Friday, November 18, 2011

Hurry! This Deal ends Sunday!! Buy One Get One Free 3D Puzzles!

These are so cool! $14.99 plus $2 for shipping and handling, is a price I am personally going to grab this deal at! My 8 year old, Aaron, would love these puzzles! Not to mention, this is an excellent way to keep him away from his Gameboy and the Playstation 3!
He loves puzzles, as most kids do, and 3D puzzles are extra cool!!!
You can even use these for 2 seperate gifts!
This is definitely one of those deals I am keeping as my favorite holiday deals, and as a favorite gift for kids!
Puzzles are a great way to keep your kids minds in motion! They, just like blocks and Legos, help with problem solving, creativity, help teach patience, and what a reward when they have them completely built!
I started a deal with my kids last year, we are not buying, giving, any technology type gifts at Christmas, and we are well stocked on board games, cards, story cubes, puzzles, and things that kids should really be playing with!
We normally spend $50 per kid at Christmas, (this total is after discounts, deals, cash back, etc), so it may not seem like a lot, but Aaron will have 2 gifts for $15 to open, just with these puzzles! Plus, the kids do get a couple neat surprise gifts to share with each other. After all, Christmas is not about gifts and who gets what. We are hoping to instill these values in our children and teach them to be happy for what they have and grateful for the little things, and learn what Christmas is really about!
**I personally do prefer to purchase American made items, and I always try my best to find that, however, this is getting more rare, and this is very sad! But, when I am looking for something in particular, I search brands, and country of origin, before I decide what I buy for basically all of our purchases**

Baby Signs DVD Set Half Off!!

This is such a sweet deal! Half off the Baby Signs DVD set!
Definitely an excellent gift for any family of friends you know that would be in need of such a cute set!
The set normally sells for $99.99, so half off is surely a price you won't want to give up!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Memories Suite Scrapbook Facebook Giveaway!

Ok, I downloaded Snapashot yesterday, and I couldn't find it in my computer. lol. But I think I have it figured out, and now I can announce the winner. I have to count down the comments for whoever posted the fourth comment, and they will win the My Memories Suite Scrapbook Download!
Snapashot is pretty awesome, and I am going to use it from here on out for all giveaways I use for!!
Good luck!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Upcoming Reviews Part 3

About 6 years ago, my family finally broke down and purchased our very first computer. I know, lol, many people do not believe this, but it is true. I was very much against what I believed a computer would take from families, people, books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, school, showing work on paper, pen pals, letters,  living as we knew it, and children's imaginations, among other things. I still am a firm believer in all of this, except now I do understand that there are many benefits to owning and using a computer, as long as you don't abuse it!
Well, for starters, I was pretty excited about printing coupons from home, and using them at the store! I was also very impressed with the store websites and being able to view the flyers and sales and wow! Shopping online!!
I was raised to live very frugal, and my mom was the kind of mom that when we said, "Mom!! Can we get a box of Lucky Charms at the store?". she would reply with, "Only if you find a coupon for it!". and proceed to dump a box, a very big box, of coupons onto a pile on the floor! So, I always swore I will never ever ever do this to my kids! Well, it turns out, I did, lol. Much more as a matter of fact, and my oldest daughter, Bethany, really hates coupons, but since she has been gone from home, she has used them.
A few years ago, I finally broke down and accepted the fact that I will have to get reconstructive foot and ankle surgery done, on my left side first, then the right was to be second. Well, the first surgery was such a failure, and I now live with RSD, among other issues with my left leg, that the second was never touched. So, the computer then for me, turned out being my best friend, co worker, employer and employee.
I have spent almost 6 full years, finding the best opportunities, survey sites, all the deal sites, coupons, you name it, I probably have been there, and have accounts, or affiliates! I rarely have time for all of them, which is a shame, because there really is a lot you can do online to benefit your lifestyle, family, home, and shopping styles.
I also relied very much on other bloggers, (I only started blogging in May of 2011), email newsletters, and communities for parents, couponers, and the like.
One of my favorite bloggers, and my favorite email newsletter, comes from Crystal Paine, from
I always appreciated her good heart, great sense of humor, and have grown to emulate her attitude towards blogging. I am very thankful for her emails, and positive posts she always has about blogging, starting an online business, etc.
I have taught myself so much about computers, blogging, websites, networking, and I have been able to share my experience and expertise with several others, and I plan to share much more and to continue growing in numbers! I do have to thank Crystal, for being behind the final push.
Onto my next review, which I am very delighted to be able to have been given this opportunity!
Crystal Paine's new book, that will be released in January of 2012!
The Money Saving Mom's Budget, I am sure will prove to be an excellent source of information for newbies, and even the pros out there.
I have received a rough copy this past week, and I am almost done reading it. I am hoping to have this full review up by the end of next week.
There may also be a giveaway with this review too! You will definitely want to stick around and subscribe to my RSS! lol! There should be plenty of info, giveaways, and reviews in the next month, just in time for Christmas!

