Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FREE (or super cheap) Software, DVD's and Music (Just Pay Shipping)

I love this site I found recently, They offer tons and tons of different games, educational software, DVD's and music, for all ages. The best part is, you can find a large quantity that costs nothing at all! Except of course shipping and handling. But, the more you buy, the cheaper even shipping will cost. There are a lot of different titles, I have been digging through the kids section, and found quite a few awesome deals for free, and some that really only cost a few dollars.
This one is especially cute! AND it is listed as one of the free games you can grab here. Both Deegan and Genevive love Calliou! This game is called, Calliou Four Seasons of Fun. Your little one can learn shapes, numbers, and letters and play games. It also has 3 different skill levels and 8 activities. Pretty cool especially for being free!! We also found this cute book, The Saggy Baggy Elephant.
You know we love books of course;) I had Golden Books as a kid, I think we all did, lol. But this was a fun find and who doesn't love elephants? Another cool thing to point out about this site, is they also offer a super sweet deal when you order 4 items, you get a 5th at no charge! I am going to share more of our freebie finds here, and we would love to see any of what you find here as well! You can check out their inventory here!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! My son loves Calliou

  2. Oh, I have to check out the educational software. I love FREE!