Monday, March 11, 2013

Jow Natural Pain Relief Review

By now, most of my readers know a lot about my health issues, so I won't go to much into detail. But for any new readers, I do have RSD and have had chronic pain for several years, more so after a reconstructive foot and ankle surgery that didn't work out so good about 7 years ago. I was also recently diagnosed with MS and I also suffer from arthritis and a few issues that need fixed as soon as I can ever go into remission with RSD and possibly find a surgeon who is brave enough to fix up some ripped tendons and remove hardware.
For now, I have to just deal with it all. I have been through lots of shots, medications, treatments, all the home remedies, extra vitamins, and anything else that comes my way. I am also planning on figuring out how and where to gather the money needed for a treatment called, Calmare. (this is very expensive and a bit far to travel, but they can possibly bring pain levels down from a 10 to a 5, with boosters every now and again)
As soon as I hear about a new, all natural pain relief cream, or gel, I jump at any chance I have to try it out, and although I have found a couple that work pretty well, I don't find 100% relief. (and this is fine, since none of these companies have ever made such a claim, but as with other things, I am always on the lookout for something better, or at least something that can help alongside another product)
What is RSD? RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or is sometimes called, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.
It is a chronic pain, neurological syndrome, that is actually a failure of the central nervous system. I guess in short, my nerves are hyper active and hyper sensitive in the affected areas, (it spreads, and sometimes rather quickly), I now have RSD in both feet, ankles, legs, hips, and into my back. My doctors have also suggested it has somehow managed to travel to my right eyeball, but I sure can't use any topical creams or gels there;)
I constantly have problems with swelling, since the nerves are hyper sensitive, it is very hard to even wear clothing sometimes, and the pain intensifies a lot, sometimes daily, and is mainly a very severe, fire, burning, and stinging pain, that is so deep inside, it literally can disable you at times.
Being a mom and a bartender, it is my daily priority to try my best to have at least a tiny bit of a low pain day, so when I try out these pain relief gels and creams, I start using them the second they get delivered!!
Since I have tried and posted about a few other pain relief creams in the past, I was trying to find the differences in Jow, and what makes it stand out. There are a few interesting things as a matter of fact, and just the fact that it is all natural, is a plus in my book!
Like I said, I have found others that provide some relief, and I actually have 2 different brands that I use on a regular basis. Both of those tend to help with different types of pain, and I found a 3rd type of pain that Jow has helped me with TONS!
Like I mentioned above, RSD pain is typically described as burning, I also have this deep electric shock pain that tends to penetrate so deep it really makes it hard to not cry, and it leaves me motionless. (this is common for me in the mornings, and at night). I actually keep a pain diary, and have counted 44 different types, or layers of pain, so my goal is to try to find something that will help with more then one layer, or at least tackle the biggest problem pains the best.
The stinging pain usually occurs in my thighs the most, and my heels. The electric shock pain usually starts in my hips and works it's way down my legs and into my heel, and when I walk, it starts in my heel, and shoots up the backs of my legs, it gets so bad, it really is enough to make me double over in pain. Interestingly enough, I have found that, Jow, works pretty well for both of these layers of pain. Of course it may not stop the "electric shock" pain from starting, (sometimes I have no idea when it will start or where from) but the throbbing, radiating pain that comes immediately afterwards, which usually turns into even more of the burning, has actually lessened quite a bit!
I thought it was a little odd that Jow, would help those layers, I mean, it's a gel, and even the prescriptions I have been taken for so many years, new, old, regular daily meds, NOTHING has taken that pain away, nor has it lowered the level at all. So, how would this stuff do that job??
Usually what I do, is when that pain strikes, and I feel it in my hips, I know it sounds strange, but I can tell which path it will take down or up, ,my legs, and it is very strange, but whether it happens on the right or the left side first, the opposite side will follow almost right after.  So, as long as my bottle of Jow, is nearby, I grab it as fast as I can, and shake it up, and apply it directly on the path the pain is headed!
Now, I'm not going to lie, of course it doesn't instantly heal and halt all of the pain! (If it did, this stuff would cost a million bucks!!), but again, nothing else has helped this part of my daily events, so this stuff deserves the biggest blue ribbon yet!!
With Jow, rather then the constant "radiating" and "throbbing", at a level of 20, it's taken down a few notches, and although it still hurts, I can still manage to not fall into the nearest chair. It tones it down just enough to satisfy me enough to buy some more. (and trust me, I won't waste money on things like this if I am going to be let down!)
Another fascinating thing about Jow, I believe are the ingredients. I found the list to be much different then any others I have seen, and I personally think it has a very relaxing and clean scent. (This would be another good point, have you ever smelled some of those creams and lotions that smell like medicine?? EW!)
Here is a list of what you'll get in this little magical potion:
Dragon's Blood
Peach Kernal
Chinese Angelica Root
Red Peony Root
Ox Knee Root
Himalayan Teasel Root
Burred Tuber
Zedonary Rhizome and
You will also find the inactive ingredients: Distilled water and Carbomer
They soak all of the herbs for several months, and then strain them and the result is the little bottle of Jow pain relief gel.
Since I love small business, I have to share that Jow is created by a small family run business, out of Rockland County, NY. (Yep, that is another reason to try this pain relief gel, or liquid, out!)
If you want to find out more, and maybe order a bottle or 2, check them out online!
and on Facebook!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I have Fibro, Arthritis, TMJ and several other medical issues...I would love to try this and see how it works!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I much prefer natural remedies

  3. When it's cold or I eat something bad for my arthritis, the pain is really really bad! I hope this one will work. Thanks for the review!

    Kathrine Joyce