Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tundra Finds her Howler by Marc Rumaner

The pictures in this book are just so vibrant and colorful, and we just sat here and admired them for quite some time!! The kids loved the pictures of all of the animals, not to mention the story is very sweet!
Tundra tries to get some help from some other animals to ask where her howler is, and they can't seem to help since they are not Alaskan Malamutes, like Tundra. She wants so much to sing with her friends, but can't, and she tries and tries and tries, and doesn't give up! ( valuable lesson for children of all ages!!)
That's what I like best about books like this, is what my children gain and learn from it. Tundra teaches them to not give up and to keep trying! You will succeed when you keep at it and have faith.
It is especially neat because children catch on very quickly when the lesson is taught through a book with gorgeous pictures, and cute animals. More so, then if I would just give a speech:) (of course you should always still be positive and teach your kids, but when you find a genuine good book like, Tundra Finds her Howler, you should use the story along with it! It is thanks to stories like this that we can build character, not only in our children, but in ourselves.
I especially love when my children, have no clue they are learning, and they enjoyed the story, the pictures, and were so proud of Tundra at the end! My 2 year old just loves animals, especially doggies, lol, so he was very thrilled to see these pictures and giggled at the animal sounds! Our 5 year old loved the pictures, and making the animal noises herself, and even tried to help Tundra along the way! Even our big boy, who is almost 9, was fascinated by the pictures and certainly got the lesson at the end. Genevive, (the 5 year old), was trying to fix a ring she loves that broke the other day, and her big brother reminded her of the story, helped her with the ring, and together they fixed it! He said, "Oh Genevive, don't give up hope! You will find a way to fix this! remember Tundra found a way, so can you!" It was so adorable, (of course they don't always get along!) But, every now and then they have these moments where they work together, and help each other, and I have to say, it has always been after reading a story like this one.
I would recommend this book for all children! You will not be disappointed, especially with the ending and the pictures!

If you want to see more of Tundra, (by the way, Tundra is real, and actually Marc's dog!) She has a brother named, Igloo, and they have all kinds of adorable pictures on their site!! , you can visit them at!!

** We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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