Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PottyCover Review and Giveaway!!

Ok, how many times has this happened to you...
You just spent the last hour or more, getting your little one or little ones dressed and ready to go out the door, you repeatedly yell, "Make sure you pee before we go! It's gonna be a while until we stop!" and you gather the bags, snacks, extra clothes, wipes, diapers, drinks, your own bag, cell phone, keys, and run out the door.
When you are finally pulling out, everything seems fine for a few miles, then the bickering starts, then the yelling, they already want some snacks and drinks, and all of a sudden, somebody cries with some of the most terrifying words a mom or dad want to hear on the highway, "I have to PEEEEEEE" OMG! This happens to us ALL the time! Especially since we live kind of far away from anything, and the highway is our route out of nowhereland. So, almost everywhere we go. it takes forever.
Of course you can get off at the next exit, (which really does suck and it eats up so much time, and you know you'll end up late for your appointments!),  luckily, virtually every exit off the highway has a gas station, or truck stop of some sort. (at least on the one we travel on). But, have you ever seen some of these bathrooms?? EW!
If you aren't one of those amazing moms who has IT ALL TOGETHER, and has a giant bag of 3 of everything that everybody could possibly want at any time, for any mishap, you aren't really prepared for cleaning a gas station bathroom!
I've used baby wipes, antibacterial cleaning wipes, and of course the infamous, paper towels and toilet paper that are (hopefully) in the bathroom. But it is very gross, and I would not ever recommend it. It certainly doesn't kill any germs, and you would have to use way to many, probably more then what you have with you.
Of course I have also seen these disposable toilet covers in some bathrooms. usually the doctor offices, maybe some stores, grocery stores, but they slide around, are super thin, and are also just plain old, gross! (better then nothing though, right?)
 If this happens to you, or even if you are a grandma, or don't even have kids, I know you have to know what I'm talking about;)
Well, check these out!!
Disposable Potty Covers!! You can grab a 6 pack of these, and you can throw em in your purse, bag, (I use a backpack, lol!), put some in your glove box, and take them everywhere!

Now, what makes these different then the free ones we can maybe grab in some public bathrooms? Lots of things!! For one, these are extra super big! They cover much more then just a tiny bot of the actual seat!

PottyCover is a disposable seat cover that not only covers the seat, but the front and the sides as well! Those parts of public bathrooms can sometimes be the grimiest, and little kids are always swinging their legs back and forth, lol, so PottyCovers would help keep germs away from the whole toilet, not just the seat. They do come in a pack of 6 and sell for $5.99, ($1 per cover), which isn't bad at all when you think about how much stress and germs you won't have to worry about anymore!
 My favorite part about them, is that they come in their own little bags, so you don't have to worry about them ripping apart, falling apart, getting messed up, and you can fit them nicely in your pocket, or your kids pockets.
PottyCovers are actually made of non woven fabric and coated with plastic, which creates a waterproof shield or barrier, between the seat and your child. (that's another issue I'm sure a lot of us would love to well, never, ever have an issue with as long as we live! (I don't know about you but the wet toilet seats in public restrooms really make me gag!)
You can also find these on their website, here, and you can also find them on Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond stores, Ebay and Buy Buy Baby stores. PottyCover also has a Facebook page you can visit!
and you can find them on Twitter!

I would also grab a bag or 2 of these even if you don't have little ones. These aren't just for kids, and we all could use some protection!
 Enter the Rafflecopter below to win your own 6 pack bag of PottyCovers!!

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  1. I LOVE that it covers so much of the seat. I just can't get my kids to absorb that they shouldn't be caressing public toilets :)

  2. My 5 yr old is very picky and he would love this....hes a clean freak lol

  3. I have a granddaughter that will be potty training soon, looks like a great idea for public bathrooms.

  4. I love this product so much! I am always so amazed with products like this, that end up being something I find I can not live without!!
    Thank you so much for the comments!!