Monday, November 30, 2015

Glo Wubble Bubble Ball

* We received a Glo Wubble and compensation in return for our review. All opinions are our own. *

We tried a Wubble Ball a few months ago and had the most fun ever with that toy! Unfortunately, yes, it popped, BUT, I sent in for the warranty that The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball offers and sure enough, they will replace your Wubble Bubble Ball. All you have to do is pay for shipping!! That isn't so bad, considering, shipping is just $6.99 and you do receive a brand new Wubble Ball or Glo Wubble. (Depending on which one you need replaced!) and yes, indeed, this is a lifetime replacement warranty, so, no worries there!

The fact that this toy brings so much entertainment and so much fun, even if it only lasts for a few days of outdoor play or a few months if you are careful, is reason enough for us to include this product in our gift guide and continue to play, buy, and recommend this product and all of their other fun Wubble Balls!

You can find a lot of really sweet deals on all of the Wubble Balls right now and they are perfect to have on hand for parties, picnics, last minute gift ideas, birthday gifts for neighbor kids and friends. (You know, those last minute invites and presents you have about an hour to figure out!?) Everybody who has played at our house when we have a Wubble Ball, bugs and bugs every time they come over, "Could we please get the Wubble Ball out?" My 12 year old is able to use the pump (Yes, the pump is included with this one!) and get it ready for play! Not only does it get all of the kids outside and active, it allows me to get some things done. That alone makes this product worth it to me!

Between all of the shrieks and laughs and yelps outside, (or downstairs in the play area, if it's raining.), the kids are having fun, taking turns, playing dodgeball, volleyball, or whatever new game they make up and all of those squealing kids will play for as long as you let them! This is one of my favorite benefits of the Wubble Balls! They get off of the video games, televisions, computer screens and cell phones and they play and play. Oh and get along while they play! (I can't stress enough how important it is to me that my children do spend quality time together, getting along!) I know, sometimes it seems like it is totally impossible!

What do your kids do for fun together? I don't know any kid who wouldn't want a gigantic ball to throw around at each other, especially a glow in the dark one!! Plus, it makes for good times for the grown ups too!!

Mabel's Labels Cyber Monday Deals

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Mabel's Labels have some really cool ideas for stocking stuffers! Cyber Monday Deal!

** I received a gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. **
I know, it's so much nicer and wonderful to cook from scratch every night of the week, have the house vacuumed, mopped, no clutter, all of the homework is done, all of the errands, groceries, everything is taken care of and we can just start cooking a full course meal at 4pm! This doesn't happen very often, if at all, in a real home! I make a new menu each week and if we have soccer, Girl Scouts, baseball, basketball, any other activities, we either have mac and cheese or we order take out. It's just not possible for us to have home cooked meals every single night of the week.

Eating out can be expensive so, we do eat in most of the time. However, there are a couple of nights a month that we schedule for take out or dining out. Mainly to give myself a break! We do an envelope budget each month and I don't allot very much for dining out. That is more of a treat and something we might do if we end up running errands and stopping by the mall. So, I stock up on certificates because it's the only way we can afford with a big family, to spend an evening letting somebody else prepare our dinner.

I also love to stock up on certificates when they are having promotions, when we go on vacation, (you can save a great deal by planning ahead and checking by zip code on their site!) I always take my blogger agenda with me and my zippered pouch with all of my coupons, gift cards, and certificates, wherever I go. Not to mention, these certificates make the best gifts! At this price, you can afford to buy enough for everybody on your list and maybe add a few!

While you are there, grabbing as many of these deals as you can for gifts, don't forget about your own family! It's super easy to search for restaurants, pubs, bars, ice cream shops, pizza shops, who will accept these certificates, You can search by type, area code, read reviews, and if anything happens that you weren't able to use your certificate and you need to exchange it, no worries! lets you switch it on the spot! (I have done this many times and never had an issue!)

For families who want to avoid the hours of cooking and clean-up this holiday season, delivers $3 for $25 Certificates with Promo Code: CYBER today only! Find places to meet, eat and be merry from 22,000 restaurants nationwide.

