Monday, October 20, 2014

#FastAdvil Please!!

* I received a sample and coupons from, Advil and Crowdtap, in exchange for my honest review of this product. My opinions and views are always my own. Free products, samples, affiliates and paid posts  will never change my honest opinion about any product or service.*

As many of you are fully aware, I have RSD. What is RSD, you ask? Well, it is usually pretty hard to explain, but I will try for the gazillionith time....
It is a neurological chronic pain disorder. Many people suffer from this but not all of us have the exact same symptoms, so I will share some of mine.
I have burning pain from my hips down through my toes. This is the most painful part and can last for hours or even days on end when I have an outbreak. Outbreaks are everyday, sometimes they don't seem to end. I also have electrical shock pain and this just comes and goes, as well as regular old soreness, aches, irreversible bone, tissue and muscle damage and rashes, discolorations, welts, hyper sensitive nerves, hyper active senses, hmmm, I actually keep a pain diary and have 43 different layers of pain but I won't force you to read all of that! This isn't school and if I were to list them all with descriptions, I would need an overhead projector and a pointer and I don't, so....
Anyway, on top of my alien like disorder, I was also diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago, after an accident. I can't claim expert on MS because, I really don't know much about what I am dealing with in that realm just yet.
I can tell you that I have had a long history of broken bones in my feet and ankles and some torn tendons, heel spurs and drop foot. All of this finally led to re constructive foot and ankle surgery, which led to this horrific chronic pain disorder.
I have a hard time finding any sort of pain relief, especially after a night of work or even a night at home. (One weird thing about all of my disorders and injuries is that it seems to hurt much, much more if I am resting and then stand up.) I also have a severe problem with swelling. I also can't shave very often due to my skin and nerves being so super sensitive.
I rely on pain medications to help me move, even though they don't work so well. So, I tend to try and find healthier approaches but again, there isn't much out there that alleviates all of this pain. I simply would like to find the perfect combo so that I can keep my pain levels down a bit so I can be a regular person.
(Well, I don't really want to be to regular, that would be super boring!!)
I have found that a good mix of hot water, elevation, no electricity, or at least a small amount of electricity, (I have a strange sensitivity to electricity that becomes very painful as well.) and sometimes heat pads, but most of all, something to make it possible to go to sleep and stay asleep.
I often use, Advil, it has always helped with swelling and made it easier to move and function throughout the day. I do like to have as much help as I can find, to get the edge off a bit.
A lot of people think a pain medication will take all of their pain away... this is not the case. Pain medicines, even prescribed medications, only take away the most brutal, sharp, stinging, excruciating pain that you sometimes deal with, or all the time deal with.
Advil is good for this. I have been a long time, Advil fan, for everything from headaches to after having a baby to migraines to breaks and sprains. Out of everything I have tried over my years on this planet, Advil was already the fastest acting medicine that I could find.
Another reason I always preferred, Advil, over all of the rest, was because of the coating. I have a hard time swallowing pills and can take a few minutes just to down one. This sucks, because, it starts to melt and taste chalky and that is one of the grossest things I have ever tasted.
Advil is coated, which makes it much easier for somebody like me to cope with.
Now, Advil came out with this new product, Fast Acting Advil Film Coated.
First of all, I was pleased with them to begin with and at first I thought, well, maybe it's just me and I won't notice much of a difference. So, I put these heaven sent pills to the ultimate test, after a 9 hour shift bartending.
I have a 30 minute drive home from work and when I get home, I can't get out of my truck very well. I end up sitting there for a while and trying to decide which foot to land on. I usually end up crawling to the porch steps to get into my house since my left foot will not move up at all, I have to use my right leg for support. Well, after a busy Saturday night at the bar, that side isn't even good enough to rely on.
I figured since the old Advil, worked fast enough, I would be able to take 2 of the new Advil, drive home and notice a difference by the time I got home.
(Oh, another form of pain relief for me is music, anything to help me escape.) I drove home listening to the newest 311 CD, screaming along with the lyrics as loud as I can. (That's just another form of therapy I like to use!), got home, parked and wondered how this was going to work....
I did notice the throbbing had calmed down some, I didn't even have the usual problems trying to press the gas and brake pedals and my ankles weren't as inflated as they usually are after work.
I am not going to lie and say, I was pain free! (That doesn't happen) but I will say, I am very impressed with, Fast Acting Advil. I didn't take my prescription medicine before I left for home, just the Advil, so I could have a proper review and the funny thing is that I noticed more of a difference with the swelling and throbbing more then with prescribed medications.
I have one more sample pack left and will be using this in the morning which is when my pain levels are through the roof! Plus, it is supposed to rain all night and day and I have a busy day filled with errands and a Halloween parade.
Would I recommend Fast Acting Advil? Of course. I would recommend this to anybody who has to deal with any amount of pain, no matter how big or small. My husband used a pack of these for his back pain and his headaches he seems to have every morning. He also reported that they helped quite a bit with swelling, which, we all know, leads to less pain!
I would highly suggest that you speak with your doctor regarding any possible allergies, drug interactions or pre existing conditions that would make it that you would not benefit with Advil, as you should do with any medicines.
Will I purchase Fast Acting Advil? Yes, matter of fact, I will be using one of the coupons I received, tomorrow.
I will be adding these with my pain regimen, mainly for weekends at work and for rainy or snowy weather.
I am not a doctor and I do not know the pain you may have, but I hope this review has helped you in some way. Maybe you relate to me or maybe you don't. I would love to read comments about your pain relief regimens, have you tried Fast Acting Advil? Did you notice the difference in the time relief starts? Have you ever thought about adding Advil for fast relief from swelling. headaches or minor pain or even breakthrough pain?

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