Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man A Philosophy of History and Civilisational Triumph by Nayef R.F Al-Rodhan

This book is extremely interesting, and may seem to be a little on the, hard to grasp, side, but once you start reading, Nayef R.F Al-Rodhan, makes so much sense, and really creates the kind of atmosphere comparable to having a discussion amongst friends. This is the 2nd book I have read from this author, and I enjoy them both very much! They are both 5 star books in my eyes, and I intend on reading more from him. I am a long time fan of Stephen Hawkings, and not to put the 2 in the same category, but Nayef R.F Al-Rodhan's books, remind me a lot of Stephen hawking's books. I can sit and read and comprehend everything in it's entirety, and I get lost in the words, the thoughts, amazed at the mass scope at which it is presented and when somebody asks me a question about it, it's like they zapped me out of some sort of trance where I was learning and was able to see and think and come to many, many very strange and peculiar realizations. (Yes, lol, that irks me quite a bit, but I have 4 children, so....) Anyway, I can't lie, this is not an easy read, it won't be read in one night, nor will it be read while you are doing your daily activities, no, you must take the time and make your mind like a sponge of sorts, take it all in, and be able to concentrate. So, if you are a mom, a dad, a busy person, schedule some time, and relax. Please do not speed read, and skip any sections. This would be a waste of your time. This book is basically set in 3 sections, 1st part is a kind of explanation for the end, which is like a blueprint of sorts, describing and explaining. The 2nd part is where it starts to get a little crazy, (in a good way!!), and the author will then follow through with several different reasons, aspects, everything from many different religions, civilizations, governments, even touches on technology, and then the 3rd part, which is what the author sees as where we as a world or human race, are headed. The religion and meaning of life sections were quite possibly my favorite, and really open your mind, and oddly enough, things start to come together. I believe we may each take something different from this book, and maybe that is the key? It flows very nicely, sort of like music, and again, this is truly going to be something that is all very simple to understand as you are reading it. The meaning of life for instance, has never really been explained to me at least, in such great detail. It opens many doors and definitely broadens your horizons, You may find new meaning to life, where we came from, where we are going, who we are, if not, you will certainly have a terribly interesting discussion for your next date or date night:) I like this author's style, there is no right and wrong, there is no black and white, everything seems to have a purpose, each and every word, and many ponder moments in this book. Lots of footnotes in this book, just as the first book I read from this author, (I love footnotes) I also love how he questions things, as if there is a voice in your head at the same time as you are reading the words, you and the book are asking the same question, Are we really all simply one consciousness? I recommend this book to anybody who adores a challenge, anybody who loves to think and have lots to discuss with friends. This book is definitely for you if you have ever asked yourself, what is the meaning of life? Is there life after death? No matter who or what you believe in, if you have faith in somebody or someone or something, you have surely thought about the afterlife, what is your purpose? Who or what decides your fate? (PS and this is just a section of the book that jumped out at me and had me re reading over and over and over again) ** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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