Saturday, September 4, 2021

Unpopular Or Popular Opinion


If anyone has learned anything over the past year and a half, I would like to think that the majority would say that they started to question the government, science, world leaders, and any other authority figures we have who are out there making decisions for us. 

What do we believe anymore? Do you follow what the majority of society follows? What is the majority of society? There is more to life than social media and the Internet so, can you actually make decisions based upon the comments and "friends" and Tweets that you see on your Facebook or TikTok pages? Do you ever sit and wonder, who are these people making decisions for me and my family? Are they really "experts"? Who gave them that title? What about the other "experts" who have already come out in opposition to the "experts" we are told to follow? 

Prior to the pandemic, I've always had a million questions each time anyone I have never met who has a whole lot more money than I do, who works for a group of people who are so out of touch with "regular" people, and sometimes, never even communicate or go anywhere near "regular" people, get to sit in big, fancy chairs, at big, fancy tables, eating and drinking fancy foods and determine what would benefit me and my children and my neighbors the most. Some of these so-called, "experts" have no experience whatsoever in the field they claim to be an expert in. (For example; the current Secretary Of Health in PA isn't even a medical doctor. She's an attorney with "experience in health care policy". 

Sometimes, it's very easy to follow the money and find who benefits from what. Especially within the Federal Government. (and the state and local governments.) If you really have the time to check who donates to who and what each line in these bills really says, you'll see how mind-boggling it all really is. So, when I read a number of news reports each day regarding the FDA and vaping products, I have to ask myself the same questions as I would with anything else. Whether you vape or smoke or partake in something that others may not see as being healthy or appropriate or safe, it should concern you when so many people are jumping in to decide whether or not these companies should be allowed to manufacture and sell their products. Will they eventually rule and regulate every little thing? So much that I have to wonder what's next? What happens when they finally regulate everything? Will they dismantle or will they come after another industry next? What happens when they attempt to regulate your favorite foods? Vitamins? Coffee? Medication? 

I completely understand the whole point behind the FDA and I understand that somebody must test and regulate a variety of products. Of course, it's necessary for someone to tell us why something is or isn't safe and whether or not these products should be marketed or sold to anyone or which age group, etc. That all makes perfect sense and in many cases, I feel that we should be grateful for this. 
I also have to question what will happen in a few years? Will they change their stance? Will they claim something is or isn't good and cannot be approved? Only to come back out a year later to say they found that the opposite is true? If the FDA is based on science and science changes from time to time. why are they the be all, end all on everything? 

When a responsible company is selling Smok Nord starter kits or Smok Nord Vape Kits and they are abiding by all of the laws and posting the warnings, not posting health claims, will they have the same opportunity as a much larger company? 

Another question I have in every case that the FDA has is, will they only approve the bigger businesses and their products? Or will they authorize the smaller brands also? Will they authorize the marketing of brands such as; Smok Nord
I think that the public's perception of these organizations such as; the FDA, has changed recently. Some have been questioning them for much longer than this. 

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