Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hyland's Halloween Costume Contest (3 Winners!)

** I received products in return for my post and sharing this contest thanks to Hyland's. **

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! The hot, humid weather is over and all of the leaves start changing color and you can usually find some good movies on TV during Halloween. My little ones love it too. It seems to take so long to decide what they want to dress up as and with school parties, our Halloween party, and a few other local events, they sometimes have a couple of costumes to cover everything. 

We like to have a kid friendly party each year where kids can dress up or not. (Our youngest is still a little scared of some costumes!) There are a few other kids who prefer to stay inside on trick or treat night. Some younger and of course, the older ones too. So, we try to get the word out and have a variety of healthy foods and drinks and make up some treat bags for our guests. I feel it's a good idea to have a safe place for kids to go during trick or treat hours and even after for the trick or treaters. It's also a great way to fill their pumpkins with healthy treats, toothbrushes, little toothpaste, floss, or whatever else you can think of! 

Do you want to win a Hyland's prize pack and a $100 Visa gift card? There are 3 winners so be sure to enter and share with your friends. 

Three winners will win a prize pack which includes the products in the picture above and the $100 Visa gift card. You are already taking pictures of your little cuties all dressed up, so, why not share one with Hyland's and use the hashtag #HylandsHalloweenCostumeContest? 

** Please keep in mind that you must be the legal guardian of the child in your photo. ** You can read more about the official rules on the giveaway link. 

Have a safe and happy (and healthy) Halloween and good luck! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Super Wubble Ball Review AND A Giveaway!

** We received a free product and payment in return for our honest review and promoting this giveaway and the Super Wubble Ball. All opinions are my own. **

I'm sure you had to have seen a commercial or an ad online for a Wubble Ball in the past few years. My kids ask for them a LOT and they have had a few so far. Of course sometimes they pop and sometimes they last for a bit and provide fun for parties, sleepovers, or just a week outside with an enormous, inflated ball that provides hours of giggles. It's so lovely to find a toy that offers so much fun without needing a charger or a screen!

Now, I probably wouldn't say that this is ok for little ones to do but, this is my 13 year old and I couldn't stop cracking up at this so I had to take a pic. The Super Wubble Ball is totally fun for all ages. I'm 42 and had a hard time sharing it after I found how much fun it was to dribble and kick around the house! 

My youngest had a blast, playing drums and giggling so much he was literally falling on the floor! 

So, I mentioned that sometimes Wubble Balls might pop. This is usually when they are thrown towards or on something that might, well, pop the ball. It isn't going to last forever but you will find that there is a lifetime replacement guarantee on select Wubble Balls, including the new Super Wubble Ball! You can find more on their website and it requires just the cost of shipping, ($6.99) and the valve from the Wubble Ball you need replaced. I haven't used this guarantee just yet but, I do have one to send in and will update on the process in the near future! 

We have had the Super Wubble, inflated and deflated, several times throughout the past week and it has definitely been played with! It is still 100% intact! This is the longest and hardest that we have had one last however, the 2 we lost were due to being popped on something which wasn't necessarily the Wubble Ball's fault. The Super Wubble Ball is much sturdier and has proven itself at our house already! 

We put our Super Wubble Ball through some strenuous tests and so far, it has passed, 100%. It has been kicked, hit, smashed, jumped on, jumped in, squeezed, pinched, flung, kicked some more, used as a chair, a bed, a pillow, bounced off the wall, bounced off each other, and used as drums and it still inflates nicely! I do expect it to have a hole at some point, only because you aren't going to have as much fun with it if you are always worried about it popping! (and you're REALLY going to want to play with this until your heart is content! Or uh, your kids will want to... I'm not necessarily worried about it if it does get a snag or a small hole because they include a patch kit which will cover small to medium sized holes or even just a snag in the top layer. After that, I will simply send it back to be replaced! 

This is our 13 year old again, using the Super Wubble as a bean bag "ish" chair. He claims it is really comfy and that he could sleep on it but, I don't know! 

He was trying his best to get as much weight on it as possible and even tried to put his weight on a small section, just to test the strength. It still didn't pop or even scratch the surface! 

This is our youngest and even he couldn't pinch and squeeze it enough to harm it! So, after a week and after our tests, I think it's fair to say that they really outdid themselves with the Super Wubble Ball! Wubble Ball did make the Super Wubble from their very own top secret, "Xpandium" which is 4 times stronger and more tear resistant then the original Wubble Ball. 

Here are some tips that my kids and I put together:

You will need 4 AA batteries for the pump that is included with your Super Wubble, We tried other Wubble pumps but those didn't fit. Which is fine because you have a new one in the box! 

You won't receive a tape measure in the box like other ones, so, either use a different tape measure or one from a previous box. You want to be sure to blow this one up to it's recommended size. 

Common sense is needed to help make sure you don't have to say goodbye to your Wubble Ball! It's probably not a great idea to play with puppies, dogs, even cats! It's also probably not a great idea to play and bounce it towards the stove while something is cooking. Use common sense, provide an open space, and either join in with playtime or get a few things done while the kids are entertained. 

