Monday, August 22, 2016

Sky-Vu Drive In Theater #GratzPA Giveaway

This is the post for our local giveaway for the pair of adult tickets, 2 medium drinks, and 2 medium popcorns, for the Sky Vu Drive In Theater in Gratz! Please only enter if you are local and plan on going to the drive in :) I am using my blog to post the giveaway app for this prize!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 19, 2016

RoC Totally ROCKS!

** I received free samples of these products via Crowdtap, in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. **

It isn't everyday that I receive a package in the mail with beauty products...... Ok, well, that's a lie. I guess it sort of happens at least a few days a week and it's sort of an addiction I have and have had for gosh, I don't know? 25 years? I feel bad because I think my 9 year old daughter is going to have the same addiction. She is even happier than I am some days, when we open the mail and find beauty products, beauty samples, make up, nail polish, hair products, it's just ridiculous how these little bottles of scented body lotion, face masks, nail polish, lip gloss, and eye cream, make us shriek in delight! (Well, maybe not her so much with the eye cream.,. but one day...)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How To Achieve Extraordinary Hair Status

This post was sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

I can't even think of enough adjectives to describe these fab products I recently tried! 

If you ever suffer from dry, frizzy hair, straight or curly, well, this line and more importantly, this product, deserves the next few minutes of your attention. 

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare created some of the most intriguing products out there right now! I can't get enough of their Extraordinary Oil line!! 

Groupon Has You Covered With Savings For Everything

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. **

I am most often working online and have a gazillion tabs open at once. (Ok, maybe not a gazillion, but, you know what I mean!) One of those open tabs is dedicated to Groupon. I check the deals each morning and even have them included on my daily checklist/to do list. What's even better, is when I see an email come through that reads, "20% Local Deals Today Only!"! That's when I start searching for as many deals as allowed under that deal. I mean, you're already saving a ton by shopping through Groupon, PLUS grabbing another 20%. It almost makes me feel guilty, like I just robbed them or something. (That's also how I feel when I come back from the grocery store or drug store after stacking a bunch of coupons!)

I buy deals for restaurants, day trips, even overnight trips. Most recently, I started checking Groupon for any deals for our vacation destinations and scored a few family pack tickets for our local drive in. Then they have coupons and all kinds of discounts to feed my online shopping addiction! But, I also found that they have some of the biggest discounts on Health, Beauty, & Wellness Groupons that are out there.

Nothing beats family night out at the local drive in! (Well, I guess finding a Groupon deal for it does!) 

It's pretty much been a common part of our weekend plans, shopping trips, especially back to school shopping! My husband and kids know that we don't leave the house until mom checks Groupon. I made a few mistakes, just a few though. I can't explain how sad I get when we go on vacation and see other tourists with Groupons for restaurants and retail stores and here I sit, feeling left out because I didn't check that day.

What is the best Groupon you ever found?

Don't ever miss a deal and sign up for daily emails from Groupon! (You will even get the discount codes sent right to your inbox. and they happen often!)

You can also follow Groupon on Twitter! 
and on Facebook! 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hylands What's In Your Bag Sweepstakes #HylandsBagPicks

** I received free products in exchange for sharing the Hylands #WhatsInYourBag Sweepstakes. **

Hyland's has some of the best quality, homeopathic medicines out there but did you notice they also have some of the most fun and coolest contests, too! 
Their newest contest, "What's In Your Bag", is one you definitely don't want to miss!

Of course, summertime is the best time of year for days at the beach, vacations, and other fun day trips. But, when you have children or grandchildren, or even if you're just headed to the beach with your girlfriends, you are going to need a bag to hold all of your supplies. I often thought maybe I had some sort of OCD with all of the lists of what to pack and for what. (and the lists of lists I need to make!) It seems that it's just a mom thing and even if my over the top organization drives my husband crazy, we never run out of toilet paper or more importantly, coffee!

So, Hyland's decided to offer this really clever, "What's In Your Bag" contest and partnered with some other excellent, natural brands to share their Hyland's bag picks that everybody should have available for those times you need supplies. (Which is all of the time!) You might even find that you already have some of these products on your list or in your bag.

What's in your baby beach bag?   (Click the link to interact with the products on the picture and learn more about each brand!)

You aren't really living until you've tried Ella's Kitchen Strawberry + Apple Fruit Puree! I know it's meant for your baby but, this stuff is to tasty to not share. Plus, it's not nearly as messy as stashing real fruit in your bag. They have other flavors so there is something for everybody's tastebuds, no matter how picky! 

