Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Knock me Down I'll Just Come Back Running!

I think a lot of the reason the younger generations are a bunch of self absorbed, know it all, whiny, little brats who brutz about everything and think they are awakened, is because, they never really had it rough.
Sure, some had crappy childhoods, maybe some were bullied in school, blah blah, blah blah. There are always exceptions.
However, the government has made this big, fun filled, la la land, complete with giant cushions, much like a padded quiet room in a mental ward.
They warn us "don't eat ice packs!", "don't say this!", "don't fight back! Report, tell somebody! If you see something, say something!", "don't figure it out on your own. We'll be here to pick you up, brush you off and hug you and squeeze you tight and make it all better."
Oh shocking! Somebody called you a mean name? Well, we'll take care of that! It's no longer allowed! We don't want your feelers hurt.
What's this? You got hit with that big, mean, red ball during a game of evil dodgeball? Well, we will outlaw that asap! We don't want your little arms to get brush burned. We don't want you to man up and learn to stand up, fight back, defend yourself or worse, learn to play the damn game!!
You don't know what to do when you lose your job? No worries, come over here, take all of this free stuff, not just for a few months until you are on your feet, but for as long as you want!
Don't want to work again? NO problem! Visit and fill out your info, we will handle all the work for you. All you need to do is tell us what you want and how much and we will get you the benefits you want!
You got a bad grade on a test? No worries, we will dumb down the rest of the class and force them all to work at the same pace as you, we will treat you all the same so you aren't singled out and we will lower the letter grade percentages so that when you get a C, the B students also get a C, just like you!!

We had to walk miles to and from school, we played dodgeball, kickball, tag, street hockey, kids got bad grades so they tried harder next time, kids got picked on, so they came up with clever ways to fight back.
Kids used their imaginations. Kids weren't babied. Kids went to school in 95 degree weather with FANS, not air conditioners. Kids didn't have water bottles on their desks, we waited for water fountain drink breaks.
Our moms and dads let us play outside, in fact, they would open the door after breakfast and make us go out. Then, they'd yell at dinnertime for us to come back, but just to eat!
We had strict budgets for back to school shopping, we didn't all get the newest Nikes or the coolest jeans. Some kids' families, stood in long lines for government cheese and powdered milk, every so often, when the family had a job loss, health issue, etc. Our moms canned and that's what we ate when times got tough, or during winter.
We got Saturday mornings for tv, nothing more. We did our homework and played outside.
When we wanted to buy something, we saved our couple $ a week allowance, (if you were 1 of the lucky families who had allowance), we asked neighbors if they had odd jobs for us, shoveling snow, mowing grass, baby sitting, help with errands, cleaning, whatever. We saved for weeks, sometimes months, so we could buy that 1 toy, album, whatever we wanted to buy.
When we turned 14, we ran to our schools to get our working papers signed. Then we ran around and begged for jobs at the local pizza shops, newspaper routes, ice cream shops.
We earned paychecks. Tiny ones, but we received money in return for 4 hour shifts and trading our free time after school, weekends, and summers, so that we could have our own money.
With that, came pride, self respect, dignity. Hard work, personal responsibility were valuable lessons and traits that we received in return for working.
We got dumped, picked on, so, we became stronger. We toughened up.
We made dumb mistakes and decisions and learned from them. We rarely
(if at all.) were given 2nd chances for tests or reports that we failed, due to our own stupidity. If we sat up all night, talking through windows to our friends, or sneaking on the steps to watch horror movies, failing to study, we sacrificed a good grade, or if we were caught, we were spanked and or grounded. (and we didn't call CPS!)
There were bad times and good times and we made the best of them. That's just how we were taught.
We didn't cry and beg for the government to help or give us stuff. We didn't blame the neighbors, who didn't lose their jobs because they didn't work at the steel foundries that were run down into the ground when the unions came and told our dads' that they should demand more money.
We didn't blame the other families who had nicer cars and nicer houses, we didn't hate the kids who had the cool clothes or the nicer things.
We sat in the beds of pick up trucks and went for ice cream. If you had a big family and your dad drove a Pinto, you all got shoved in the back seat, even in 90 degree weather. It didn't matter, you were going to the drive in or for ice cream anyway.
Sometimes we even had issues like, our hot water got shut off. Guess what? We boiled water for hours and hours so we could get baths or wash dishes. We didn't have these community organizations that would give us emergency money whenever we needed. (yes, you can find out more about these benefits at
I could go on and on about the shit we dealt with, got knocked down from, picked ourselves up from, learned from, became wiser from, etc etc, but, I'm sure you're growing tired from reading my rant.....
(I forgot to add, my childhood wasn't all sugarplums and peaches, it was rough in spots, sometimes, super rough, but the lessons learned and the traits we were rewarded with, made it all worthwhile. The good memories also made it a childhood, a life, I wouldn't trade for anything.)