Monday, February 4, 2013

CAP Discount Prescription Card Android App Review

This is such a super helpful and money saving app, I am 110% satisfied with the app, and with the amount of money I have already saved at CVS for both my prescriptions and my husband's prescriptions!
It is a free app, which makes it all the better, and I have yet to run into any issues or anything with this.
 Between my husband and I, we get 4 prescriptions per month, all of which are quite costly. So, anything that will help us save any amount each month on such a ridiculous expense is a life saver!
I can't find anything to complain about with, CAP Discount Prescription Card, and it has been accepted no problem at 2 of our local CVS stores. We do not have prescription coverage, so we do have quite a few discount cards that I check with first to see what we would save. So far, this card has saved the most on 2 of our very expensive prescriptions, and only came behind by a few dollars on the other 2.
 So now CVS has this on our file to check with first before running through anything else;)
 You can find this app at the Google Play Store, and you can install with one click, it will install pretty quick, and within minutes, you can start searching the extensive directory for your medications!
This card is accepted at 80% of the nation's pharmacies, which is a big plus in my book. A lot of the cards I have found over the years, aren't necessarily covered at many of them. But you can use CAP Discount Prescription Card at stores like, Kmart, CVS, Walgreen's, Walmart and Rite Aid. (there are many more, you can easily search their database for nearby and/or favorite pharmacies!)
Another added benefit I've found, is that you can also use this card to help cover some of the cost for your pets meds! I have seen similar options on other cards, but overall, for my husband and I, this card saves us the most.
This app will recommend generic medications, which are always much cheaper then name brand, and they offer a discount of anywhere between 10% and 95%. I have seen a savings of 55% on 1 of my monthly medications, so of course that helped a great deal!
 Of course you can't use both your insurance and your CAP discount card, but you will tend to find that a lot of the time, this app will save you more then even just paying your insurance co pays.
If you don't have insurance, or you don't have prescription coverage, this is a definite must have! (You can use this for your whole family, and even share with others!!)

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