Friday, February 22, 2013

Magic Whiteboard Review

 I love the idea of the Magic Whiteboard products! It is definitely not as big and clunky as a regular old whiteboard, and they are super easy to stick on any hard surface so you can instantly transform any room into a conference room, an office, or our favorite here at our house, our behavior charts, behavior bucks chart and of course the wonderful, chore chart.
 Plus the little ones love drawing on dry erase boards! (So do I lol, I have a magnetic white board on my fridge, and I write my daily to do list on it, and some projects I would love to get done!!)
 Magic Whiteboards are simple to stick anywhere, and they are also easily removed. Here is Deegan, our almost 3 year old, to show just how easy it really is;) Yes, he does have it a little crinkled up, but he is just a 2 and a half year old, so that shows how good it sticks, and how much fun he has writing on the table! Here he is removing it from the table, again, it peels off nicely!
 A few years ago, I purchased some rolls of whiteboards that were on sale at Home Depot, and they had adhesive backs to them. I was so excited to have found them, and so cheap too! I grabbed a few rolls, I honestly don't even remember the brand anymore, but I figured we would attach them to the kids walls, or closet door, and I could use a few pieces, and we would save a few rolls for future teacher gifts. (We always give teacher supply gift baskets, and thought these would be the perfect touch!)
Well, it ended up being a huge mess, and I spent more on the markers then I did on the rolls, which was fine, except for they didn't last to long here, first off, they were rolled up, and I don't know how long they were rolled up for, but it was way to hard to keep them flat enough so they would even stick to the fridge, the closet door, and the wall in the hallway.
They were nice and white, and the markers showed up real bright and clear, except when we tried to clean these, "easy wipe off" white boards, they weren't totally clean. I had to use cleaning spray on paper towels, just so I could erase everything for them, and they could draw some more. (This got very annoying after a while and I was really getting sick and tired of trying to run back and forth with my cleaning spray and roll of paper towels)
 The next morning, I heard the shrieking and yelps and thought, "Oh my God! Who is hitting who already??!!" and I went over to check it out, well, sure enough, the previously rolled up white board, was rolled back up and the adhesive wasn't sticking anymore, it was laying on the floor! So, I wasted money on those things!
 I was pretty angry because the regular clunky whiteboards really do take up space and you either have to poke holes through your walls, or put them on the fridge, and I thought the kids would have fun, "drawing on the walls and doors" So after a few of those small $2 dry erase boards that come with a marker that runs out after a few days, I just stopped bothering. Which sucks, because I am always writing, making charts and lists and I depend on things like this more then some office workers do!
Then we came across the Magic Whiteboard, and I was kind of skeptical about the whole thing, I figured it would just be a flimsy piece of garbage that would end up in the trash the same day. But, I liked this idea of being just a sheet, and having the capabilities to be stuck on ANY hard surface, it's what I've been after all this time!
 I have to say, the small sample we received, is very well used, fought over and erased 100 times per day! I would absolutely love to have a whole set of 25 sheets, and I really, really, really want to try the sticky notes, and the black board!!
I tried to add up an order for these on their website, lol, and since we are trying to save some money for several reasons right now, I had to cut my order down, and down again, but I think I have one figured out for the very near future! The prices are reasonable, for instance, we received a letter sized magic whiteboard and you can grab a set of 20 of these for just $15.99, that's less then $1 per sheet, which is really cool! This price also includes the blackboard, (that's the one the kids always love to draw on best, from the more expensive brands!) They also carry bigger rolls and sizes, for use at home, or office, school, church, wherever you might need a board to write on that won't damage your walls, or take up lots of space.
 The other cool thing about Magic Whiteboards, is that they wipe off perfectly! We just use a paper towel, nothing more! They also don't leave any residue after just one swipe! That was impressive since sometimes when I buy the cheap $2 boards, you rarely get them clean, and I usually always have to use a cleaner on top of the towel. The markers also write real nice, and smooth and the kids just love drawing more then anything it seems. So these certainly come in handy!
 I have found many uses for these at my house! The first thing I plan on doing, is grabbing plenty of them for me, and for the kids, and for the fridge! We clear this thing off every other week, and the second they see an empty fridge, they think it means, fill it back up with tons of drawings and crafts lol! It literally drives me insane!! So, I was thinking about covering parts of the fridge with these and they can change their pictures everyday if they wish, and I don't have to have a hundred magnets falling off the fridge every time I open the door, or papers falling down, ugh! That just drives me nuts!!
So, I am hoping to have a much less cluttered kitchen when I buy some of the 20 sheet sets.
 I'd love to hear any ideas you may have for Magic Whiteboards! Any tips for anything in my house to be less of a mess, are always appreciated!
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