeks before we head on to Florida is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier! I keep writing to do lists and more work comes in and more school and sports related stuff with the little ones and the last week before we leave, the kids have 3 doctor appointments, 3 dentist appointments, 3 eye doctor appointments and I have 4 appointments. AAAAHHHHH!!! ;)
I thought it would be wise to cram it all in before we go so that when we come back, life will be sort of easy for a while. (At least a little bit!)
I am starting to wonder if I should just reschedule all of these appointments and wait until we come home. But, we are in PA and our winter in 2013/2014 was pretty brutal. So far, meteorologists are warning of an even worse winter this season, and it wasn't a super warm summer and our fall started very fast and pretty cold! (We already had to use our coal heat a few times because the temperature dropped pretty fast!)
SOOOO, what is the point of this post?? I think the point is, I COULD USE SOME TIPS!!!!
What is it like in Orlando?
Where should we stay?
What should we do?
Where should we stop on our way there and back?
(Oh, and don't worry! I am very careful about advertising online about when we won't be home. I am just to excited about attending my first Wow Summit and meeting some of our favorite brands, I can't help it! BUT, we have house sitters and a very cute, cuddly pitbull who happens to not take to kindly to bad people. So, we are good!)
Anyway, back to Orlando. I have never been there! I was never in Florida and never really thought about going but since Moms Meet asked me to attend, I have been learning all about this wonderful state and city and now I wish I had visited before.
We know for a fact that we will be visiting, Disney! That just has to happen. Genevive would never, ever let us go anywhere near Florida, without going at least twice.
One thing I am trying to find, are discounts for Disney! I have to admit, I was not expecting the prices I found and I have yet to find a legitimate discount, through any travel agent or discount website.
The next definite day trip is, Lego Land! I did find discounts for Lego Land. (hint: if you are ever looking for discounts, check your kids' Lego Magazines!) I always see the coupons in the kiddos magazines so luckily, we found 1 so far that expires in March of next year so we should be good there! 
We are planning to stay at the Nick Hotel and surprise the kids with this. (Especially since they already know what is going on with Disney and Lego Land) I have been reading mixed reviews and I am getting a little bit nervous about paying a rather (to me), large amount of money for a hotel room. We are usually camping so this is kind of new to us and I was a bit floored by the prices. However, they do have some nice deals!!
I want this trip to be the best ever for all of us, especially the kids. I am planning and hoping and praying like crazy, that this will be the trip of a lifetime for them and will give them something to talk about for the rest of their lives.
Moms Meet Wow Summit will be taking place, November 7th, 8th and 9th, so I will be busy those days. That's when my husband gets to have the 3 little ones with him! (Hahaha!!) I'm sure they will have plenty of fun. If we stay at Nick Hotel, they will have enough to do right there that they won't need to leave the premises. They have a huge pool, waterparks, basketball courts, restaurants, playgrounds, even a mall! So, that will probably be where we spend most of our time.
If you have ever been to Orlando, or live there, please help us plan our itinerary!!
I would love any comments, tips, suggestions, for places to eat, sightsee, play, visit, wherever. Oh, and especially any money saving tips!
I have a couple, Entertainment Books and I will be checking Groupon and other deal sites for some gift cards and places to eat and things to do.  But, any other pointers are very much appreciated!
Please also comment and let me know if you will be attending, Wow Summit too! I am counting down the days and hoping to meet other like minded moms and bloggers and of course, looking forward to meeting the brands we already use and buy as well as brands we haven't tried yet.
I trust Moms Meet and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with everything we have learned about, tried and been introduced too. So, I know they will take care of us super well!

Friday, October 10, 2014

One of the Best Inventions of All Time! Kupp Review

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetsSM blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

 We received these adorable glasses in the mail and as soon as I opened the box to see what we would find inside, Deegan, (our 4 year old), squealed with delight and grabbed the cute little box that his favorite color, red, was in. 

We immediately opened the red Kupp and filled it with his favorite, iced tea. His little eyes sparkled and he giggled and shrieked and took very good care of his new little red glass with a handle that made him a "big boy".
He already had everything planned out, who would get what color, what color would his nieces use when they come to visit, (Yes, I am a YOUNG grandma ;) and he drank anything I would fill his new best friend with, (which is why I kept re filling it with ice water!) He just loves, loves, loves his new glass and I wash it several times a day so that he can use it, every time he has a drink. 

He carries it with him as if it is a stuffed toy, he handles it so well, hanging onto the handle, uses a coaster and turns into quite the tiny gentleman when he uses it. 
It is absolutely the most cutest thing I believe I have ever seen! 
Our 7 year old, Genevive, is the same way with her yellow cup. She just has to have this glass at all times and she even does little curtsies and acts like a precious, little princess when she sips milk and lemonade. 

Aaron, is 11 but he is still a little boy, (thank goodness! Time goes by, way, way, way to fast.) But, he took kindly to the blue glass and actually the orange glass. He likes to draw and draw and draw and then, draw some, Mr. Sophisticated, loves to sit at the kitchen table and hang out with mommy, while I am having coffee and working on my to do lists, bills, laptop or whatever paperwork is getting done at the time. He also enjoys sitting with mom and dad after dinner while we have coffee, (yes, I am an addict!!) and discuss more about the day or near future plans, that didn't get addressed during dinner. 
I noticed big, big, BIG changes to all of our little ones' attitudes immediately after receiving this package from, Kupp. I am more then grateful for this product for many reasons. 
One of the best things that came from this review was the fact that we don't need any sippy cups, at all anymore. Deegan was still using a sippy cup sometimes and we have been trying to get him to just do away with them for good. Nothing seemed to work. He was able to use regular glasses and cups just fine but he still needed his favorite Spiderman cup. He doesn't use any anymore, he is only interested in his red Kupp. 
I'm certain that your children, boys or girls will fall in love with their very own, personalized glasses and some of the sweetest and most awesome things will come from such a simple, little product. 
On top of all of the benefits I mentioned, these are super easy to clean, easy to keep clean, brightly colored and just plain old, cute! I even adore the packages these come in. 
This again, just proves to me that sometimes the tiniest of things are the most valuable and teach the best lessons.

