Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Mom Spot Summer Reading Giveaway

We were all super excited that we won this giveaway a couple weeks ago, and we just received our package this past weekend!!
The kids LOVE their new books, and didn't waste any time getting them out to read!!
For those of you who are not familiar with, they are a community of parents who come together to help each other, inspire each other, offer advice, tips, and just simple and fun chat for other busy, and crazy parents like us;)
They also have all kinds of information, discussions, giveaways and a lot more!
I never really enter many giveaways, I wish I did, but I am usually to busy hosting them, or doing book reviews!! But, I received an email about this giveaway from Our Mom Spot, and had to enter!!
We won these books:

We are so thrilled to have won these awesome books!! The kids have had so much fun the past few days, and Aaron (our almost 9 year old), has been reading them to the littlest ones, over and over.
You can read more about the author, Doreen Cronin, here!
They are just adorable! Cute illustrations, tons of facts, and written in such a way that you don't even realize you are learning. (that is my favorite kind of way because it seems what you read, sticks in your mind a lot longer, and it is easier to remember, especially for kids!)

Here is a couple pictures of Aaron, reading to his brother and sister;)
We are very proud of him! He reads exceptionally well, and a LOT!

I had a few extra minutes to quick throw in some laundry, do a sink load of dishes, and start dinner while they read!! So, THANK YOU Doreen Cronin and Many thanks to OURMOMSPOT.NET!!! and Thank you for having such an amazing community for parents:P
PS) I was actually in desperate need of a mouse pad, so that was a much appreciated gift I found in our package!!!! Thanks again:)

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