Friday, July 20, 2012

Too Far Under by Lynn Osterkamp

Too Far Under is the first I have read in this series, and I would like to pick up the other I see listed as part of this series as well. It is a little short, but I believe for some that is a plus, I do normally prefer a little longer of a story, but this was exactly the proper amount of pages for this book. The author did not overdo it, and she ended it with grace! Although, I have to say, she keeps you guessing throughout the book, and builds up to an ending that seemed to lack just a little amount of shock and "Wow!!" factor.
The beginning of the story, (the prologue), starts out very well, and definitely holds your attention! You won't be putting this book down to often, if at all.
I also enjoyed the descriptions, sill can't get over how intriguing the prologue was, but this author does extraordinary work on descriptions, and engaging the reader!
The addition of something out of mainstream, Scientology, communicating with the dead, was refreshing and new! I liked how this all fit into the story and how it marked this book as unique in it's own way.
This is a perfect choice for when you are vacationing, or have a few hours to relax at the beach, outside, or wherever it is you may have some time to rad a book that won't feel like wasting your time!
She really has a cool, nonchalant way of introducing the characters to you and having them each with such an odd personality, and interests, yet they all fit together quite well for this story.
I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys a good mystery book!! Especially those who are not a fan of gore and bloody scenes, this is a true, genuine mystery.
You can check out this authors website, here! She has the perfect variety of mystery eBooks!! Highly rated and very reasonably priced!!
** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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