About The Kupp:

I was happy to read how, Kupp, originally started! 
Kate Oliver, became aware of all of the harmful chemicals that children are exposed to daily and the fact that they are also super messy! While raising 3 boys of her own, she realized how much fun it is to have a sink full of dirty glasses and finding treasure troves of plastic parts and cups through the house. (Who doesn't love that?) All of this inspired her to create some cool glasses for her boys, each their own personalized color, which would end up creating a cleaner kitchen and much less plastic!

 The Kupp’, a six ounce BPA free kids drinking glass with a colorful silicone sleeve, is designed for children three and older. Produced in Europe and the US, the glass and the sleeve adhere to the strictest quality standards for both the US and Europe. The Kupp’ glass is certified lead and cadmium free, made from a pure soda-lime formula and completely dishwasher safe. The grip-friendly silicon sleeve is BPA/BPS free, medical food grade silicon and comes in a range of colors. You won’t find a better made cup for children.

Do you have any of these for your children? Please comment and let us know what you think!!

You can connect with the Kupp online and on  Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dave's Killer Bread Review and Recipes

Disclaimer: I received this product free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

I just love bread, rolls, the seedier, the better. (and the healthier the better of course!) But, I eat it plain, with butter, with peanut butter, with salad, soup, in soup, with spaghetti, I mean, it's an everyday staple at our house and it is something I have been wishing to find a better option for. 
I received a box of 2 loaves of, Dave's Killer Bread and not only is the packaging fun, the little book I received with them is super cool! I was also surprised that I could actually smell the bread as soon as I opened the box, yes, through the plastic! I live in Pennsylvania so, it came pretty far and still smelled fresh! 

We go through loaves and loaves of bread every week at our house and I really, really wish for healthier options for all of us. Unfortunately, there aren't any retailers who sell, Dave's Killer Bread, near us, however, they do offer options to buy online. (They are a little pricier for us East Coasters but, after trying this bread, I think it's an option we will be using at least once a month.)
Dave's Killer Bread mentions that they are, "The Best Bread in the Universe", I have to agree 110% with this statement. I don't know if I have ever eaten such a hearty, seedy, delicious, low calorie or even high calorie bread such as this before. (I can even taste it while I type this and I miss it so very much!)
My husband is even in love with this bread and he isn't often one who goes head over heels for anything lol! But, he used up most of the bread for his fancy fried egg sandwiches and regular, old, hard boiled egg sandwiches. He insists it is the ONLY bread to be used for such a #Killereggsandwich. 

I believe this is just a simple recipe but I told him I would share it. (He won't give me his fried egg sandwich recipe until I order more so, I will share hopefully very soon!)
He uses mayonnaise and slices up a couple hard boiled eggs and places them between the 2 pieces of, Dave's Killer Bread, and VOILA!
I hard boil my eggs like this:
I put the room temperature eggs in a large pot, fill with water and set on the stove. 
I usually set between medium and high and wait for the water to come to a rolling boil.. 
I set the timer for 10 minutes and let it boil away.
When 10 minutes is up, I turn the burner off but allow the pot of water and eggs to sit for an additional 7 to 10 minutes.
After the additional sitting time, I place the pot in the sink and run cold water over the eggs until they are nice and cold.
This has always been the best way for me to achieve the best, most peelable, perfect yolk, eggs. 

The kids took a liking to it super quick, peanut butter tastes divine on Dave's Killer Bread. So does peanut butter and marshmellow cream, (my personal favorite!). We also made some amazingly scrumptious, #Killerturkeybaconclubs that seriously topped any turkey bacon clubs I ever tried and yes, I try every diner's turkey bacon club, anywhere we go. 

I really love this bread for home made croutons! I didn't have to add anything but, salt and pepper and olive oil of course!
They keep very well and they don't require a lot of preparation or anything and they taste amazing!!
I just cut up the heels of the bread and a few slices of each type that we received to do our review and threw in a baking dish.

I set the oven at 250 degrees and just checked every 10 minutes or so, stirred them up and added salt and pepper a little at a time until they were crispy and ready for salad!
Oh, I almost forgot, Dave's Killer Bread is not only tasty and healthy and low calorie, it is all organic and non GMO. (They are verified through The Non GMO Project and even though I prefer to believe the brands themselves rather then the Non GMO Project and their "labels", I have to throw that in there because I know there are fans of the Non GMO Project.) I must also mention that I would feel perfectly safe and fine purchasing and consuming, Dave's Killer Bread without that label. Because, I trust them as a brand and I don't put a lot of faith into a third party getting between me and the brand themselves. 
Now, onto some real fascinating  facts about, Dave's Killer Bread as a company. They believe in, "Second Chances" and they don't just say this, they believe it and they are all action, not just talk. 
As a matter of fact, 30% of their employees are ex felons, including, Dave himself.  You can read more about their story, here. 

This is something that is also important to me, even if I am not an ex felon, I firmly believe that they should be given second chances too. This wonderful gesture and part of Dave's Killer Bread's history, is a very important reason as to why I will trust this brand and purchase their products. (and Dave, if you are reading this, please come to PA! I would be purchasing much more often then our once a month "treat" for ourselves!!)

You can learn more about their company in this video:

 I don't know what there is NOT to love about this product or company. They even have clever names for their bread, like, Blues Bread, The Good Seed, Rockin Rye and Spelt. (Those are just a few of my favorites!)
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