Monday, July 9, 2012

A Quest for Good Manners by Karin Lefranc

I have 4 children, and they are so similar to Rosalind and her pet dragon, Sparkler.(I think a lot of children are;)
That's one reason this book was so special! It made my little ones laugh at the beginning, because they do the same, and hear the same as the characters did!
We really enjoyed reading this book, and the kids of course, were all full of manners immediately afterwards! (Yes, I have to read it often, but luckily, Aaron, he is 8, loves to read out loud too!)
The illustrations are charming, and the book itself is especially neat. The kids love the cover, and even the way the words are on the pages. (We loved the please, thank you and your welcome parts.)
By the middle of the book, Genevive, (she is 5), was able to understand before I read it, what they should have done or said, and we were super proud that she was learning some manners!

I really love the cute story and how simple the author makes the lesson of manners that some of us parents have a hard time with. Of course, at least in our family, the kids are great in public, but when it comes to respecting each other and being kind and considerate at home, it doesn't last to long. But, all in all, so far, we have had a wonderful response with this book and even Deegan,(he's 2), knows that when this book comes off the shelf, it is please and thank you time!

We had so much fun reading, and I personally had a lot of fun seeing the children actually be kind and considerate to each other. (Even if just for the day;) But, everytime we read it, they go on their own journey and are kind and have manners here at home!

I recommend this to all little princes and princesses, and any parent or grandparent who may be getting tired of repeatedly asking, well, begging, for their little ones to have some manners!
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** We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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