Friday, February 5, 2021

Creating The Perfect Backyard Paradise


There’s something about the appeal of a beautiful backyard. It’s relaxing, it’s beautiful to look at, and more importantly, it’s much easier to get a backyard oasis than most people think. In fact, with a few simple tips and tricks, creating a backyard paradise can be done in one weekend or even less.

If you have a pool in your backyard, you’re already one step closer to your perfect backyard paradise and with a few tweaks, you can make it just right.

Install a screen. Pools are fantastic, but one thing that they all need is a screen surrounding them. This is for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t want random things like leaves and twigs getting into your pool, it’ll make it more difficult to clean, and you’ll have to clean it more often. Second, a screen will help to keep your pool cooler during the warm summer months. A good pool screen will help block some of the UV rays and ultimately keep the pool temperature lower during those warmer summer months when you’ll really want to use your pool. Third, it’s a good safety measure. In many states, you’re required to have a fence or screen around a pool to ensure that no one will accidentally drown, and having a screen means that no one outside of your household is using your pool unless you let them. This cuts down on liability for you. Finally, it keeps bugs out! Sadly, as much as we love summertime, it’s also when all the bugs come out in full force and mosquitos can definitely interrupt a fun summer night in the water. This patio screen from Quality Window Screen is a great option to use for a quick DIY screening. It’s a fiberglass screen, making it good for a high-frequency area, which we know your pool can and backyard can be, especially during summer. It also is heavy-duty, so you can rest assured it will hold up during bad weather.

Add greenery. If you find that your backyard is a bit…boring, then add some plants and flowers to really bring it to life. A pool is nice, but it can look even better if you add some plants around it and have some plants on the patio area as well. A few trees in large pots can look wonderful near the back edge of the pool, and some flowers can be just the right pops of color necessary to bring your patio to life.

Choose comfortable furniture. The furniture needs to be comfortable, while also looking great at the same time. Depending on the available space, a small patio set for two may be enough whereas if the space is larger, that and lounge chairs or small poufs can be added for a lovely touch. The poufs can be moved all around the patio, making it easy to chat with friends and family. A fire table is a great addition as well, making the patio area work for all seasons, rather than just catering to the warmer weather that summer brings.

 Add lighting. Adding some simple string lights can take a patio and backyard from basic to amazing with very little effort and money. Edison bulbs are very popular right now and look fantastic strung up around a screen porch area. By adding these, the variability of the backyard can be expanded, as it now can be the perfect setting for a romantic date night, as well as work for a poolside movie night for the kids.

Create an outdoor cooking area. Whether you build out a firepit outside of the screened patio area or you have the ability to add a kitchen area complete with a built-in grill and mini fridge, you’ll want a small area for outdoor cooking. With a firepit, hot dogs can be roasted along with s’mores for a fun family night in the great outdoors, while still staying in. With an outdoor grill, whether built-in or not, burgers, brats, and hotdogs can be grilled up quickly and easily, allowing the family to get the most out of the great outdoors. With a mini fridge tucked away, drinks can easily be grabbed without having to worry about wet feet from the pool going in the house.

Working with a large or small budget, all of these can be completed, it’s just a matter of the budget and space. Each one of these tips is designed to update a backyard space into a true paradise. 

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