Thursday, November 10, 2011

Upcoming Reviews Part 2

This is a review I am absolutely dying to do! LOL!
I am a huge, huge, coffee lover! I need coffee various times throughout the day, and night!
I love all kinds of coffee, however, I am not a fan of flavored coffees. I specifically love darker roasts, Columbian, but i will drink the lighter Breakfast Blends and flavors close to it. (I sometimes add a few extra scoops if the coffee is not the type I prefer)
I also love powdered creamer! The only creamer I will ever let come near my coffee, is Nestle Coffeemate!
I will use Nestle Coffemate for cooking and baking also, and for these types of uses, I will indeed use the liquid Coffeemate. I normally replace the milk in certain recipes, with Coffeemate, regular liquid cream. Yum! Homemade mac and cheese is so much creamier and tastier when made with Coffeemate cream!
Of course when I have to buy the occasional cup of coffee on the run, I will use the half and half button to fill my cup. But if they have a section of the counter filled with Nestle Coffeemate, whether it is powder or liquid, I will grab that instead.
The funny thing is is that my Nestle Coffeemate cream review is actually not going to be ready yet for a few more weeks, lol, but I love that product so much and I love coffee, so anytime I post about coffee, I have to mention it!
Actually, my review will be on my very own Keurig Brewer! Thanks to!
I am going to be calling them in just a little under an hour, to finalize everything, and I will be waiting by the door for my package to arrive!
I did a review on this website before, and I am excited to be able to do a review from a customer standpoint now.
I was very pleased with their prices, sales, shipping offers, and especially the variety of products available through their site. Straws, Act 11 Popcorn, coffee cups, the largest variety of K Cups I have found so far, and many fantastic brewers, snacks and accessories!
This review will also go along with my review of Barista K Cups! (they will be seperate on here), so, if you are a coffee lover, there will be 3 reviews coming up within the next month!
Nestle Coffeemate, just because I love them dearly, lol, Keurig and, and Barista K Cups! (I already received the Barista package, and I will be having a coffee party with our "Notjust4moms" group on November 19th! )
Plus, there may be some extra samples and items that may be turned into a giveaway package!
You will want to definately subscribe to my blogs if you aren't already!
I almost forgot to mention my very favorite coffee of all time! Maxwell House! I also love their Yuban coffee, but lately that has become much to strong for my taste. It will take a lot of work to switch, I doubt I ever will, but I may just end up sharing my love for Maxwell House with some other brand. Could it be Barista K Cups????
Stay tuned to find out!! LOL!

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