Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hair Shadz & Sun Shadz by Monimay Inc

Have you ever heard of or even thought of scalp cancer? I personally haven't to tell you the truth, but after reading about this product and about scalp cancer, I will be doing what I can to prevent such a disease. Especially for my little ones. Of course I know about skin cancer, and I even attended beauty school several years ago, which led me on a mission to slather sunblock on, on a daily basis, but I never really used any prevention for the top of my head.
 We do try to keep hats on the kids when they're outside during the summer months, and especially in the pool, but I think this is something that usually just overlooked.
 Monimay Inc has created a most triumphant product, Sun Shadz, which contains all natural micronized mineral sunscreen. (Sun Shadz has SPF 15 scalp protection.) Sounds cool so far, right? Hang on, you are seriously in for a treat with this product!!
 It's actually better then amazing, and a super duper multi tasker! (Which saves your scalp, can save your life, saves your hair, AND your hair color!) Really, it's actually quite awesome. I was not sure what to think when I received my Sun Shadz in the mail.
To be really honest, I'm like a bit of a nerd, and I also sometimes lack some common sense. So, I opened the container, and luckily my husband was here, because I didn't really get how I was to close the container without the brush being destroyed. Wow! Yeah, that is how I get sometimes, and no, I am not proud of that, lol, especially when it was something real simple, that ended up being the neatest part of this little container!
 Deegan helped to model with our bottle of Sun Shadz;) Here it is with the lid off, now watch where I get confused somehow;o

Yes, I didn't even think for a second that the bottle would actually lift up, over the brush, so that you could close the cap without catching any bristles, and simply put the cap back on!! But, wow! I have never seen this before!! I love it! The brush itself is enough to make me love this product, but after the handy little trick, I couldn't stop talking about it!! Are you interested yet??
 If you want to find out more, you can order and read more about Sun Shadz here!
 You can find Sun Shadz in 10 different shades, as well as a translucent shade. (So, yeah, there should be a fit for everybody;) The brush makes it very easy to apply, and dispenses the product very nicely and even;y distributes it on your scalp and your hair. You don't have to worry about greasiness or anything unfavorable, (yes, we really tried this!), because it can also be used as a dry shampoo!!
 What else can this be used for? It blends in regrowth, adds volume and helps hide exposed scalp, (due to thinning hair). So on top of helping you and your children avoid scalp cancer, it can also be used at the same time for some extremely useful needs! I also have to add in here that it does indeed live up to the "volume" comment.
I love this product and the fact that it isn't a spray or any other kind of greasy glob you would have to apply, nor is it messy! The price is very reasonable, ($29.95) and you can save money by purchasing refills!
The creator behind this amazing and one of a kind invention has made this her passion for years, since sadly, losing her own mother at the young age of 52, to a malignant melanoma on her scalp. I think it's wonderful that she has now made it her destiny to create Sun Shadz, for others to prevent such a horrible disease. You can find Monimay Inc on Facebook!

 Hair Shadz and Sun Shadz are endorsed by the International Melanoma Foundation, licensed with PETA, and have a Dermatology signature of approval.

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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