Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nacho Money Volume 4 by Candi Sparks

I have 4 children, so this was a fun book to read and review for all of us!
Our 2 middle children, ages, 5 and 8 (almost 9), are both excited about having money, having the freedom to buy things, and they love being at an age to receive an allowance. Although they may not always receive an allowance lol.
this book is about, Max, a 10 year old who is starting to understand the concept of money and borrowing and paying back. It all starts with a video game disc he borrowed from a friend, Emma, that he said he would borrow for just a week... and it ended up being a month. So, she asks for it back one morning at school, and that's when the whole day went crazy!
His teacher gave him a bill for library books, rather then his report card, again, something he borrowed and didn't return on time..then he has a $10 from his big brother in his pocket and decides to use that for some pizza with his friends.
This is such a common issue with kids, and the only way for them to learn about money and borrowing and returning, is to learn from mistakes, (ok, and well maybe a little help from mom;) Believe me, we have made mistakes in the past with our kids, bailing them out way to many times, but there has to be a line somewhere where you just kind of let them figure it out on their own. Not only does this build character and independence, but you are allowing them to grow and learn some of the most important aspects of life. This is something they will be thanking you for, for years to come!
When I was in grade school, we didn't learn much about money, other then coins and of course the math part. We never really learned about how much things cost compared to how much you have, (assets, and liabilities) I thought the clever way this story was written, and the cool little character, Max, (who is pretty much like other kids his age), is an excellent resource for teachers, parents, and anybody who has a kid in their lives. This is a valuable lesson, and not just about money either!
Max also learns about how it feels when you don't return something on time, (Emma's game), and the library books. (which cause him to not get the game station he wanted so badly!) He also gets an earful from his big brother, who really was counting on his money (the ten that Max figured he could borrow for pizza), and then mom helps explain what went wrong and offered a super good solution! But,just like other kids, Max kind of didn't do his 2 weeks of free chores to pay his mom back for the loan, and he ended up having to do a little bit more then what he had to do. If only Max, would have done his chores in the first place, but instead he decided to hang out with his brother. (sound familiar??)
We read this story a few times over, I am going to be looking into more of these very valuable lessons from this author, and I believe we are going to grab copies of each! This was so clearly written, and I know my children understood! (Well, at least for the days that we read the book! We have to have some of this author's books on the shelves, just for reminding them again and again. They certainly remember Max though, and the hilarious joke, cheesy joke, that made the title of this book so funny!! (Especially our almost 9 year old, he loves jokes, especially the cheesy ones!!)

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