Friday, October 10, 2014

One of the Best Inventions of All Time! Kupp Review

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 We received these adorable glasses in the mail and as soon as I opened the box to see what we would find inside, Deegan, (our 4 year old), squealed with delight and grabbed the cute little box that his favorite color, red, was in. 

We immediately opened the red Kupp and filled it with his favorite, iced tea. His little eyes sparkled and he giggled and shrieked and took very good care of his new little red glass with a handle that made him a "big boy".
He already had everything planned out, who would get what color, what color would his nieces use when they come to visit, (Yes, I am a YOUNG grandma ;) and he drank anything I would fill his new best friend with, (which is why I kept re filling it with ice water!) He just loves, loves, loves his new glass and I wash it several times a day so that he can use it, every time he has a drink. 

He carries it with him as if it is a stuffed toy, he handles it so well, hanging onto the handle, uses a coaster and turns into quite the tiny gentleman when he uses it. 
It is absolutely the most cutest thing I believe I have ever seen! 
Our 7 year old, Genevive, is the same way with her yellow cup. She just has to have this glass at all times and she even does little curtsies and acts like a precious, little princess when she sips milk and lemonade. 

Aaron, is 11 but he is still a little boy, (thank goodness! Time goes by, way, way, way to fast.) But, he took kindly to the blue glass and actually the orange glass. He likes to draw and draw and draw and then, draw some, Mr. Sophisticated, loves to sit at the kitchen table and hang out with mommy, while I am having coffee and working on my to do lists, bills, laptop or whatever paperwork is getting done at the time. He also enjoys sitting with mom and dad after dinner while we have coffee, (yes, I am an addict!!) and discuss more about the day or near future plans, that didn't get addressed during dinner. 
I noticed big, big, BIG changes to all of our little ones' attitudes immediately after receiving this package from, Kupp. I am more then grateful for this product for many reasons. 
One of the best things that came from this review was the fact that we don't need any sippy cups, at all anymore. Deegan was still using a sippy cup sometimes and we have been trying to get him to just do away with them for good. Nothing seemed to work. He was able to use regular glasses and cups just fine but he still needed his favorite Spiderman cup. He doesn't use any anymore, he is only interested in his red Kupp. 
I'm certain that your children, boys or girls will fall in love with their very own, personalized glasses and some of the sweetest and most awesome things will come from such a simple, little product. 
On top of all of the benefits I mentioned, these are super easy to clean, easy to keep clean, brightly colored and just plain old, cute! I even adore the packages these come in. 
This again, just proves to me that sometimes the tiniest of things are the most valuable and teach the best lessons.

About The Kupp:

I was happy to read how, Kupp, originally started! 
Kate Oliver, became aware of all of the harmful chemicals that children are exposed to daily and the fact that they are also super messy! While raising 3 boys of her own, she realized how much fun it is to have a sink full of dirty glasses and finding treasure troves of plastic parts and cups through the house. (Who doesn't love that?) All of this inspired her to create some cool glasses for her boys, each their own personalized color, which would end up creating a cleaner kitchen and much less plastic!

 The Kupp’, a six ounce BPA free kids drinking glass with a colorful silicone sleeve, is designed for children three and older. Produced in Europe and the US, the glass and the sleeve adhere to the strictest quality standards for both the US and Europe. The Kupp’ glass is certified lead and cadmium free, made from a pure soda-lime formula and completely dishwasher safe. The grip-friendly silicon sleeve is BPA/BPS free, medical food grade silicon and comes in a range of colors. You won’t find a better made cup for children.

Do you have any of these for your children? Please comment and let us know what you think!!

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