Friday, February 22, 2013

It Wasn't Me (A Tale of Teenage Isolation) by G. Brailey Review

I fell in love with this author's previous book, Deathloop, and anxiously waited, and waited for another novel, and here it is! I am impressed and more then satisfied with, It Wasn't Me, and now I have to wonder, can either of these books be topped by hopefully another new one? (hint:)
It is so rare that I find an author with such a twisted mind, (that is a compliment by the way). G. Brailey, takes us on some frightening adventures through the eyes of a young girl who is bullied by a few classmates, and all I really have to say about this story and the insanity at the end, is WOW!
This is the type of story you wish were longer, and more then 90 pages, because there could have been so much more added to this!
This is a brilliant look into the mind of a young girl, Ruth, who is simply sick and tired of being bullied, made fun of, and treated unfairly by classmates, and a kind of sort of boyfriend, Jake, and his other girlfriend, Fiona.
Ruth's mother passed away, and she lived with her father and her step mom, Evelyn. Evelyn and Ruth didn't get along to well, So, when Ruth's father found a school for her to attend that was extremely isolated, and pretty far away from her father. She blamed Evelyn for this and realized that along with losing her mother, she had lost her father now as well.
Ruth didn't have to many friends at her new school, but she did come across a friend named, Jennifer, who was a bit odd but she did enjoy talking with her and hanging out.
Jennifer was actually, Jennifer Rose Carr, a spirit that Ruth and a couple other girls had come across during a seance. So, she did find that to be very weird since she had the same exact name,
Towards the end, some horrifying events take place, and I can't let you in on what exactly happens, just know that this book is going in one direction on the pages you're reading, and then just like that, it takes you under, and into some of the most frightening events, you most likely won't see coming. Very clever on the author's part, very original twist, and detailed in such a way it appears to just be second nature as if it were the norm. (That's one of my favorite things about G. Brailey)
The only "complaint" I have with this is that I wish it would be longer, it is such a good story, and takes you to a few terrifying places not many take you, and it ends much to soon. I can see why it ends to soon, but I'm hoping for a 2nd, this opens up so many doors, and actually, the last few pages pens up a whole other place the author could have taken us. I wished so much I would go back 10 pages and start over from there and maybe, magically, another 100 pages or more would have popped up! (lol) But it didn't, and again, that is ok, as I believe this was simply just written to be this way. I just want the author to know that with a mind like this, and such a fascinating storyline, this could have or could still, branched/branch off into many more, maybe in like a series of sort?
Either way, the only other thing that was at least to me, a bit unnecessary, would be at the end when Ruth, explains a bit of what was happening and what somebody at the end pointed out to her. (again, I can't spoil this, because this would tell all!), but it would have been cool to have the reader figure this out on their own, I would like to think most would have figured this out, but I'm not so sure anymore. Which is maybe why the author added that in, so it wasn't misunderstood?
Either way, this is an exceptional story, very well written, and on a level of 1 to 10 on shock level, I would give this a 15!

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