Thursday, November 10, 2011

Upcoming Reviews Part 1

I have a few real fun reviews coming up, some with giveaways!
Learning Link Technologies, is a very informative, extremely thorough, educational program, geared towards children with learning disabilities.
The following is taken from their "About Us" page.

Learning Link Technologies was founded by Lisa Harp, an educator, certified teacher, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist for over twenty years.
After observing how difficult school can be for students with learning problems, Lisa began independently researching learning disabilities and how to effectively treat them. She also received training in vision therapy and brain integration therapy.
Lisa has brought this knowledge and experience to Learning Link Technologies by creating a system that has been proven to help struggling students. This system is now available to families through both book format and video format so that all students have the chance to succeed academically.
Lisa also founded the Harp Learning Institute, which is a leading edge learning center in Northern California.
I am very anxious to start this program, and I know that this will also be beneficial in the very near future, for my 18 month old, Deegan. (For those of you who know anything about Deegan, he was "supposed" to be born with tons of problems, ended up he was only born with cleft lip and club foot on the left side, and since birth, the doctors have been trying to find something wrong with him. lol. They simply do not want to admit when they may have been wrong, or when something may just be unexplainable.) I don't want to turn this post into a Deegan post, as I am planning a whole blog dedicated to his story, with the hopes of attracting other parents and children going through the same dilemmas and struggles. But, we are going to be taking him a bit further away o the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as soon as our Dr's submit the referrals, and the new Dr's can schedule him.
In any case, I am repeatedly told Deegan will have learning disabilities, I may not believe that at all, since I know the little guy, and he is a very strong willed, stubborn, imaginative, funny, smart child. So, I am hoping to have this program ready just in case I need to fall back on this for help, and to prove to his doctors that he can excel!
In the meantime, we will be using this program to help our 4 year old, Genevive, and our 8 year old, Aaron. I wouldn't say either has a learning disability, however from what I have read and studied at this site, every child and parent can benefit from this program!
Education is very important here in our household, and when I see worksheets, books, programs, any type of home school lessons, even learning and teaching aids from the Scholastic Book Clubs, I am first to grab it and stockpile these items! lol! I like to keep up with my children's education on a daily basis, and we do do work at home, even during the summer. (We do not overdo it of course! But, we have had a daughter graduate with honors, have close to a perfect score on her SAT, and a 2nd grader with straight A's under his belt;p We just hope this is going to happen in the harder 2nd grade.)
We will be doing a progress type review for this program. It is a 12 month program, and requires weekly work. But we will post where we are, how we are doing, and have plenty of links and information for you!
I believe there may be a giveaway for the downloadable program, which I hope will benefit our readers!

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