Thursday, July 5, 2012

Writers on the Edge

I was thinking this book would be a bit unnerving, and really,it was. But, I am impressed with the authors in this book, who opened up their heart and soul, and found so much strength and courage, to write this for others to see.
Of course, there will be parts that will horrify you, and as much as I enjoy horror, this isn't the enjoyable type by any means. It does however, let you in on something that you may never be able to imagine, and that in turn, may help you with any addictions in your own life, any friends, loved ones, you may have had to cope with and get hurt by, or hurt.
It definitely opened my eyes to a lot, and some of these I had never even knew were addictions, but now I realize that addiction, of any kind, is itself, a demon that will take over and destroy everything around you.
I had a few parts that I did re read, in order to try and thoroughly understand what possibly caused such a mess, how do people start this and why does it affect them in these ways. Apparently, like many other things, this is something that will never fully be understood by somebody who has never experienced this. Although, this book will get you very close.
I thought it was refreshing to finally read about addiction, from the other side for once. You always hear about things from the legal side, the doctor side, but what about the actual victim?
Maybe some of this will hit home with you, maybe it won't, but either way, I would recommend this book to anybody who has ever had ANY addiction, in any form, take over their life, even if it was/is not your own.
It brought new light onto a very important person in my own life, and I also did some research after reading this book, and tried to understand a little more about this process. What I found just on You tube comments and posts, was really a terrifying reality that I will never be a part of, but can now maybe understand and I do now see this person and what had happened in a whole different way. For that, I am also eternally grateful for being given the chance to read this book.
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have you read this book? What did you gain from this book?

** I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review**


  1. I have not read this book but it looks really interesting I think i would enjoy it

    1. It is a very fascinating and eye opening book!
      Thank you for commenting :)