Saturday, September 15, 2018

What's Stopping You From Being Your Own Boss?

A few years before becoming permanently disabled, I realized I would have a struggle trying to continue working as a bartender. My FT with OT became FT and then PT and eventually I was working just 1 day a week and so on. I was out of work for several months after foot and ankle surgeries and although I was busy raising my children, I just couldn’t sit back and not do anything. Even if it meant simply earning some random gift cards here and there and maybe a few extra dollars from an affiliate sale. I was fortunate enough to have a few extra hours each day to start researching and finding new ways to earn an income from home.

After many failed attempts and some that I had to give up due to my medical issues, I finally found something that was right for me and my family and something I could do on a regular basis. I may not earn what I did when I was working 1 or 2 jobs at a time but, I am my own boss and I have the freedom to do this from home!

I have several online friends and readers who are in the same boat or are starting to realize that they have to find a different type of job, even if not due to their own medical conditions. So, I have had many conversations with others about this and the great thing is that there are so many opportunities, you are bound to find one that suits your needs. (And your schedule!)

It seems a lot of people tend to assume that being your own boss or being self-employed means selling products. It doesn’t have to be! Maybe you make something that you would like to sell or maybe you are one of those people who are making a fortune selling products for another company. But, you don’t have to invest in a kit or a company just to sell something or to earn a living. You can simply sell yourself and your own skills! I was never a good salesman (or saleswoman) so, I just never succeeded with the direct sales companies. I signed up for a few (mainly for the discount for my personal purchases!) but, I would have never been able to “get rich” from any of them. There are people out there who have the personality for this and there are those who don’t.

Where Do You Begin?

This is the fun part! Or it could be a little overwhelming. Either way, there are so many business ideas out there, you may end up finding a few that interest you. If you’re not really into starting a blog or becoming a freelance writer, getting involved in affiliate sales, there are thousands of other ideas out there.

Create a list of things that interest you, what are you good at? What makes you stand out in a crowd? Maybe your friends call you for advice for party planning, wedding planning, or they might ask you to share your expertise with makeup and or fashion. Start here to read about some consulting business ideas that could be the beginning of your own dream career!
Some of these startups will require an investment but, don’t fret! There are many that you can start without a lot of money! If anything, you could pick up a few different ideas, make them your own and then use the money you earn from those to start investing in something else down the road. You may end up finding out that you like a variety of things and you’ll be able to reach more clients and earn even more.

Starting from Scratch

Yes, this is, in fact, a possibility. You can start with your friend's  list on Facebook. You should also create a social network (if you don’t already have one.) and start promoting your services. Social media is the perfect way to get the word out and most of the time, this can be used as free advertising!

There are so many books and websites out there where you can start. Searching on Google or even YouTube or finding books written by successful people who are doing what you would like to be doing in a few years (or less!) is an excellent way to start gaining confidence and gathering tips from experts.

If you are looking into starting a consulting business, try reading and connecting with others in your niche. You’ll find a variety of people and startups and a lot of the time, they’re delighted to give meaningful advice.