Friday, November 18, 2011

Hurry! This Deal ends Sunday!! Buy One Get One Free 3D Puzzles!

These are so cool! $14.99 plus $2 for shipping and handling, is a price I am personally going to grab this deal at! My 8 year old, Aaron, would love these puzzles! Not to mention, this is an excellent way to keep him away from his Gameboy and the Playstation 3!
He loves puzzles, as most kids do, and 3D puzzles are extra cool!!!
You can even use these for 2 seperate gifts!
This is definitely one of those deals I am keeping as my favorite holiday deals, and as a favorite gift for kids!
Puzzles are a great way to keep your kids minds in motion! They, just like blocks and Legos, help with problem solving, creativity, help teach patience, and what a reward when they have them completely built!
I started a deal with my kids last year, we are not buying, giving, any technology type gifts at Christmas, and we are well stocked on board games, cards, story cubes, puzzles, and things that kids should really be playing with!
We normally spend $50 per kid at Christmas, (this total is after discounts, deals, cash back, etc), so it may not seem like a lot, but Aaron will have 2 gifts for $15 to open, just with these puzzles! Plus, the kids do get a couple neat surprise gifts to share with each other. After all, Christmas is not about gifts and who gets what. We are hoping to instill these values in our children and teach them to be happy for what they have and grateful for the little things, and learn what Christmas is really about!
**I personally do prefer to purchase American made items, and I always try my best to find that, however, this is getting more rare, and this is very sad! But, when I am looking for something in particular, I search brands, and country of origin, before I decide what I buy for basically all of our purchases**

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