Monday, July 2, 2012

The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company

Of course the little ones were excited to be able to read this story and check out all of the cute illustrations as soon as we received the pdf file for this brand new book by, Thomas L Vaultonburg. Aaron always loves to be the one to read the story since he is the almost 9 year old;) Genevive and Deegan love that their big brother, (or big brudder, lol) is reading them a story. This book was super easy for Aaron to read. which was perfect, because they like to hear some stories a few more times, immediately after the first!!
The rhinos in this book love to dance, thanks to rhino Jack. Who is rhino Jack? he is a little boy who likes to dress in his rhino costume, and hang out at the zoo with his rhino family!
One day, the rhinos are stomping and running through town, and the zoo had to call Jack to come and help get the rhinos back where they belong, and Jack saves the day!
The pictures in this book are very attractive, and definitely caught the attention of my children. The story flows extremely nice, and after listening a couple times, genevive got the dancing part memorized pretty good.

Aaron is always so proud of his reading skills, and so am I!

This is Genevive when we asked her what she thought of the story, and she could hardly stop laughing as she described the dancing rhinos doing her favorite part, the Tango, lol! Of course, she asked to hear it again and again and again...
This is a very sweet book, and will be one you want a copy of for your children's bookshelves. It falls into the category of all those good classics that kids will remember and pass down to their children and grandchildren. It definitely isn't easily forgotten!
Another neat thing in this book, is at the end, there is a section with some real interesting facts about rhinos. Aaron had a fun time learning about them, and ran out to tell his dad that they can sometimes run 35 miles per hour. That was the most impressive to him.
You can purchase a copy of this book directly from their website, and you can also get it signed!!
We would love to read your comments! Have you ever heard of this book? Do you own a copy? Would you like a copy?
I normally ask the kids how many stars they would give a book they just reviewed, when I asked them how many stars out of 5, Aaron said, 5, Genevive said 50:P I also give this story a 5 star rating!!

**We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review**

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  1. Thanks for the review,i think the kids would enjoy this!