Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind Coloring Book Review

This is something I don't see very often, and I love how this is a coloring book for my little ones. I was very impressed with this coloring book for many reasons.
My little ones absolutely love it, and I especially think this is a perfect way to help them understand abut blind eople, people with disabilities, and seeing eye dogs. Just another reason for them to love dogs:)
We learned a lot from this coloring book, and they all had a blast with the story, the coloring pages and the puzzles.
Guide Doggie is actually a good coloring book for all ages. We have 4 children, ages, 2, 6, 9 and 20. (and a granddaughter who is 7 months!) Aaron, our 9 year old, loves crossword puzzles, word searches and word jumbles, so he had a lot of fun with those, and learned a bit about what happens in a guide dogs' regular, very busy day.
Our youngest 2 of course loved the story and enjoyed learning all about this little puppy who grew up and trained to be a guide dog. The coloring pages were a super cool bonus too!
We love finding new things to do together as a family, and we often have craft night, cooking night, and learning nights, and reading time. So, this was a huge success and fit right in.
I believe this to be a perfect addition to any rainy day, or if you have a night during the week where you sit together after dinner and learn something or create something together as a family. (Adults will even learn from this too!) We had a fun evening with snacks and this story.
The most beneficial part to me, (a mom), is that this is fun for all ages, it leads to having quality time with your children, and they can help tell the story and it also leads to some great discussions. They also now know a lot about seeing eye dogs, and how they help blind people, and although we don't see guide dogs to often where we live, they will know all there is to know when they do, and I think it is wonderful that they can understand.
One of the most embarrassing things I think, to a parent, is when your curious kids are out and about and they may see something they aren't to sure of, and they ask questions a bit to loudly. (Not that they are being rude in any way, but they do sometimes tend to wonder a little to loud about things they don't know, which is how they learn of course. We just wish they would do it a little bit quieter;) But after sharing this coloring/puzzle/story book, they will be super happy to see a real life seeing eye dog, and maybe they can help other children understand just how amazing these people and their guide dogs really are!
Actually, our 6 year old was trying to explain to me why she thinks she needs one of these little doggies, lol, that was an amusing conversation. But it also led to more discussions about people with disabilities and all of the wonderful resources out there for people and how people can help each other. She did try to say she couldn't see me "so good" and thinks she needs glasses, (actually she does have a vision test in a couple weeks), but she thinks, "If you just get me one of these little puppies, I should be able to see pretty good!" Kids are funny little people;)
We all recommend this book to everybody of all ages! This would be especially helpful if you have a friend or a classmate or a family member who is blind. I wish there would be more coloring and activity books such as this for other disabled people, or anybody who society may see as "different". The more kids understand, the better they will be when they do meet people who may be "different" then them, (I just wish more adults would be so accepting and gracious too!)

** We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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