Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Island Shifters Book One An Oath of the Blood by Valerie Zambito

I only remember reading books similar to this genre, when I was much younger, and though they were not as detailed and deep as this book, they were still, "pretty cool" and I especially loved the books that gave the reader the option at the end of the page, "If you want to do this, turn to page....." or "If you want to do this, turn to page...". Remember those? They were so cool, and fun because you could turn the book into whatever you wanted! Well, this book is nothing like that, lol, I was just remembering how much I enjoyed those, and how the fantasy books were never a genre I really read as often as I apparently should have.
This specific book has definitely enlightened me, and now I am anxious to catch up on other books, just so I can read Book #2!
The whole story, the characters, the writing, the action, the mystery, the location, so imaginative and so well described and detailed that I could see the Island Shifters and everything, battles and all, along their journey! (This is my favorite part of books, any that allow you to escape for a while, and this is one of the best!)
Not to many adjectives, so many that is bores you and confuses you, but just the proper and perfect amount! What a fascinating imagination, Valerie Zambito, has and I appreciate her taking the time to share it and write this book! (Very few books in my 38 years of life, have ever led me to want to shake the hand of the author and say, "Thank you for sharing a piece of your imagination!")
Magical places,magic,forests, and the Island Shifters, transforming into animals, dwarfs, elves, all that fun stuff that you may have enjoyed reading about as a kid, comes at you in a whole new way! yes, adults can get lost in Fantasy worlds too;)
This was a fun book, I especially thought the way the words were written in the book itself, was the perfect addition! The cover is very interesting in itself, and will be enough to want to start reading, and it was filled with so much action, and had a real genuine story behind it. the characters were simply divine, and you certainly feel as if you know them well.
I recommend this book for any age, (my almost 9 year old son is actually enjoying this story right as we speak, with a little help from mom;)

Have you read this book?
Please leave any comments about your thoughts on this magical, fantasy, adventurous book!! Thank you for reading;)

** We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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