Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exodus Lost by S C Compton

First I have to start by saying that this book has so many gorgeous illustrations, pictures and maps, that you just may want to actually have a paperback copy if you plan on buying it!!
History has always been one of my favorite topics in school, and we even enjoy the History channel, as a family, so this was definitely a very interesting book!
I am just fascinated with this author and how he took so much time and effort to make this book happen! 14 years of researching and studying, and the final project, truly shows all of his hard work!
This is a stunning book, with so many footnotes, maps and gorgeous color pictures, several illustrations, and tons of research, evidence, and ideas and suggestions that are not the norm. It does bring this whole part of history, into a new light and definitely makes you think!
Growing up I always was thrilled to learn about this time when we would start this chapter or section in our school history books, but I never read a book that was so intriguing and that taught me so much about this time! I believe the biggest difference is that this book is nowhere near a bore, and you are reading it, and learning at the same time, without even knowing. Even our 8 year old sat in front of the computer learning about the alphabet, and checking out the illustrations and asking all sorts of questions!
I feel privileged being able to read a book that somebody worked so hard on, to gather the facts and new discoveries. I don't think we ever were told in school anything about 2 different civilizations having so much in common, I don't think anybody asked nor was it ever even discussed.
You will be shocked over and over again with this book, very fast paced and the author just jumps right in, I love it! You probably will not be putting this book down for a while, not that you would want too!
Every page you turn, you think, "He can't possibly beat that!", but he does, and the more interesting and weirder it gets with each page.
If you enjoy history, ancient civilizations, Biblical times, and an intense read, this is certainly the perfect choice!
SC Compton, is an excellent writer, he will keep you on your toes, very engaging and never boring!

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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