Upcoming Reviews Part 2

This is a review I am absolutely dying to do! LOL!
I am a huge, huge, coffee lover! I need coffee various times throughout the day, and night!
I love all kinds of coffee, however, I am not a fan of flavored coffees. I specifically love darker roasts, Columbian, but i will drink the lighter Breakfast Blends and flavors close to it. (I sometimes add a few extra scoops if the coffee is not the type I prefer)
I also love powdered creamer! The only creamer I will ever let come near my coffee, is Nestle Coffeemate!
I will use Nestle Coffemate for cooking and baking also, and for these types of uses, I will indeed use the liquid Coffeemate. I normally replace the milk in certain recipes, with Coffeemate, regular liquid cream. Yum! Homemade mac and cheese is so much creamier and tastier when made with Coffeemate cream!
Of course when I have to buy the occasional cup of coffee on the run, I will use the half and half button to fill my cup. But if they have a section of the counter filled with Nestle Coffeemate, whether it is powder or liquid, I will grab that instead.
The funny thing is is that my Nestle Coffeemate cream review is actually not going to be ready yet for a few more weeks, lol, but I love that product so much and I love coffee, so anytime I post about coffee, I have to mention it!
Actually, my review will be on my very own Keurig Brewer! Thanks to!
I am going to be calling them in just a little under an hour, to finalize everything, and I will be waiting by the door for my package to arrive!
I did a review on this website before, and I am excited to be able to do a review from a customer standpoint now.
I was very pleased with their prices, sales, shipping offers, and especially the variety of products available through their site. Straws, Act 11 Popcorn, coffee cups, the largest variety of K Cups I have found so far, and many fantastic brewers, snacks and accessories!
This review will also go along with my review of Barista K Cups! (they will be seperate on here), so, if you are a coffee lover, there will be 3 reviews coming up within the next month!
Nestle Coffeemate, just because I love them dearly, lol, Keurig and, and Barista K Cups! (I already received the Barista package, and I will be having a coffee party with our "Notjust4moms" group on November 19th! )
Plus, there may be some extra samples and items that may be turned into a giveaway package!
You will want to definately subscribe to my blogs if you aren't already!
I almost forgot to mention my very favorite coffee of all time! Maxwell House! I also love their Yuban coffee, but lately that has become much to strong for my taste. It will take a lot of work to switch, I doubt I ever will, but I may just end up sharing my love for Maxwell House with some other brand. Could it be Barista K Cups????
Stay tuned to find out!! LOL!

Upcoming Reviews Part 1

I have a few real fun reviews coming up, some with giveaways!
Learning Link Technologies, is a very informative, extremely thorough, educational program, geared towards children with learning disabilities.
The following is taken from their "About Us" page.