Don't forget, there is a lifetime replacement guarantee and a patch kit! Use those first before throwing yours away and being down. 

Don't forget to enter down below for a chance to win your own Super Wubble Ball! 

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Moms Meet Wow Summit 2016

One of the best things about being a blogger is the community. I am always excited to attend conferences and meet fellow bloggers, successful bloggers, hear the speakers, take lots and LOTS of notes, and learn as much as possible from every person I meet. Of course, there are always a lot of perks to conferences and summits but, it's such a great experience to be able to sit down and meet so many people who are all striving for the same thing you are.

I have been a Moms Meet Blogger for quite some time now but, before this, I was (and I still am), a Mom Ambassador. If you're not familiar with Moms Meet or Mom Ambassadors, you should check them out and sign up if you fit either or both of these categories.

If you have some friends in your community, maybe you meet other parents while participating in soccer, baseball, your school's PTA (PTO), Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts troops, or even just at your local park, you could organize a "Mom Group". (Our group's name is actually, "Not Just 4 Moms".) The sky is the limit for what your group could do. For instance, you could help create events in your community, host fundraisers for your community or take on a project such as, cleaning the park, holding swap meets, or just to have a meeting once or twice a month so you can unwind and chat with other moms who know what it's like and have some snacks. (Or adult beverages!) Maybe your group will want to trade coupons, talk about new products on the market, give each other advice on what to use for different issues. Maybe your child has sensitive skin, or maybe you have a gluten allergy. Where do you go? Do you have any friends who deal with your same concerns?

Moms Meet comes into play for our mom groups/parenting groups, by offering "samplings". Brands like to get the word out about their products and they want people to buy them. Naturally! So, Moms Meet will send you emails with different samplings that are available and you could decide to apply or decline the application for your group. If you're chosen, the brand/sponsor will send you a box filled with whatever goodies they are trying to get the word out about, sometimes some fab prizes for you to giveaway during your meeting, coupons, samples, and full size products to use during your meeting. I have seen an ENORMOUS variety of products over the years. For instance, Mom Ambassadors recently sampled brands such as; Ragu, Dr Bronners, Ohso Chocolate, Nail Med products, Mrs Thinsters Cookie Chips, I mean, the list just keeps going and going.

The brands and products that you will have the opportunity to sample and share are great for people who focus on green living, organic, vitamins, probiotics, all the good stuff! Of course, you will be asked to take a few photos, fill out surveys, make a few social media posts, so the brands and Moms Meet can get your group's feedback on what you sampled. Don't have a mom's group and don't want to start one? There are opportunities for bloggers as well! You can apply for this in the same place you would a Mom Ambassador!

So, so far so good, eh? I know, it's like the best partnership to make when you are a blogger or in charge of a mom group! Yes, there is more!! A few years ago, Wow Summit came to life!! This is one of my most very favorite blogger and mom conferences I have ever been to! (Yes, you can join and attend whether you are a blogger or not!) You don't even have to be in a mom group or in charge of one! This is geared towards MOMS.

Every year, usually right at the end of summer/beginning of fall, Mom's Meet holds a 2 day summit called, Wow Summit. (As my mom always says, "Mom is wow, upside down!") This year this will be taking place in the DC area on October 7-8.

What do we do at Wow Summit? Well, basically everything fun! We have workshops for bloggers, workshops for moms, speaker sessions, a cocktail party the night before, meetings, a hall filled with sponsors galore! The sponsors will be there for both days to discuss what they have that I am certain you will be very interested in! You can try samples of their new products, grab some coupons, some of them even offer goody bags, and best of all, you get to talk with their reps and they really want to know what you are looking for and what you would like to buy and try! If you're a blogger, this is an excellent time to exchange some business cards!

Oh, there are also goody bags! Or swag bags, whatever you like to call these bags that are filled with samples, coupons, brochures, products, and swag, just for you to try. (If you receive goodies from sponsors, don't forget to thank them on social media, maybe give a shout out or 2 to the ones you really fell in love with, maybe share a picture, a blog post, and of course, talk with your friends and group about what you tried!) I have been to 2 Wow Summits and I have to say, the goody bags are phenomenal! I didn't make it last year due to transportation and the West Coast thing. (I'm over here in PA so, I kind of didn't get to make plans in time for California!) But, I can tell you that we left with far more than we arrived with in prior years!

I don't know about you but, I am more apt to purchase and do business with a brand who took their time to talk with me and sponsor such an awesome event like, Wow Summit. I know those brands are sincere and truly want to know my opinions and ideas and my business and that is who gets my business first. We have way to many sponsors to list here, so, I'm just going to link the list for you to check out here.

If you follow me on social media, you have probably already seen me running all over, tagging our sponsors and thanking them and talking them up because, most of them are brands we already use and love at our house. Like, National Geographic, Dr Bronners, Mrs Thinsters Cookie Chips, Solgar, Nordic Naturals, Go Organically, and Biokleen. (If you check out the list above on the link, Mom's Meet made a very thorough list with all of their social media buttons to make it easy on you!)

