Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eco.Kid USA Organics for Kids

I found these nifty organic kids hair and body care products on Amazon and I am anxious to try out some of these for my little ones!
We are trying to change our ways by the end of the year and completely switch all of our food, cleaning and beauty products over to all natural, and organic products.
I can't wait to start grabbing up some of this for these lil guys.
Aaron will especially love the paste, since he loves to stick his hair up! I am probably going to have to end up using some of the hair paste for myself;)
I also saw they sell all organic lice kits, which we haven't had to deal with yet, thank God! But I hear so many bad things about the "normal" kits everybody uses, I would really rather have something that does not have all the chemicals in.
I would love to hear from anybody who has ever tried these products!
What do you think?
You can read about them more here on their website!
Eco.Kid USA also offers a very neat school program. This program will allow your school to receive a portion of the proceeds in the form of school supplies, computers, cash, laptops or iPads.
They also have a lice program for schools, to help manage and chek the children for head lice each year.
Eco.Kid USA is also on Twitter!
and on Facebook:)

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