Learning Link Technologies was founded by Lisa Harp, an educator, certified teacher, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist for over twenty years.
After observing how difficult school can be for students with learning problems, Lisa began independently researching learning disabilities and how to effectively treat them. She also received training in vision therapy and brain integration therapy.
Lisa has brought this knowledge and experience to Learning Link Technologies by creating a system that has been proven to help struggling students. This system is now available to families through both book format and video format so that all students have the chance to succeed academically.
Lisa also founded the Harp Learning Institute, which is a leading edge learning center in Northern California.
I am very anxious to start this program, and I know that this will also be beneficial in the very near future, for my 18 month old, Deegan. (For those of you who know anything about Deegan, he was "supposed" to be born with tons of problems, ended up he was only born with cleft lip and club foot on the left side, and since birth, the doctors have been trying to find something wrong with him. lol. They simply do not want to admit when they may have been wrong, or when something may just be unexplainable.) I don't want to turn this post into a Deegan post, as I am planning a whole blog dedicated to his story, with the hopes of attracting other parents and children going through the same dilemmas and struggles. But, we are going to be taking him a bit further away o the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as soon as our Dr's submit the referrals, and the new Dr's can schedule him.
In any case, I am repeatedly told Deegan will have learning disabilities, I may not believe that at all, since I know the little guy, and he is a very strong willed, stubborn, imaginative, funny, smart child. So, I am hoping to have this program ready just in case I need to fall back on this for help, and to prove to his doctors that he can excel!
In the meantime, we will be using this program to help our 4 year old, Genevive, and our 8 year old, Aaron. I wouldn't say either has a learning disability, however from what I have read and studied at this site, every child and parent can benefit from this program!
Education is very important here in our household, and when I see worksheets, books, programs, any type of home school lessons, even learning and teaching aids from the Scholastic Book Clubs, I am first to grab it and stockpile these items! lol! I like to keep up with my children's education on a daily basis, and we do do work at home, even during the summer. (We do not overdo it of course! But, we have had a daughter graduate with honors, have close to a perfect score on her SAT, and a 2nd grader with straight A's under his belt;p We just hope this is going to happen in the harder 2nd grade.)
We will be doing a progress type review for this program. It is a 12 month program, and requires weekly work. But we will post where we are, how we are doing, and have plenty of links and information for you!
I believe there may be a giveaway for the downloadable program, which I hope will benefit our readers!

Current Giveaways

I figured I would make a quick post about the current giveaways!
Right now on Facebook, we are having a sponsored giveaway, by!
I had the chance to review the My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software a couple months ago, and my kids and I absolutely love this software! We were given the generous opportunity to host a giveaway for My Memories, and we did run into a few complications along the way. Nothing at all that had to do with My Memories! They have been excellent to work with, and have so many super deals and even weekly freebies, all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter!
However, we had entrants who did not seem to want to follow the rules, so, I redid the giveaway, (after the only winner that did enter correctly, failed to respond), and it is live on Facebook right now, and will be ending soon! Please check our Facebook page for this giveaway!!
We also have an Giveaway tab, on our Facebook page! Check that tab out for an amazing giant gummi bear on a stick giveaway! This giveaway will end when we reach 2000 fans!!
There is also a $25 Enchanted Potions gift certifcate giveaway, for any subscribers to my RSS on this blog, and this is also open to RSS sunscribers to
This winner will be chosen on Black Friday! Enter while you still can!!
The gift certificate can only be used on orders placed through me, and after visiting the site, you can email your order to
Always make sure you check in at our Facebook page as often as you can for the daily deals, samples and freebies! We have lots of coupon insert giveaways here too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


If you are Connie, or if you know Connie, please comment here or email me at!
She was the only entrant, who did exactly what was called for in order to enter the giveaway! However, I have yet to hear from her, nor do I have an email address!
I will give you/her until tomorrow at noon, est time, to contact me! Otherwise, we will be doing a 24 hour giveaway, via Twitter and Facebook. You will have to comment on the Facebook posts, with your favorite design from, and you will be entered to receive the software download!
I love this software, and there are tons of possibilites!