Friday, February 22, 2013

Wolf Claw Meat Handler Forks Review

 These are pretty crazy looking right? My first impression of them was, "OMG! I can run through the house and pretend I'm Wolverine from the X Men!!" and of course, Aaron thought these were way cool for that same reason! Lol!
 I called my mom right away and told her about these odd but somehow super nifty wolf claws I received to review, and her response was, "OMG! I saw those on TV I think! I always wanted a pair of those!" and I texted our oldest daughter and told her about them too, especially because her boyfriend is a comic book fan, I figured they'd get a kick out of these and they did, lol. Matter of fact, they came up to look at them withing 24 hours after I told her they were here.
Even though everybody was acting like they thought these were the neatest things ever made, I kind of wondered if these were maybe more of a conversation piece then anything, so I used them to shred some lettuce for our dinner salads, (Genevive thought that would look cool for some reason lol, so that's what I used them for first.)
 They are designed to shred meat and pull meat and to lift roasts easier, and also to shred, toss and carve. I really didn't expect them to work to well, I tend to be pretty skeptical of almost anything that looks like it belongs with a Halloween costume instead of the kitchen, or any other things that make me wonder how lazy of a society we have become. But, WOW! These actually help get the job done a lot smoother and faster! More then I ever imagined!
Plus, it is kind of cool to stop shredding lettuce for a second, to turn around and pretend you are Wolverine and you're going after your kids, (yes, they know I am just pretending, I don't really run through the house very often and pretend I am a superhero or comic book guy..... well, maybe more then normal, but no, not everyday!)
I do have to admit, I also wondered how goofy I really looked with a pair of these Wolf Claw Meat Handler Forks, attached to my hands, instead of my normal everyday kitchen utensils and tools, and well, bare hands. However, these do indeed get the job done much faster then the normal everyday kitchen tools, and now, I don't know what it would be like without them!
 They are a little odd and a little clunky so it may be a bit hard to get used to when you first try them out, but you will get used to them, and the more you use them, the better they seem to fit and work.
 One of the best things about these Wolf Claw Meat Handler Forks, to me is how easy they are to clean! I can not stand things like mixers, and how annoying it is to scrub in between all of those little twists and turns and curves, but the food literally slides right off of these! (They are made from nylon, and that is a big bonus!)
I'm really excited for springtime and summertime because I think my husband will sneak these out of the house to use when he cooks on the grill! He will say he's not going to think they're so rad, but I know he does think they are, and when I bring it up, he acts like he's not really laughing, but he is thinking about using them. (He isn't as big of an X Men fan as me, but he knows wolf claws for hands are fun!
 Which brings me to the next awesome part! Think of how unique of a gift these would be! You could grab a few pairs and use them for Father's Day gifts, hostess gifts, hand a pair to a neighbor or wherever you might go for summertime cookouts, even wedding gifts! I really believe that almost everybody would benefit from these, not just because of their appearance, but also because they really work!
I have RSD in my legs, and a few other chronic pain/neurological disorders, and although this is all mainly in my legs, ankles, feet and back, I do have a bit of arthritis in my hands and wrists. I can only imagine the benefit these would bring for somebody who has arthritis, or any other form of chronic pain, or bone diseases in their hands or arms.
They cut your regular traditional job in half, which would certainly help anybody who has to take a break every few minutes when they're cooking all day for holidays or Sunday dinners.
 I ended up thinking these are pretty sweet, and are now something I try and use as often as I can. (Yes, part of the reason is a little bit due to the funny faces our little ones make when they giggle and run away and think I'm some comic book character), but also because they are a nifty addition to my kitchen tool set;)

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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