And if you’re traveling, feel free to take on the road with you. Their mobile app makes a primary travel companion! Search for eateries by zip code and simply use the certificate from your phone at the restaurant.
Hurry – this "Better than Best" $3 Cyber Monday Sale won’t last. is the trusted and valued source for connecting restaurants and diners nationwide. This offer ends Monday, November 30 at 11:59 pm CT.

** I received a gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. **

Thursday, November 26, 2015

WubbleX Is Really, Really, Really Cool!!

** We received this product and compensation in return for our honest review. All opinions are our own. **

I think my husband had a bit more fun with the WubbleX than anybody else, to be honest. Of course, he wouldn't let me get any pictures of him with it but, I will say, he was beaming and the kids were losing it when they saw their dad running around like a crazy nut, cracking up and throwing the WubbleX at them. We kind of needed him because when it would float to the ceiling, he was the only one who could reach it!

For about 3 hours, (and the kids would have played even longer had it not been time for dinner.), all I heard in the kitchen and then downstairs, was yelling, giggles, and constant squeals and every once in awhile, a kid would be on the floor, literally laughing so hard they had to hold their belly and take a break. This is like the best family time toy ever created! 

You might think this is ridiculous. But, just like giant cardboard boxes, a ball that floats in the air is just to cool and just begs you to stop whatever you are doing so you can play! 

Luckily, the boys had a bench by the wall, to stand on to try to grab it because their sister kept trying to keep it away from them so, of course, the WubbleX kept flying towards the ceiling. (No, I would not recommend taking this outdoors lol!)

Unfortunately, the WubbleX is not included in The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball lifetime warranty, but, they are very inexpensive and you can count on at least a few hours of fun. Much more if you are careful! We were able to play for quite some time, for a few days, until my youngest got it caught on a nail on the wall in the hallway. Sadly, there were tears and I promised to order another one because guess what? You can find some really nice prices on these. ($20 or less!) and yes, this is a lot of fun for kid's parties! If you need to get a few chores done or just need to relax, pull a WubbleX out, the included helium, and voila! Instant babysitter! 

Like I mentioned above, the helium is included with this product, which is wonderful because, I don't have to run somewhere to pay to have this inflated as I do my foil balloons when I order them for parties and things. I will say that the WubbleX is a little stronger than a foil balloon that you would have for kids to bash around and play with. I mean, you are going to see that the WubbleX will lose some air and that's expected. It will withstand more hits, whacks, and bumps then a typical balloon would. It will also do some pretty fabulous tricks! Like, it will float in midair and it will bounce and well, it's pretty much like magic! 

We give the WubbleX 5 stars on an entertainment scale! 5 stars for family fun and 5 stars for originality! 

Do your kids spend countless hours with the WubbleX? or your husbands? :) 

Friday, November 20, 2015

And Another Essential Oil Kit Giveaway

Yes, I know, some of you may be getting tired of all of this essential oil stuff all over the internet :) I love these yummy smelling, beneficial essential oils and they play a very important role here at our house. I plan to continue to offer these giveaways every couple of weeks, so that others can learn or try them out or even just stockup a bit so they have some on hand. (Especially since the cold and flu season is coming!)

I really love the snow, I really do. I want to get hit with a lot of snowstorms this year and I want to get snowed in. (As long as nobody has to drive in it!) It reminds me of when I was a kid and school would cancel and we were in our pajamas all day, drinking hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, and then, jumping in the snow and having so much fun! Now, I don't care for playing in the snow to much now lol. Mainly, because, I can barely move when it is warm outside and when the cold hits, I am pretty much stuck in my pajamas, trying as hard as I can to make the pain disappear, even just a little. But, my kids are having the time of their lives out there and I can't stop laughing at them running around with their bright red noses and their bundled up, sumo wrestler bodies, making snow forts and snowmen.

