Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waffles Chronicles The Hamster That Lives in my Closet

This was short and sweet, just right for little ones!
My 2 year old loved the pictures and my 5 year old was cracking up over the funny pictures of Waffles scuba diving, climbing a mountain, and wearing a jogging suit.
I have to agree with the review that says the only bad thing is now my kids want a hamster, hmmmm. Especially not now, since they think it'll be ok inside a closet;)
This would be wonderful in paperback and I hope to see it there soon! I noticed there is a website and a Facebook page, so I am hoping this means there will be more books starring Waffles??
It is about time for a new, fresh character for kids, and a big, fluffy, cuddly, (well, for the kids!!), hamster, is the perfect choice!!
I especially liked the way it was written with the little girl's imagination. This is another something we need more of. In today's society with all of the technology, imagination sometimes seems obsolete. So, this definitely started the wondering, and questions and I could see the little motors moving above those big smiles as they thought of all the other goofy, and wacky stuff a hamster might do all day, lol.
We loved this story and would recommend this to all little ones!

** I was given a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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