Saturday, October 11, 2014

Moms Meet Wow Summit is Less Then A Month Away!!

I have been working like crazy to get everything caught up and done in time for Moms Meet's #WOWsummit, I am going on a few hours of sleep most nights and drinking twice the amount of coffee!!
On top of that, I am still trying to get our newest website started. I have a few notebooks worth of posts but I'm afraid to start posting there until I find a very cool design or cab save the money to pay somebody to design my new site. All of this has to wait until AFTER Wow Summit, which is ok, because I am so anxious for Orlando and having this extra week of summer, that everything else has been sorta put on the backburner. (Other then regular old errands, housework, kid stuff, blogging and connecting with brands that I absolutely love to pieces!!)
You know, typical mommy stuff!
These last few weeks before we head on to Florida is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier! I keep writing to do lists and more work comes in and more school and sports related stuff with the little ones and the last week before we leave, the kids have 3 doctor appointments, 3 dentist appointments, 3 eye doctor appointments and I have 4 appointments. AAAAHHHHH!!! ;)
I thought it would be wise to cram it all in before we go so that when we come back, life will be sort of easy for a while. (At least a little bit!)
I am starting to wonder if I should just reschedule all of these appointments and wait until we come home. But, we are in PA and our winter in 2013/2014 was pretty brutal. So far, meteorologists are warning of an even worse winter this season, and it wasn't a super warm summer and our fall started very fast and pretty cold! (We already had to use our coal heat a few times because the temperature dropped pretty fast!)
SOOOO, what is the point of this post?? I think the point is, I COULD USE SOME TIPS!!!!
What is it like in Orlando?
Where should we stay?
What should we do?
Where should we stop on our way there and back?
(Oh, and don't worry! I am very careful about advertising online about when we won't be home. I am just to excited about attending my first Wow Summit and meeting some of our favorite brands, I can't help it! BUT, we have house sitters and a very cute, cuddly pitbull who happens to not take to kindly to bad people. So, we are good!)
Anyway, back to Orlando. I have never been there! I was never in Florida and never really thought about going but since Moms Meet asked me to attend, I have been learning all about this wonderful state and city and now I wish I had visited before.
We know for a fact that we will be visiting, Disney! That just has to happen. Genevive would never, ever let us go anywhere near Florida, without going at least twice.
One thing I am trying to find, are discounts for Disney! I have to admit, I was not expecting the prices I found and I have yet to find a legitimate discount, through any travel agent or discount website.
The next definite day trip is, Lego Land! I did find discounts for Lego Land. (hint: if you are ever looking for discounts, check your kids' Lego Magazines!) I always see the coupons in the kiddos magazines so luckily, we found 1 so far that expires in March of next year so we should be good there! 
We are planning to stay at the Nick Hotel and surprise the kids with this. (Especially since they already know what is going on with Disney and Lego Land) I have been reading mixed reviews and I am getting a little bit nervous about paying a rather (to me), large amount of money for a hotel room. We are usually camping so this is kind of new to us and I was a bit floored by the prices. However, they do have some nice deals!!
I want this trip to be the best ever for all of us, especially the kids. I am planning and hoping and praying like crazy, that this will be the trip of a lifetime for them and will give them something to talk about for the rest of their lives.
Moms Meet Wow Summit will be taking place, November 7th, 8th and 9th, so I will be busy those days. That's when my husband gets to have the 3 little ones with him! (Hahaha!!) I'm sure they will have plenty of fun. If we stay at Nick Hotel, they will have enough to do right there that they won't need to leave the premises. They have a huge pool, waterparks, basketball courts, restaurants, playgrounds, even a mall! So, that will probably be where we spend most of our time.
If you have ever been to Orlando, or live there, please help us plan our itinerary!!
I would love any comments, tips, suggestions, for places to eat, sightsee, play, visit, wherever. Oh, and especially any money saving tips!
I have a couple, Entertainment Books and I will be checking Groupon and other deal sites for some gift cards and places to eat and things to do.  But, any other pointers are very much appreciated!
Please also comment and let me know if you will be attending, Wow Summit too! I am counting down the days and hoping to meet other like minded moms and bloggers and of course, looking forward to meeting the brands we already use and buy as well as brands we haven't tried yet.
I trust Moms Meet and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with everything we have learned about, tried and been introduced too. So, I know they will take care of us super well!

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