Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dark Mind by Jennifer Chase

I was thrilled with how this story starts out, and how it never seems to die down, always fast paced and definitely heart pounding!
Jennifer Chase has a twisted imagination, (a 5 star imagination;), and a fascinating writing style, that keeps you wanting more! I guess it helps a bit that this is certainly my speed, my most favorite genre of all. The story was perfect, very different setting, place then what I am used to, and the terror was genuine! I am not however much into series books, at least when it comes to detective stories, FBI, although this didn't bother me one bit. It sure isn't Nancy Drew, or for the faint of heart!
The story really moves and is filled with vicious descriptions, so if you aren't one to read a serial killer book that also goes through the eyes of the killer, you may not want to pick this up! (although you are missing out on a thrilling ride!) I have to say that I haven't seen this writing style before, and I was real impressed with the adjectives used, how they were placed and the blood curdling screams that I could actually hear while I read it. I particularly enjoyed the explicitly detailed descriptions of the killer, his thoughts, his tools,and the chapters that start out with the women who he was hunting, running, and trying to get away. You could feel and smell every tiny section of the victims mind, fear, what they saw, you have to almost wonder how in the world did someone write this in such a horrific way!!
The characters all fit, there was a rhyme and reason, and the chapters were brilliantly placed along with the story, I loved how they would bring you down at the end of each chapter as if you just came down to, just about a halt, from the 3 crazy, upside down, heart attack loops on a steel coaster, only to be ripped back up again and when the next chapter starts, you're going 70 mph back through those loops, but now backwards!!
I wanted so much to give this book 5 stars, and I just couldn't, the only issue I ever have with books like this is that there are so many I have read, that sometimes the actual story seems like I read it before. Or seen it before, (Kind of like Cold Case, CSI type stuff). Which is nothing wrong and sure doesn't take from this book! I believe the problem with the issue I actually have with "hearing or seeing this before" is that there are so many crime shows, serial killer mini series, books, that it is pretty hard to not have a story that is 100% original. Jennifer Chase chose the perfect place with good characters, and her writing style is well beyond the average for this genre. I have to recommend this to any fan of horror, detective, FBI, cop shows, movies or books, or anybody fascinated with the macabre, twisted, brutal mind of a killer.

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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