Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dancing Naked in Dixie by Lauren Clark

First I have to say, that there is an amazingly delicious recipe at the end of this book that alone is well worth grabbing a copy of this book:)
I have always been fascinated by the South, (I'm in the Northeast), so I was pretty anxious to read this book. Even if I am not really a romance novel fan, I do enjoy reading about other places, and learning new things, especially places that intrigue me.
The story does flow very nicely, and the author has a very pleasant way of introducing all of the characters, and scenes. Very descriptive, and definitely feels like you are there in many scenes! (One of my favorite parts of reading books is for the escape, so this was very appreciated!!)
It certainly wasn't a story I have read before, nothing close, and unfortunately, this is the first I have read by Lauren Clark. I will be checking out more of her work in the near future! I would like to see a second part to this story. (HINT:)
The characters are charming, well, most of them, I am not to thrilled about Shug's woman, but I don't believe we are supposed to be! I was very impressed with how the story twists and all of the excitement that I didn't expect to have in a romance story. (I have no idea why, but romance stories always seem to bore me, and the romantic movies) But this was a lot different then any I have ever seen or read. The author also really keeps your attention in this book, with something always going on, and she is outstanding at making every small detail, so interesting.
I did like Julia, as a character, and all of the drama and issues she was going through since the start of the book, and how her career was on the line, she seemed just like a very normal career woman. However, she had lots of her own problems to deal with, most recently, her job. She is a travel writer, and is so used to traveling to gorgeous, faraway places, until her creativity and writing started to decline and her new boss decided to not print her last article. He sent her to Alabama, which she thought was ridiculous, and tried to refuse to go, until she realized it would be her job that is taken from her next. So, she agrees, reluctantly, (saying she would rather dance naked.. hence the title), and from that point the story really takes off.
I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys romance novels, drama, this is a good choice for taking along on vacation, an airplane ride, a hot summer day, spent in the shade. Any chic literature fans will certainly love how Julia, grows and heals and becomes the young woman at the end of the book!
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** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **


  1. Thank you Brandy! I am thrilled that you enjoyed the novel and am so grateful to you for spreading the word about Dixie!!!!

    All the best, Lauren

  2. HI!! Thank you so much for visiting!! I didn't even know I had a comment here!! I was just going back thru some book reviews to re share, and noticed this!!
    Thank you so much for commenting! and thank you for sharing such a wonderful book with me!