Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Remember Mommy's Smile by Dina Wolfman Baker

This was going to be a very sad book to read, and I knew what this was about before it arrived, and still found it hard to open up.
Even as a children's book, I didn't want to share it with the youngest little ones, because i myself have a fear of death and didn't want to have one of those conversations that pops up once in awhile about where do we go? Will I see you again? Things like that upset me terribly, even if I firmly believe we will be together again. i just couldn't stomach it.
It was hard to get through this book, especially since it was written through the eyes and heart of a child. I don't like to hear that anybody has to go through such a horrifying event in their life, but I know we all will at some point.
I do believe this is an amazing book for families who are experiencing a loss of a loved one, especially for the children. (Although it will certainly help the grown ups deal with such a devastating loss as well)
You can't help but cry a bit, well, a lot, while reading this and the pictures alone are sad enough. The pictures in this story are simple yet in such a beautiful way, especially the mommy part when she is smiling.
I Remember Mommy's Smile, goes through the whole process of finding out her mother is ill, and the good times they could still have together, to the hospital, to coming home again, to being very sick and going back to the hospital. Reading the words that come from a child really got to me, but this will definitely help with coping and the healing process. There is a part when the little girl couldn't hug her mommy, knowing it was the last time she will see her, that was a nice addition as I believe most children go through this and they should not feel ashamed or feel as though they let anybody down,so this will let them know they are not alone and they are understood!
The whole story was like this, and covered every aspect of death and dying, and the feelings that a child would have during the whole process.
Then the little girl explains her feelings at her mommy's funeral, to getting back to school, being able to smile once again, and how she remembers her mommy's smile. This part was especially sweet, and will be a crucial part for children when they need the extra help to try and get back to normal. (and for parents, this book will be a much needed tool for your family, whether it is used to just help your children see they are not alone, or take the place of some very hard to answer questions while you are grieving also)
I would recommend this book for churches, schools, day cares, all parents and families who have lost a loved one, and of course, any therapists that help families with this process.

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