Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Personal Amazing Biorhythms Review and GIVEAWAY!

I had the awesome chance to check out a personalized Amazing Biorhythms report, from Because I Tried It.
 A Biorhythm chart can help improve your daily life by letting you know the highs and lows of your three internal energies. We have intellectual, emotional and physical. If you manage your cycles, you could schedule around your high days and low days, and quite honestly, since receiving mine, I have been scheduling my better physical days for all the bigger projects with housework and errands. (Like the errands that require taking 3 little ones with me, and running in and out of more then 3 stores in 1 afternoon! Lol!)
 I've been quite content since the New Year, which is when I received my chart and was able to go over it and I also marked my high days in my planner, just to keep track for myself.
 I am addicted to my planners and to do lists, and I am pretty impressed with my report and the accuracy. Some skeptics have already said, "Well, if you think hard enough, you will have days that are great and if you are reading in your planner that your biorhythms report says you are going to have a super spectacular physical day, then you will!" I am a bit goofy I guess, because I am not really a skeptic with these charts. I am normally a skeptic with a lot of different things. I also think, what is the big deal if it is just my mind making myself think this is accurate? (I don't believe so though, trust me! With all my my physical pain, and RSD and MS, I don't expect ANY good physical days:)
One of my top New Year's resolutions was to make a much happier place inside my own mind, and life, less stress and less chaos. Which is very hard with being a mother of 4, (3 little ones), a pt weekend job, a husband who drives truck, and mega doctor appointments, etc etc etc etc!
 I am amazed that this year, which is the first of many, I have actually had some very cool days where I could relax and I could keep my mind on other things. To be perfectly honest with you, I owe a bit of that to this chart I received. It's pretty cool being able to schedule around your low and high days. Of course, there are some days I couldn't reschedule and there will be many like that when there are doctor appointments, school functions, and emergencies. But for the most part, being a kind of sort of stay at home mom, at least through the week, I can schedule things like grocery days, and coupon cutting and sorting days. When the middle 2 are in school, and I had a low day in any of my energies, more physical then anything, Deegan and I just took some breaks and cuddled and watched tv and read books. That helped my more painful days and more stressful days a little less hectic, (at least until the other 2 lil monsters hopped off the school bus, then it was a bit of a different story;)
Skeptic or not, these make very cool gifts! They are personal and certainly show that you put a lot of thought behind your gift and it really could end up being very useful for the recipient! These only cost $2 to have them emailed to you, which isn't bad at all, considering it's a quick, painless, and personal gift. You can also opt to have these mailed to the recipient on stationary, and that's only $6!
Because I Tried It, also offers framed, and international mail. If you do purchase the email delivery versions of any of the personalized gifts that Casie, offers, 100% of the proceeds goes directly to helping children in need. (That's just another reason to purchase these gifts for friends and family members, and Valentine's is just around the corner, HINT HINT!)
 If you aren't interested in The Amazing Biorhythm Charts, there is so much more to check out on her site! You can choose a numerology chart, an astrology chart, a name almanac, a character letter, poems, an Anniversary almanac and much more! I think I actually have figured an option out for each person in my life and even for myself.
 I always love knowing all of the off the wall facts and quirky news that go along with birthdates and "This Day In History", I am always fascinated by them and they are fun and interesting to receive, give and read!
If you want to find out more, you can check out Casie's website here!
You can also find her on Twitter!
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  1. I've had my biorhythm done and I have to say it's pretty accurate!

  2. Yes! I was very impressed with this!!
    I never had one of these done before but I really wouldn't mind having another one of these, I think I was actually able to go by this and make my days go a bit smoother.