I remember the first time I tried SheaMoisture Baby Healing Lotion! Oh my goodness! It is the dreamiest lotion! So super creamy and delightful with the most pleasant scent I think I ever smelled! I use it regularly now. (For myself too!) They also have Baby Oil Rub, body wash, shampoo, and Baby Head To Toe Ointment so, you're going to want to grab them all. The winner of this bag will get a few of these very same products and I promise, this is another goody you are going to want to share. 

When we had our first daughter, (way, way, back in the 90's!), I didn't have the luxury of these fancy wipes that could be used for quick cleanups on the go or at home. I had to use regular, old baby wipes when we were out and about, because it was all I had packed. (Now that I think of it, I really don't think we had many options for on the go wipes that weren't just for diaper changes!) But, you don't have to deal with the struggle like I did! Babyganics  has all of that under control! Toy, Table, And Highchair Wipes sound pretty great, right? They are also fragrance free! You won't find any harsh chemicals in their products so, you can feel safe when using them for your baby. 

Another product I wish I had for our first couple of children are Jack 'N Jill's Gum And Tooth Wipes. I'm so grateful that these were invented because it is so much easier to clean your little one's gums and tiny baby teeth and you can even use these from birth on up.  

Every mom (or dad or grandma or grandpa) needs a Day Trip Kid Bag! 

I don't know what I would do if I ever left the house without ours! I would be lost, hurt, and no matter where I was when I realized it, I would have to turn around. Or just stop at the nearest store and try to find replacements for everything for the time being. There just isn't a way around it. When we have day trips, they tend to be ALL day trips. Even if we are just going to a few doctor appointments. We live so far from everything that we have to try and schedule everything in one afternoon. That usually ends in some sort of stop at a park, (if the weather permits.) and lunch or dinner out. 

Even on appointment days, especially in the warmer months, we pack Hylands Bug Bite Ointment and Hylands For Kids Bumps And Bruises With Arnica. These are 2 of our absolute must haves for any trip and even just days at home. Both are super fast acting and very effective! 

You can't leave the house without sunscreen! Protecting your skin and your children's skin is vital even in the colder months. This bag includes a couple of sunscreen options from Goddess Garden. They are packed with organic, plant based ingredients that are safe for your whole family. 

Did I mention that each winner will receive a gift card inside of their bag? This should help cover a day trip with the family or a day at the museum, the beach, and lunch! 

I'm in love with all of the bags so far but this one comes with some extra goodies for the uber fashionable moms out there! Not only will the winner receive some Hyland's products to stock up your medicine cabinet, they will also find a gorgeous variety of some of the best natural products and beauty products out there! Before I go much further, I have to quick add how much I recommend Hyland's Leg Cramps! These are crucial for the busiest of days! They provide some serious relief. 

Noyah Spearmint Lip Balm is divine! I just can't think of a better scent for lip balm. A little goes a long way and it will help prime your lips for some chic Noyah Lip Gloss made with good stuff like coconut oil and cocoa butter. 

You will most definitely need some Invigorating Body Lotion to help make it through such a long day of looking pretty and being the hippest mom at the beach. Ishga Organic Skincare has you covered there with their unique blend of seaweed extract and a matching Body Oil to boot! 

** This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hyland’s and Promotional Partners. Uses for Hyland’s products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. **

Monday, August 1, 2016

Losing My Best Friend

There are so many things I wish I could say right now, but I can't. I am to upset, to angry, frustrated, confused, and all I can think about is when you were "stolen" from me before and we were no longer hanging out every waking moment, at work and when we were out of work. I remember when there was just no more "Brandy and Sheree the bartenders" or "Brandy and Sheree the bff's" because, I guess all good things have to come to an end. (I still don't understand that either.) 
Then, years later, we reconnect and everything is the same except for the part where you actually show up when invited or the part where we actually go hang out or the part where we actually go see Pat and Ed and laugh because we are doing so much better nowadays and are older, our first borns are all grown up and we always said we would still be going to the Hatebreed shows and jumping in the mosh pits and drinking Jagermeister and shopping and going out to eat and running to Walmart after our shifts, so we could make fun of people (all the way back before social media too lol!), and grab groceries and buy our kids everything they wanted. Then we'd sit up all night and watch Adult Swim and crack up and talk about how when we're older, we will still be doing the same thing.
But, that didn't happen. No matter how many texts and messages I sent and how many times I'd ask you to meet up somewhere or just come and hang out here and meet my youngest kids....
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised.
I'd be lying if I said I can't believe the news, 

Because, I knew all along, from the first time this happened that this will be the end of you and here it is.
It's a shame it isn't somebody in particular that I can go and literally kick their ass. Unfortunately, it's much bigger than that.