Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Groupon Has You Covered With Savings For Everything

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. **

I am most often working online and have a gazillion tabs open at once. (Ok, maybe not a gazillion, but, you know what I mean!) One of those open tabs is dedicated to Groupon. I check the deals each morning and even have them included on my daily checklist/to do list. What's even better, is when I see an email come through that reads, "20% Local Deals Today Only!"! That's when I start searching for as many deals as allowed under that deal. I mean, you're already saving a ton by shopping through Groupon, PLUS grabbing another 20%. It almost makes me feel guilty, like I just robbed them or something. (That's also how I feel when I come back from the grocery store or drug store after stacking a bunch of coupons!)

I buy deals for restaurants, day trips, even overnight trips. Most recently, I started checking Groupon for any deals for our vacation destinations and scored a few family pack tickets for our local drive in. Then they have coupons and all kinds of discounts to feed my online shopping addiction! But, I also found that they have some of the biggest discounts on Health, Beauty, & Wellness Groupons that are out there.

Nothing beats family night out at the local drive in! (Well, I guess finding a Groupon deal for it does!) 

It's pretty much been a common part of our weekend plans, shopping trips, especially back to school shopping! My husband and kids know that we don't leave the house until mom checks Groupon. I made a few mistakes, just a few though. I can't explain how sad I get when we go on vacation and see other tourists with Groupons for restaurants and retail stores and here I sit, feeling left out because I didn't check that day.

What is the best Groupon you ever found?

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