Ok, so, now how do you sign up and register?

You just grab a pass here! (I'll have a discount code for you down below too!)

Want to check out some of my favorite parts of Wow Summit 14? It was in Orlando, Florida, so, we took the whole family with for a 10 day vacation!!

One of my all time favorites! Sweet leaf Stevia! They had so many samples and we were able to sample their Sweet Drops and grab recipe cards while we were walking around, checking out all of the sponsors. We order Water Drops regularly. (If you want your kids or even your husband or yourself to drink more water but it's just so plain, you must rush over to their website and have a blast choosing flavors that I promise, will make every glass of water taste like a rainbow!

One of the neatest tables of them all! Kiwi! You probably know them by their magazine! If you don't, you have to check them out. They publish one of the best mom mags there is and every issue is chock full of tips, advice, information, recipes, lunch and snack ideas... I save the copies I have for future reference. 

This is the neatest flower I think I ever saw. A very sweet, older gentleman was selling these for donations on the street and I just couldn't help it. We "purchased" several of them and I still have them and they are still in perfect condition. 

Some more goodies we received at Wow Summit! Primal Pit Paste, Produce For Kids, and Nordic Naturals are just some of my favorite companies. All 3 are very active on social media and always available to answer questions and concerns! (That is one of my biggest "things". I will drop everything and run to the brands who spend their time getting to know their customers and fans!

This was one of the bags I received filled with samples and products!! 

I love both Mrs Thinsters Cookie Chips and Dippin Chips! They had the coolest reps at Wow Summit and gave us a full bag of each in our goody bags! 

We stayed at a campground in Kissimmee which was just a few minutes away from Wow Summit, This car show which happened every single night while we were there, was one of the highlights of our vacation! This was just one of my most favorites!

Are you still here?
Well, thanks for reading my memories and checking out some of my favorite parts of 2014! But, you kind of have to hurry to get on over to Moms Meet to register for this year's Wow Summit!! You won't be disappointed!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sky-Vu Drive In Theater #GratzPA Giveaway

This is the post for our local giveaway for the pair of adult tickets, 2 medium drinks, and 2 medium popcorns, for the Sky Vu Drive In Theater in Gratz! Please only enter if you are local and plan on going to the drive in :) I am using my blog to post the giveaway app for this prize!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 19, 2016

RoC Totally ROCKS!

** I received free samples of these products via Crowdtap, in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

It isn't everyday that I receive a package in the mail with beauty products...... Ok, well, that's a lie. I guess it sort of happens at least a few days a week and it's sort of an addiction I have and have had for gosh, I don't know? 25 years? I feel bad because I think my 9 year old daughter is going to have the same addiction. She is even happier than I am some days, when we open the mail and find beauty products, beauty samples, make up, nail polish, hair products, it's just ridiculous how these little bottles of scented body lotion, face masks, nail polish, lip gloss, and eye cream, make us shriek in delight! (Well, maybe not her so much with the eye cream.,. but one day...)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How To Achieve Extraordinary Hair Status

This post was sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

I can't even think of enough adjectives to describe these fab products I recently tried! 

If you ever suffer from dry, frizzy hair, straight or curly, well, this line and more importantly, this product, deserves the next few minutes of your attention. 

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare created some of the most intriguing products out there right now! I can't get enough of their Extraordinary Oil line!! 

Groupon Has You Covered With Savings For Everything

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. **

I am most often working online and have a gazillion tabs open at once. (Ok, maybe not a gazillion, but, you know what I mean!) One of those open tabs is dedicated to Groupon. I check the deals each morning and even have them included on my daily checklist/to do list. What's even better, is when I see an email come through that reads, "20% Local Deals Today Only!"! That's when I start searching for as many deals as allowed under that deal. I mean, you're already saving a ton by shopping through Groupon, PLUS grabbing another 20%. It almost makes me feel guilty, like I just robbed them or something. (That's also how I feel when I come back from the grocery store or drug store after stacking a bunch of coupons!)

I buy deals for restaurants, day trips, even overnight trips. Most recently, I started checking Groupon for any deals for our vacation destinations and scored a few family pack tickets for our local drive in. Then they have coupons and all kinds of discounts to feed my online shopping addiction! But, I also found that they have some of the biggest discounts on Health, Beauty, & Wellness Groupons that are out there.

Nothing beats family night out at the local drive in! (Well, I guess finding a Groupon deal for it does!) 

It's pretty much been a common part of our weekend plans, shopping trips, especially back to school shopping! My husband and kids know that we don't leave the house until mom checks Groupon. I made a few mistakes, just a few though. I can't explain how sad I get when we go on vacation and see other tourists with Groupons for restaurants and retail stores and here I sit, feeling left out because I didn't check that day.

What is the best Groupon you ever found?

Don't ever miss a deal and sign up for daily emails from Groupon! (You will even get the discount codes sent right to your inbox. and they happen often!)

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