If I have to choose one thing I can't stand when winter comes around, (other than driving in a blizzard or on ice.), I would have to say that I do miss the fresh air more than anything! I run outside a lot during the winter, just so I can smell the fresh air and I feel like I am actually airing out part of the house when I do this. Yes, I am a little weird I guess. I stand at the door, waving it back and forth real fast before my husband sees me and yells, "Shut the door! We're not paying to heat the outside!" But, I NEED open windows, curtains floating in the breeze, and fresh, clean, crisp air. So, I do my best to scent the house as best as I can, so that I am reminded of warm, sunny days and the pleasant aroma of just washed laundry with fabric softener, wild flowers, and maybe a spring shower. I do this by making candles, wax tarts, scented oils for oil burners and making my own carpet refresher, fabric refresher, and air fresheners, with essential oils.

Well, I am sure you know where I am going with this! Don't forget to check out the cute idea in the image above! I am going to be grabbing a few packs of clothespins this weekend and we are including these car diffusers in our teacher gift baskets this year!

Good luck on the giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Importance Of Reading To Kids With Mabel's Labels

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There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island. — Walt Disney

Mabel's Labels knows that reading to kids is important for their growth and development, and also one of the most rewarding and heartwarming activities we can do with our little ones. That's why they created this adorable video of Mabel's Labels staff reading with their kids. After you watch it, be sure to check out the great personalized books for kids they have available to make reading with your kids even more special this holiday season. 

Discover all the great new products Mabel's Labels has for the holidays. There are all sorts of ways to be merry with Mabel's this year!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

** We received a Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX in return for our review and promoting. All opinions are our own. **

Deegan, (Our 5 year old), is a big fan of VTech Toys. I am pretty pleased with them too, since, through all of these years of being a mom, (23 to be exact!), I have been able to rely on Vtech to come up with the most innovative toys each year that are not only cool, fun to play with, original, of excellent quality, but also because each toy is geared around learning! The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX is no exception!

Deegan thinks he's the coolest kid ever and can use his Kidizoom watch to catch the bad guys when he plays Army lol! He secretly records his brother and sisters and uses the evidence to make some interesting demands. Like, an extra cookie from one of their piles or for his big brother to let him play on his Xbox One. Although he hasn't really caught anything to incriminating, he has caught some recordings of his sister singing One Direction songs that she apparently doesn't want the rest of us to hear. So, it's been working out quite well for him!

I asked Deegan what his favorite part of his new watch was and he said, "I think I like the Funny Face Detector the best. No! Wait! Maybe the motion sensor or the games and the clock!" He really can not get enough of the calculator and clock! He is always customizing his watch and loves to change the time and try to trick us into staying up later or having another snack time. It's very cool because he has been telling me the time quite often since he has his smart watch and he's very proud of himself!

He also likes to take pictures with his watch and he is most often found trying to make the dogs do something cool so he can capture it on video or snap a pic! We sometimes find him in another room, cracking up, because he likes to have a couple of photos of each of us and he will use the photo filters, frames, and special effects to make us look, well, I guess, pretty hilarious! 

Of course, there are games. Deegan loves video games and he really, really, really likes that he has some games on his top secret smartwatch that he can hide out and play. He plays on the way to the grocery store, the doctor's office, when he's supposed to be sleeping at night, but, I won't tell! 

Sometimes, we hear him whispering and giggling by himself or with his favorite teddy bear, Snuggle, or his best friend, Cassie, (our American Bulldog puppy.) and we found out, he's recording his to do list and notes and sometimes he sings songs and records them on his Kidizoom Smartwatch DX! Other times, he is following us around, trying to get us to say, "Yes, Deegan, you may have 5 cookies instead of 4." and he will use this again and again to make sure that we know that one time, mom said this. (Even if I was super busy at the time and not aware of what I was agreeing with!) 

I would have to say that this toy definitely ranks up there with his favorites! When he packs up his backpack for a trip, errands, appointments, or just a day outside, he is sure he has his watch on and he's getting really good at hiding it at nighttime when he is to be sleeping! (We often find this in his little fist or under his pillow with new voice recordings!) It has been rare to see him without his watch. He's very proud and feels like a big person when he has all of his favorite games, Monster Identity, Funny Face Detector, motion sensor action challenges, and motion activated sound effects! Oh, you can also download more content through Vtech too! 

You can find a variety of colors and styles for girls and boys as well as action cams! These are great for kids ages 4 through 9. They are very durable and will last, even with your little Army guy (kid), who are sometimes in the middle of a battle in the backyard.