Monday, February 18, 2013

Daddy Bear Daddy Scrubs Review and Giveaway

I started hearing about this company through some other bloggers, and right away, the name, Daddy Scrubs, caught my attention. I just loved the actual, daddy scrubs they make for dads to be, and thought this was one of the most coolest and original ideas I seen in a long time! So, when the opportunity came along for us to share our thoughts on one of their products, I was anxious to see what, Daddy Scrubs, were all about!
Of course we were super excited because this specific gift item came with a book, and of course we love books! Plus this also came with an adorable teddy bear to match with the story. Of course the little ones had to hug and squeeze the teddy bear, and then the bickering started... "Who gets to keep the bear?!!!" (Even Aaron, our 9 year old joined in for that argument!)
 I may as well start my review here, because after all of the fussing and carrying on, the bear had maintained his handsome features, and believe me, 3 little kids, pulling on tiny teddy arms, and squeezing so tight, I have seen some toys and stuffed animals, NOT survive! But this bear, stayed looking just as if we just opened up the package we opened up just an hour before the battle. Not even a wince. This was impressive, no matter the age, this teddy bear will stay intact and stay cute for a very long time. That was a good thing since I was going to be giving this book and bear gift set to my son in law who is a brand new daddy;) (Well, my granddaughter, Lillian too.)
I thought this would be a fun thing for them to share together, and he can read the book to her, and while he's at work, she can keep her daddy bear closeby. When I explained this to the kiddos, they were delighted and shrieked and squealed, and they couldn't wait for their tiny little niece to visit and check out her special gift to share with her daddy:) That kind of stopped the fighting, even though Deegan took over the job of being the bestest babysitter for Lillian and her dad, and he kept this bear safe and sound for a week or so until the time came to hand him over.
 In the meantime, Deegan especially enjoyed the storybook that came with the bear, What Daddy Bear Loves. ( He is a 2 year old, so he really enjoys books like this, and the fact that the pages are super tough was another added bonus!) The other 2 thought this was an awesome story, even our "all growed up son", Aaron was just so happy and kept saying, "Oh, Lillian will love this story! It is such a nice story for her and her daddy!" Genevive, our "just turned 6!!" young lady, is in that phase where she is learning to read, and loves to try and try and try and after a few times, was able to help quite a bit with this easily read storybook. She seems to gain so much confidence when she can read to her little brother, and Deegan really loves to be read too!!
 This book is so sweet, written so nice, short, and to the point, and the lesson learned is one to last a lifetime. That is what makes the perfect children's book! The story is about a daddy bear who loves to spend time with his little cub, whether they are climbing or exploring, they are spending quality time together and that alone shows your little cubs, or kids, that you love and respect them and enjoy being with them. It's a wonderful message, and especially wonderful for new dads, doesn't matter if they have 5 or 1.
 What's so awesome to me about this gift set, is that the new daddy and baby can share this book for years and years and years. Not only does this set teach the new parents why spending time together is so important, but it also allows for the daddy to have have his own special time with his baby, no matter their age(s). Mommy's are always getting gifts for their babies, why not the daddies? My son in law was smiling pretty big when we gave him his gift to share with our new granddaughter, and I know they will continue to enjoy this gift together for a long time to come. I told him he has to read this little story to Lillian, everyday or every night, and I believe he actually does;) (in between his video games and work of course, lol!)
 But really, we are very proud of these new parents, they are madly in love with their little princess! It was nice to say, "Hey, Andrew! When are you guys stopping up for dinner? I got this real cool blog review opportunity and it ends up it's something for you and Lillian to share together!?" and it was very neat to see a drummer/video gamer/comic book fan get all giddy over this Daddy Bear gift set that will be their own little special treasure. I think this company is just fantastic!
We always get our baby showers, and baby things, baby appointments, baby everything, and even though sometimes I think the dads might not show it, I wonder if they feel left out sometimes. I just love what, Daddy Scrubs, is all about, and they have a lot of reasonably priced daddy gifts to choose from.
You can read more about their company and check out these original gifts here! Check out this video!! GIVEAWAY!!

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  1. My daughter and this set and loves it!

  2. I know, this is such a cute gift!
    Our little granddaughter just loves this bear, and the book is very adorable;)
    Thank you for the comment!!

  3. So cute.....I have a grandly due in April and July

    1. Just do you know I hate spell check....grandbabies