Saturday, July 28, 2012

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps by Maureen Stearns

I am very impressed with this book! I have always loved math when I was in school, and we have 4 children, ages, 2,5,8 and 19. This was used to help our 8 year old son, who actually is pretty good at math, however, due to an illness, missed a lot of school in his last year. (2nd grade). We have been buying and searching for and printing, all kinds of lessons, for all the kids actually. But specifically for our 8 year old. Just so he stays on track with his grade and schoolwork.
Math is one of the subjects that seems that if you don't catch it at the beginning, you may end up having a very hard time for the rest of the lesson. Tests and homework and grades, all count on this, and when you just barely pass 1 section, and get moved onto the next, you can certainly end up hating math, and having a rough time for the rest of your school career. not to mention real life, when you really do have to use math in all kinds of daily situations!
Math to me, is extremely important, and sometimes it gets hard to help your child since they always seem to change the way they teach them in school. Especially when they have to show work! Which was always something I had trouble with in school because I could do the math in my head, have the right answer, and get a bad mark because i didn't show my work.
No matter how many we have tried to help the 2 children that have had and are in school , with math, there has always been a bit of confusion, and misunderstanding. With this book, our son literally opened it up, took a piece of paper, and a pencil, and started with page 1.
He really maybe spent about 5 minutes, like the book claims, and was so proud and yelling "Oh mom!! I know how to multiply!!" lol! He loved the fact that he figured this out on his own and was able to understand it, as it is explained very clearly, and it seems so easy! To easy actually!
If you can count, you really can multiply and divide. really, what is even more amazing, is that Genevive, our 5 year old who will be starting school this year, can count, AND was easily able to do some (very simple), multiplication! This is something that really boosted her ego!
Aaron can not wait for school, and finds something everyday to multiply and divide, lol, he loves school and learning so much!
I recommend this book for any parent who would like to help their children gain confidence. You don't have to be having trouble in math just to use this! This book will be used over and over and over, and you can share the concept with friends and relatives! (or just recommend they get this book:)

** We were given a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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